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  1. can you do any lower on the esskey?
  2. i've accepted defeat on this thing and decided to just redo the outfits based on different slots and overrwriting the old ones
  3. from what i can tell it's not a decal, i tried /decals off and it didn't do anything, i scrolled through decals in the clothes store to see if it would do anything but the bag stayed on regardless for my own reference it's on 4.5 outfits (the 0.5 comes from one outfit sometimes having it and sometimes not)
  4. the bag goes away when i put on any different kind of bag like a backpack but comes back when i drop it and refresh or switch back outfits
  5. didn't work wouldn't work as there is no instance where the bag stops appearing, it's always there for some reason suppose i would have to recreate all of the outfits as one of the steps indicate
  6. i haven't held a duffel bag in my inventory recently (apart from trying to fix this issue) but a duffel bag seems to be attached to about half of my outfits i've tried putting it back on, taking it off, doing /changechar in between to see if it would register and save getting in and out of vehicles /fixinvi /refresh none of it works any advice is appreciated i don't want to have to redo these outfits thanks
  7. shaobadman

    ngrp players

    i've recently been reminded of that video you or dean uploaded of us playing csgo because it comes up on searching my name good times and even more during that gang alliance we had
  8. starting to sound like it's habbo hotel in gta
  9. mid last year (june to august) i did a lot of taxi driving because there wasn't much else to do very enjoyable, apart from the taxi robberies/kidnappings which are a non issue since the rule addition i've tried taxi duty in recent months and it's all changed, hardly anyone requests a taxi unfortunately
  10. if there are areas more "dangerous" than vespucci, south ls and downtown/central vinewood i'd like to hear them interestingly i originally did this before the new robbery rules, i haven't been on since then
  11. i get why it might be fun for them to drive like that but it really doesn't seem like the server to do so, the last time i had fun driving was in blaine county in a convoy, on rural roads you can really drive more loosely with more space for error, but the monotonous car crash rp should be enough to keep people in line unless they either enjoy it or always drive away leaving it a hit and run
  12. no average/passable vehicle performance is just fine because you'll be stopping at most junctions/intersections anyway if you don't want to get into a 1 hour car crash rp scenario and i actually enjoy that there is a reason to actually stop for safety, or give other people passes
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