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  1. Thank you for your interest in 106 WEST ECLIPSE BOULEVARD The property is now !!!SOLD!!! Have you always wanted that starter family home? Are you tired of the Vespucci lifestyle? Do you hate the hollow concrete living of Hawick? Are you just done with renting from Europeans in tracksuits? LOOK NO FURTHER! A one bedroom, one bathroom, open plan maisonette with a yard and balcony with views to the beach, complete with rear parking in MORNINGWOOD. A district that sports green views and cosy housing just a walk away from
  2. Viewing available? Feel free to PM me any details. Interested party.
  3. Nice thread. Enjoying it.
  4. I downright refuse to RP in the assumed universe that the server is actually a dystopian sinkhole where you cannot feasibly walk in a densely populated area without being mugged and/or attacked. But yes, this does happen with some frequency. Maybe 3/5 times, this will not happen, but the chances remain because characters passing through might be opportunists or characters on a notoriously predictable Enduro are swinging around the block to look for victims. With respect to what @Henning said, it will also largely depend on what character you're playing, what they look like and whe
  5. Legitimately necessary and a great guide. Genuinely hoping the server pays attention to this instead of cruising on harsh terrains in sports cars with rifles and a BIGNESS hoodie on. 🙏
  6. What a loaded topic. Want to start by saying I'm pro-consequence, in a narrative and development-oriented sense. Not a gamer/game sense. There's a marked difference here in GTAW, because play-styles vary. I mean vary. What's good roleplay to one person is terrible to another. Take for instance a robbery on a 'busy' public street where you're told to /showitems and not stall with rudimentary, rushed emotes. A perfectly acceptable robbery method by most faction and even the server's standards and rules. It's not quality roleplay. It's probably not even worth your time.
  7. You simply must answer the man. How long will this continue? For what must we do to correct the erroneous ways these football conferences so slapdashed together, so viciously and insultingly higgledy-piggledy. A not so wise man once said, 'This is America. You cannot do football wrong,' and we must listen.
  8. So, while well intended, this could be very misleading, despite its purpose. You want to open up the rules, get people informed about their interpretations, but these examples might be mistaken for gospel. Might be worth adding a few notes about subjectivity or some kind of blurb warning about how the rules, while fixed, do not apply to stringent fixed events and circumstances, but complicated and layered events and circumstances that alter how outcomes come about. Variables are not accounted for. That's where arbitrators - our admins - come in.
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