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  1. LCC also exists, stands for Liberty City Cycles
  2. I don't like having shit ton of referances to Liberty City and not being able to have a character from Liberty City. The FDLC logo on most of the Fire trucks is there as a memorial to events in 9/11 (Some LACoFD and LAFD rigs also have an FDNY sticker irl), Liberty City Cycles exist as a brand that is known for it's famous motorcycles in GTA series. The vehicle, Faction, has Liberty City Willard plate holder. Having San Fierro and not having Liberty City seems really off, but I can get behind it since San Francisco is in Cali. The whole 'island' thing is really silly, and it's connected by bridges...? Nope. A small team of community players should be established to assist continuity management to create a better lore or improve the current one.
  3. I can't agree with my friend so called @Gryphboi on this topic. I would like to see Japanese people getting deported if they have to!
  4. KARABOGA???? Chadpilled
  5. Username: Smoothbore Comment: OMG MOM AND DAD LOOK!!!! I FOUND OUT ABOUT GOTHS THEY DRESS UP LIKE THIS PUT ON CHOKERS AND LOOK WHITE AF WITH MAKE UP!!!! THEY ONLY GO OUT AT NIGHT AND CHILL OUT AT GRAVES STEPPING ON DECEASED PEOPLES GRAVES AND THINK ITS COOL!!!! Lmao, stupid faggots, get a life. Y'all managed to trash on an entire culture just by taking these so called 'photos' that don't even represent the culture or anything related to it. At least add a black and white filter to it and claim you made something related to the people you interviewed, thankfully they got respect to the deceased.
  6. Nope. Not everyone is into medical rp, not everyone wants to do medical rp. Just because a hospital has an interior doesn't mean you should go there, or if a player is there to interact with you. While I get the point of your suggestion, it doesn't make sense to just dump everyone at PHMC and overwhelm them. You need to remember the amount of dropoffs that PD, FD and SD does at peak time, and PHMC is not suited to cover that much of an intake, you're directed to another hospital by them if they're full and unavailable to receive patients. Your average Davis resident already fails to rp their gunshot wounds properly, same goes for your Japanese racer hitting someone doing 100 or etc.
  7. PRSA sure is nice, but it is more of a Photo Realistic thing, not realistic. I toggle it on when I take pics only. You have the ability to basically do anything you can do with a high quality camera.
  8. #OnlyOnBattlefield Took long enough for COD kids to get vehicle combat
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