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  1. Hi! So for a little introduction, I play Christopher Foreman and Ryan Lionheart and I run the Los Santos Fire Department alongside with @Björk. Recently it has come to our attention that we have a fair few ranks free within the LSFD faction and we thought we could provide more RP for the server and opportunities for unique roleplay within the faction, however in a non-firefighting capacity. You could call it a "Civilian Employee" role or something along the lines. For example we were thinking of having an LSFD Chaplain / Psychologist which would be essentially a mental healthcare specialist for both PD and FD, or just generally a psychologist. Another example we thought of could be an LSFD specialist mechanic. We wish to know what you, the community, would like to see available in order to provide for more RP between the faction and of course, you guys and girls. So, what kind of civilian employee roles would you like to see? And how would it benefit the server and the FD?