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  1. I will not be around for a few hours, if you want to sell in the meantime, feel free to do so.
  2. Would it be possible to schedule a viewing?
  3. Would it be possible to get a viewing?
  4. Possible to get a viewing?
  5. Do you have a picture of the exterior? ((Also is it a standalone?))
  6. 195, if not sold by tomorrow morning.
  7. Username: UrJokingRight? Comment: Teenage pregnancy rates were on the downturn anyway. Good on ULSA for taking a stance against it.
  8. 2.91, is this house good for a starter family? Recently married and hoping for three kids and pets.
  9. 2.86, and I'd like to have a viewing at the end.
  10. Buyout provided I can get a viewing.
  11. - There's next to no consequences for poor behaviour on the server. People who blatantly play to win, cheat to gain an advantage or metagame can do so with next to no risk of doing so. Less warnings and slaps on the wrist needs to happen, more active punishment and removal. Admin jail is a nearly completely pointless punishment. - Punishments seem disproportionate to "crimes" committed. Some memelords got fairly long bans for trolling, while similarly some PF abusers got an admin jail of an hour. - Reporting and taking it to the forums are often pointless as reports can sit for weeks to months untouched, same with CK appeals until the point that the RP has moved on. - A lot of admins get unfair criticism for just trying to help out on the server and the expectations of them to drop everything on a dime to come watch a subpar break-in or robbery is unfair for untrained volunteers. - A lot of illegal RPers are more overtly aggressive and blatant in their illegal nature than you can realistically get away with in 2022. No, Gary you can't start a shooting in the equivalent of Hollywood because someone said a mean thing to you, disrespect or not, this isn't the 40s to 60s anymore. - Turning fake Los Angeles into Mogadishu or Baghdad is poor portrayal by any major organized crime group in 2022. - PK wars often turn into glorified GTA Online DM fests with next to no RP and all faction conflicts should be CK only, if you are determined to have war, you should risk EVERYTHING doing so. - CKs should be a semi-complete to complete asset wipe. - Anyone taking a PK doing something stupid should take an immediate CK with no appeal opportunity.
  12. Very satisfied with this project, really happy that I picked you out as my mapper and will recommend you to others!
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