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  1. Some research to help you understand better: “ASTRO” is the bread and butter mission at ASD. Historically, it has generated approximately 80% of the Division’s total flight time. An ASTRO aircrew consists of one Command Pilot and one Tactical Flight Officer (TFO). The aircrew monitors citywide police radio frequencies, they respond to calls for service and make aerial observations based on their experience as police officers. In effect, ASTRO can be thought of as a patrol car in flight. In fact, The Air Support motto is, “The mission is the same, only the vehicle has changed.” Source: Air Support Missions - LAPD Online From the LAPD website which very clearly details that a helicopter works very much like a patrol car but in the air. What you are saying they don't do is the job description itself, they patrol and they monitor what seems noteworthy based on their experience as a police officer. They hold this autonomy as it simply states on their own website. A helicopter pilot can and will literally get a hunch over the way a guy stands based on his experience as a police officer and watch them if they want to based on the description they give on their website here and this simply goes for any patrol vehicle on the ground.
  2. Sometimes you just get unlucky and get shot down while trying to initiate a traffic stop on a vehicle for running a red. You may be the safest player ever but shootings do find you at times in this server. Why is it so a cop is not allowed to head back on duty after a situation for an hour but a gangbanger can return to their crib immediately after the cops leave after they get shot in a fight? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me too.
  3. I don't think there's a great equality in classes. Both on legal and illegal side I see people going a bit absurd sometimes, had a gangbanger pull into an alley in her Gauntlet Hellfire yesterday as an example. However I feel like there are more examples of this on the legal side, such as that security character guy who did protection by day and street raced in his Comet by night. I also see people who are holding a great balance on this, so I'm not sure how good or bad the statistics are.
  4. Username: helicopter_enthusiast Comment: honestly its armored lspd wannabes against a sailor lady who rides around in a bmx in her captain uniform idk which one is worse
  5. Username: helicopter_enthusiast Comment: doNOT register as a boar or deer this is the governments plan to detect and control the furry population its a trap
  6. listen if you time your upgrade right at the moment blacksmith wipes his forehead twice with his arm then you get a higher chance of success dude its tested trust me
  7. happens for me especially in helicam aswell. https://streamable.com/3bhu7r
  8. its a text roleplay server and this should be enough to suggest you are automatically wrong to undermine emotes in first place, let people have discretion
  9. Username: helicopter_enthusiast Comment: ah yes let me go randomly film college students thats totally not weird
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