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  1. Love seeing this content. Keep it up.
  2. Short description: Reverse the /togidlecamera command (on by default) Detailed description: Currently it works like so— after about a 10 seconds of idling, your camera goes everywhere and nowhere, looking around the area. Personally, I find this very annoying, and use togidlecamera. Personally, I believe the majority of people also make use of this command to turn off the wasping camera when you're not actively moving/typing, hence why my suggestion to wasp it around. Those that do like the wasping camera can still toggle it back on. E.g: having a conversation with someone. Your character
  3. In this same line, people who evade from law enforcement should not be allowed to leave the city, or the county (wherever they start being pursued) as the amount of distance and time taken wouldn’t match up?
  4. chicken nugget deluxe. 

  5. Geuzer, ik proef kurk. Where have you been?
  6. Yeah, Eric Martini. @AlfaCorse. SACMA was the shit.
  7. Dustin Bryant, Timothy Pickett, Amber Cadence. Hi.
  8. This still happened to me constantly.
  9. I never said you couldn't ask any questions, just don't go asking the same question again, and again, and again, if it's already been answered.
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