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  1. This happened to me multiple times in very crowded areas too, mainly around Forum Drive or Little Seoul when there's tons of people around, posted a bug report about it a while ago.
  2. overtime pays used to be a thing until people who were ig for countless hours milked the faction bank, doubt they'll make a comeback
  3. Would be pretty dope to have a command that removes hides your tattoos and adds something about it to your /examine or /tattoos, or a mod that fully covers the sleeve/sleeves.
  4. there's a hair that was recently added for males that automatically fits all hats, but this is mostly needed for females tbh.
  5. oh yeah leilani kwongus💯💯💯
  6. Name: Koreatownhero114 Comment: Police Officer Jorge Nava is a remarkable individual who has overcome difficult circumstances and has dedicated his life to serving and protecting the people of Los Santos. Born in the grimey streets of South Los Santos, Officer Nava grew up in an area that was infested with gangs and violence. However, he refused to let his environment dictate his future and worked hard to make something of himself. Officer Nava's background and experiences give him a unique perspective on the challenges that police officers face in Los Santos. He understands the difficulties of policing in a community that is plagued by gang violence and other criminal activities. He knows firsthand the impact that crime can have on families and communities, and he is committed to making Los Santos a safer place for everyone. As a police officer, Officer Nava has demonstrated his commitment to serving the community. He has worked diligently to build relationships with community members, especially those who are most vulnerable to crime. He has also taken an active role in community outreach programs, such as mentoring at-risk youth and organizing neighborhood watch programs. Officer Nava's dedication and commitment to the community make him an ideal candidate for the position of union president of the Los Santos Police Protective League. As union president, he would have the opportunity to advocate for the rights and needs of police officers, while also working to improve relations between the police department and the community. One of the most important responsibilities of the union president is to negotiate collective bargaining agreements that ensure fair compensation and working conditions for police officers. Officer Nava has a deep understanding of the issues that affect police officers, and he would be an effective negotiator on behalf of the union. In addition to negotiating on behalf of police officers, the union president also has a role in shaping public opinion and policy regarding law enforcement. Officer Nava's background and experiences make him uniquely qualified to engage with the community and other stakeholders to address issues related to policing and public safety. Finally, Officer Nava's personal story serves as an inspiration to others who may be facing similar challenges. His journey from the streets of South Los Santos to becoming a police officer is a testament to the power of hard work and determination. As union president, he would have the opportunity to be a role model and mentor to other officers and community members. In conclusion, Officer Jorge Nava is an exceptional candidate for the position of union president of the Los Santos Police Protective League. His background, dedication to the community, and commitment to the rights of police officers make him an ideal candidate for the role. If elected, Officer Nava would be a powerful voice for the police officers of Los Santos and a champion for the safety and well-being of the community.
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