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  3. https://face.gta.world/3zzy Character Name and Alias: Shawn McCray, Threezy#5 Generation/Age: Tiny Young Gangster (TYG), 17 Years of Age Occupation/Status: 1900 Rabb City Loc, Senior in High School Notable Details about Shawn McCray: I. Shawn got his put on at 13 years old a little after his older brother Santrell. He grew up in a single parent household with his older brother and older sister. II. He’ll replace weed with Hi-Tech Promethazine from time to time, he is a heavy drinker. Always has weed on him regardless of the situation for the most part. III. Shawn is a senior in high school although his attendance has been rough lately, he still wants to finish out his senior year and get his diploma. IV. He was recently released from Central Juvenile Hall after facing robbery charges. V. Shawn has an interest in jewelry, if he sees something that he likes on someone else he’ll often take it off of them. Which is one of the reasons why he was recently in Juvenile Hall. VI. Isn’t a big net banger but does at times, he tags walls here and there. VII. Has recently picked up rapping since being free, he has a few songs dropping in the near future.
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