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  1. Not only this, but also how are the lore sport teams treated and how should we rp them as? Panic replaces Lakers, they got a whole arena that screams Panic, various billboards around the game... Feud, Liberty City Salamanders, Los Santos Corkers, Boars, San Fierro 69ers, Vice City Mambas, Carcer City Unicorns and etc.
  2. IRL they got more police stations and more cops as well
  3. Dive training with LS County Lifeguards Air Ops body recovery via hoist operation
  4. keep it up or no morphine when you get injured, @RSanders jk amazing job!
  5. For sale is my 1970 Vamos, comes with a 396 CUI, a fresh Edelbrock carburetor. Vehicle was previously used for races, this is a de-hooned version for it to be a steady rider on the road,wheels are aftermarket, selling it with the original ones. This is the third paint that the vehicle has received, original color was orange, second color was racing yellow. All chrome parts on the vehicle are restored, paint has no issues. Under the vehicle is rust-free, runs perfectly fine. Interior of the vehicle is restored, everything works without any issues. It has seen roads from Korea Town to Davis, it
  6. Only the floating issue, nothing else encountered from my side.
  7. I've seen people getting shot to the head with a Compact Rifle and not go into injured state... Or anything similar to that. FD rules are enforced by LFM but it's not written anywhere for the public, defo needs some clarification and needs to be stated in the rules.
  8. Either NPS(National Park Service) or Park Rangers. Gives reason for Sandy Shores National Park to be active as well- Or Paleto Forest area in general
  9. Love for Thom Aplin, Jennifer Falcon, Andrea Schmid and other great ESD folk, appreciate the RP all the times.
  10. Username: bootlegfireman Comment: gay fog nozzle gang strikes again - i'd rather see a Sheriff's Fire Rescue smh
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