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  1. It's a problem that occurs when there are too many vehicles bulked in an area (Mission Row = PD cars). Vinewood Area is a Rage issue. Mission Row and Davis are GTA:W issues. The very same thing happens to me, despawning faction vehicles should also be enforced.
  2. Whatever Allen releases. Some melee stuff like a halligan bar, flat head axe, fire axe and sledgehammer.
  3. It indeed is. No one wants to see people watching anime 24/7 and hopping on a roleplay server, then trying to create a fictional female based on an anime character with cat ears and tails.
  4. Username: Blownoff Comment: okay, show me who cares lmao
  5. Not only this. I highly believe some people have only seen female anime characters, and not real females.
  6. Bras are in shirts and undershirt, undies are in pants, shorts are in pants, sox don't exist, but they're in shoes. GTA's categorization system doesn't work like that, instead they need to be added manually to each slot which there is no need of.
  7. rule 19 got me worried NSFW i guess
  8. I would like to know this as well. I've seen a couple of videos where traffic lights weren't synced as they should be.
  9. current menu is fine and there ain't any bugged clothing items(1.1)
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