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  1. happens for me especially in helicam aswell. https://streamable.com/3bhu7r
  2. its a text roleplay server and this should be enough to suggest you are automatically wrong to undermine emotes in first place, let people have discretion
  3. Username: helicopter_enthusiast Comment: ah yes let me go randomly film college students thats totally not weird
  4. A lot of fps drop while flying anywhere over Banham Canyon Drive. Between Vinewood Lake and the Vinewood Sign. I ASSUME because of the big amount of trees added.
  5. The answer is no. HOWEVER No one ever says short /mes are bad. This was never really something anyone believed. I think the right question would be, "Are short /mes a sign of subpar roleplay?" And the answer is still no. You can't just go around and cancel the way someone roleplays depending on the detail in it. If you're a bad roleplayer then it will be visible in both your lazy /mes and your detailed /mes anyway.
  6. Honestly, this was a situation where about two gangbangers approached fifteen cops. I know characters who would still mock them in the same situation but in Davis or some other very known gang area with those numbers. Some cops dislike the gangbangers as much as the gangbangers dislike cops, when you eliminate the active dashcam recording and the risk of escalating this into a stand-off with high numbers of gangbangers, you'll probably get a reaction out of the cops. This seems more like an issue to you because the cops didn't just remain silent as you would expect because they felt safer without the presence of anything recording them or with the unimpressive amount of gangbangers approaching them. At the end of the day, you would've also complained if the LSPD lacked these aspects and just silently enforced law like robots.
  7. Barely any roleplay really. Blackjack script came and killed Roulette which at least had some roleplay to it. Now it's just casino owners opening tables that require minimal roleplay like Blackjack and Poker out of laziness and people come and click cards to gamble and then go home.
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