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  1. The map itself is OK but the LODs are missing and it completely disappears from the map if you're in a plane or helicopter. Besides that, a lot of people struggle to even get into the area of Davis due to the mapping creating game issues that leads to crashes or constant 10 second freezes. The map should either be optimized for compatibility with the server, or be taken down in return for the old Mega Mall.
  2. Hey man @Jimbo.it seems as though the domain expired?
  3. Donated. Hopefully you'll be able to afford the procedure.
  4. Humour

    Archive pls

    (( Amended. ))
  5. Humour

    Archive pls

    Auction withdrawn.
  6. Yes, use /surgery. You can find your face IDs on the UCP.
  7. Make sure your face values are anything other than 0. If it's 0, change it to 2 and it should stop this bug from occuring. It's been a known bug for over two years.
  8. The problem here is that you're not using the right incentive to purchase the expensive pack. There's many people that will choose the most expensive pack by default because they believe in the cause, or cause they have too much money, but there's also a lot of points to win with people if you offer something that is desirable over something that is not. That might just make the difference between people buying the $60 pack and the $100 pack. I agree with Law, and that car does not suit my character, and seeing as it's "exclusive" I'm not sure on the terms of being able to sell it, or scrap it, which would be a waste of $40. It doesn't serve as anything else but a collector's item, but that's not fair when it can be held against you by factions doing asset-checks and so on.
  9. I never said I was top tier. That is the reason I moved my role play out to the county.
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