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  1. SOLD for buyout by first viewing party. L&A
  2. Noted. We have viewings pending as of this morning and will contact you after their completion.
  3. OCEAN FRONT WALK FLOOR 2, ROOM 1 SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! WYLIN HOWT GROUP introduces the latest character property from OCEAN FRONT WALK, a zipcode older than your great-grandmother and with plumbing to match! Renovated in 1999 in the open-plan renaissance across Los Santos, Ocean Front Walk's second floor is the ideal choice for a starter family or single-tenant right in the heart of the 100% completely safe district of Vespucci and located next to all of its amenities! Want to walk your dog? Look no further than your front door! Want to grab a bagel? Try the back! Want a hotdog? Rest assured that Del Perro Pier is just a walk away in this entirely safe location on the sands of Los Santos. This one bed and one bath includes rear-parking, washer/dryer, inclusive of other white goods and functioning kitchen as well as your very own access to a balcony that is mostly a fire-escape but fully accessible for your enjoyment and especially for your safety! GALLERY STARTING BID: $400,000 MINIMUM BID: $10,000 BUYOUT: $526,470 CONTACT: [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) Viewings are subject to availability. Must have serious interest in the property and an FHA score of at least 750 and assessed credit status. We reserve the right to deny potential buyers. THE OOC STUFF
  4. Yeah it's kinda whack and the only solution seems to be petty arrests, quick releases, namechanges, CKs etc etc for the cycle only to repeat. So no matter what civilians or law enforcement do with their RP and these kinds of criminals and criminality, it just keeps occurring and will keep occurring. We're approaching DM server status here, not across the board, but in these ongoing incidents where we have maybe 700+ deaths per week. Kinda tragic, not very 'heavy roleplay.' People working continuity really need to extrapolate here on what this server is meant to be portraying, what 'realism' is in the context of this server and maybe reinforce or develop low-crime or no-crime areas so people can actually explore multiple kinds of roleplay that are not murder, gore, death and casual robbery and killing, so on, so forth.
  5. USERNAME: ubeenwuornosd COMMENT: operation fuckafelon, outreach program brought to u by ULSA
  6. Yes, yes, fuck you, fuck you and your PC, and your software and your damn self. (Looks great as always)
  7. I don't think anyone is querying this. It's not even up for debate. Those people absolutely exist. The issue is the volume in a server of a running average of 650 people at peak, currently. Violence, in those numbers, is highly overused like other kinds of conflict resolution and story building do not exist. It's unfortunate that it's the immediate go-to, though I imagine it's by and large because the game's base is designed for combat and caters to it, and then so do many of the mentalities likewise.
  8. Would love to see this. Bigger soccer culture in LS than basketball which is trippy. More people roleplaying basketball would be an awesome start 👌
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