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  1. "Officer Needs help." Discipline Disciple.
  2. I pay more because I know how un-rewarding some of those jobs are. I am not talking just random generosity but if they said $110 for a beer, I normally give them $300, because of the RP and what not. I rather pay 5 IC dollars for a beer and then give them OOCly $500 but that's a different topic lol
  3. "She lost the baby..." Pour, Drink, Head shot, Drink. Blast Off Crash hard
  4. Traffic Stop, Not so typical. Firearms on you, along with some drugs? No big deal. Another gun inside the vehicle? Brah.
  5. Code 6 "You ain't the type to admit that, so this is more of a tell than an ask. Go home." Safe.
  6. Castle; Pursuit of Peace. "Practice" "Theory"
  7. Carter_Miller


    LSRP is always going to be the proving grounds for me. It was great, up until it wasn't.
  8. "Quality of life, assurance."
  9. "You can't run people over and then think your life won't be altered in some way. Either emotionally or physically. " "When you set out for revenge. Make sure you dig two graves."
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