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  1. imo the server is at a loss (and benefiting) one way or the other. the server houses way too many players for everybody to agree and get along, unfortunately that just how it is. i like things being as realistic as possible yet when I feel I don't get that here, where's the alternative? some want something light hearted but when they find this too serious, what's their alternative? hence the melting pot and constant bickering we get
  2. Ironic how you were quick to say the people with bats didn't fear the gun, yet the other play is allowed to take three cracks of a bat whilst smoking a cig, have time to drop his cig and pull his pistol out (all whilst running in circles). There's a difference between not breaking rules and roleplaying something plausible, if you only care about the first then try FiveM voice.
  3. I don't disagree but that's the point of this guide, trying to influence people to roleplay it out. I don't agree with cutting interactions and externally planning wars but I think it's a bandage solution for the current situation in order to keep faction conflict roleplayed. At the end of the day the only solution is for IFM to take a harder approach on poor portrayal instead of just punishing rule breakers on technicality. Half of what I put in this guide probably should be solid ruling imo and not just advice.
  4. It's more the AI mechanics in having it drive by itself. Although not complicated, they eat resources. I assume it's one of the main reasons pets are so expensive too.
  5. I think it'd make more sense to just simply add an NPC'd train, if anything. Firstly I was against this whole idea in general but when you think of the County being so far away ICly, it would give players a much logical IC way of getting to and from.
  6. It's because they believe what rappers say lmao.
  7. "Everybody Eats." - 10:12 PM, Forum Drive
  8. I appreciate your time to read and the support bro.
  9. "Paper Trail." - 8:02 PM, Chamberlain Hills
  10. @Plottin still doin bits
  11. I appreciate the book you wrote to me in response but this sums up my original post. Apart from a few bad eggs the leadership of most gangs have done enough research to understand as much as you can about gangs without actually experiencing them first hand, some probably even have with living in LA etc. The depiction of gangs from leader ship stand points is a good as it's going to get and as good as its ever been and just because a few members of said factions (of which there's 100's, it's the most popular roleplay hands down) act anywhere from "need to do a slight bit more research" to "absolutely brain dead" it's the surface of a very developed concept. Most people who have an opinion on the gangs here, or an opinion on (M) roleplay have one or a couple of bad experiences. They don't even bother to browse the gang topics and look at their roleplay, let alone get involved themselves. They instead write a post on some discussion about how (M's) ruin their lives, when the reality is they bring some of the best quality roleplay to the server. Then they go back to running their business, owning their super car collection and browsing the marketplace for some new estate and act like they benefit the community any more than those (M) roleplayers they so hate. 🤷‍♂️
  12. that people who normally complain about gang and / or other illegal faction roleplayers with huge paragraphs are usually the subpar roleplayers in-game. they probably tried to join one and didn't do their research or get robbed by one and held a grudge instead of seeing it for what it is.
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