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Found 11 results

  1. Since last Sunday 8 May 2022, I've been randomly loosing connection to the server. I go for about 20-30 minutes before Rage boots me out the server and puts me into a "Connect lost...reconnecting" state. I am still able to use my internet connection like usual as Discord, Google Chrome, Spotify and other applications that require an internet connections still continue to work without any errors. System specs AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3600 2x8 GB RAM Gigabyte B450M DS3H Motherboard GeForce GTX 1050Ti Graphics Card Kingston A400 960 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Internet connection type Ethernet Internet speeds My internet speeds have always been like this, even before I started encountering this error. I therefore don't believe my slow upload speeds are the cause of this issue. I can't think of any other useful information I can provide. But, if there is, let me know and I'll get back to you. Thanks!
  2. Did your RageMP die of a sudden cardiac arrest and you don't know what the hell happened? is the new EAC making your RageMP experience a pain in the ass? this step by step guide MIGHT help you play just fine with your mods and sanity intact. Go to RAGEMP\server-files\client_packages\game_resources (create the folders if they don't exist) Create a file named "allow_user_game_resources.txt" in that folder, open it and type "1" then save it Go to RAGEMP\server-files and run ragemp-server.exe, grant firewall access if needed Open RageMP's client, use manual connect, and connect to IP: Port: 22005 Wait for the game to boot, you will spawn with a default MP character, this means you're now connected to the server you just hosted on your own PC Press F1 and use manual connect once again, connect to IP: Port: 22005 If you see "Loading server resources" for a long time, don't panic, RageMP is downloading the server assets, it will take a while depending on your internet speed, and this will be a one-time only download process, it'll be instantaneous for the next logins (Direct IP server assets will be downloaded to "RAGEMP\client_resources\eb2a00104e081555cd1f62c318c273fa") Once the download is complete (first-time only), you will be greeted with the login screen and you can connect and play Fix RageMP launcher crashing on "Validating server assets": Download the latest version of Process Explorer from HERE, extract it to a folder and run procexp64.exe as Administrator Run updater.exe to boot up the RageMP launcher In Process Explorer scroll down and find ragemp_v.exe and all of it's sub UI processes Right click on each one and set priority to real time Connect to the server as you normally would Force your way in - also (might)work if crashing on "Validating server assets": Open up RageMP's launcher, connect to GTA World, if you see it trying to download assets and not progressing, close it (Alt+F4) or if it crashes on Establishing connection or Validating assets, close it (Alt+F4) and move onto the next step Open up RageMP's launcher again, then fully disconnect your PC from the internet (Make sure you don't have Rockstar Launcher running) Click on GTA World, wait for Rockstar Launcher to open, connect your PC to the internet again Click the button on top of Rockstar Launcher that says "Restart to go online" Optional step: Run task manager, find PlayGTAV.exe and all of ragemp_game_ui.exe instances under the details tab, right click on them, Set Priority -> Realtime
  3. One of the most annoying issues that I've dealt with was RageMP not starting up no matter how many times I launch it, and upon inspecting the process it's frozen at some random RAM usage which can result in nothing but killing the process itself via Task Manager. I heard people say the problem is based on dated systems or PC not meeting requirements. The issue itself although hard to explain seems to be not related to the compatibility but to the RageMP itself. The process appears frozen or stuck at loading for one reason or another, but in fact the process is paused. And the solution for it seems rather simple. Just for your information, this solution might not be 100% fixing all the issues, it might not even work for you, I post it because it worked for me. I take no responsibility for if your game is broken after applying this method, although I doubt it could since it's not interfering with game files or anything. Step by step guide how to resume the frozen GTA5.exe process. 1. Download Process Hacker for your OS or any advanced task managing software that allows you check the processes and pause/terminate/resume them. I don't have any suggestions as I only used the Process Hacker so far. 2. Launch Process Hacker, it's very similar to task manager, leave the software running in the background. 3. Launch RageMP window, and select a server from the list. 4. After a while the game should initialize, you will notice a PlayGTA5.exe tree, with SocialClubHelper.exe, Launcher.exe and GTA5.exe. When you notice GTA5.exe becomes stuck on any memory usage and pauses from further loading and doesn't go further, press right click on the process and you should have 'Resume' on the list. 5. The game from now on should load properly, if it gets stuck again just resume the process once more, until the game fully loads. I haven't seen a solution like that for the problem anywhere on RageMP forums or in google and I've been dealing with it for quite a while, so I hope it helps you fixing your game and saves you from this irritating issue.
  4. Had to use everything in my power to not call the Thread 1.1 And You but are we excited? What are you expecting and looking forward to regarding 1.1 and how will it change your RP? I know I'm looking forward to partaking in proper brawls after years of the chicken running desync and watching someone cartwheel down the street after cutting a corner on their Hakuchou. that'sifweeverget1.1butitfeelslikewe'reinthefinalstretchhere
  5. Been trying to help my brother join the server on his computer, through RageMP obviously. GTA V loads into single player and RageMP shows this error "ERROR: Could not access game process. Shutdown Steam/RGS/EGS and try again." I've tried multiple solutions but nothing has worked. If anyone is able to help let me know. Thanks! Here's a video, the quality might not be great. 2021-01-05 15-19-19 on Vimeo
  6. Game Crashing shortly after Pressing Play - Rockstar Launcher Edition! Hello there! My name is Geo, and my favorite past-time is finding bypasses and fixes to the intricate and frustrating client that is RageMP! Please note, this only works for games that have the Rockstar Launcher as the Client, it will not work for Steam and Epic versions! **Make sure your RageMP Directory Folder is either on your C (main) Drive or an External hard Drive with extra space. 1) Right Click Rage, go into Properties. 2) Toggle on over to the banner titled Security 3) Under Security, ensure that your Administrators Account has all permissions enabled. If not, you can Edit them by pressing the Edit command, toggling to the Administrator account, and check all the boxes! 4) Afterwards, head on over to the banner titled Compatibility 5) Press Run Compatibility Troubleshooter. 6) Cite the image attached, please run the Troubleshooter in the way it is mentioned. When you go through Option one, you will most likely see RageMP with the Error telling you to reinstall the program. If a green checkbox appears next to it, continue! If not, you will need to redownload RageMP. 7) Close out of everything and open up your Task Manager (8) Scroll down to until you find a few Rockstar Tasks, end them in this order: Rockstar Games Launcher Service Rockstar Games Launcher 9) Load up your game! If these doesn't work, feel free to tag me in #Support. My username is Geo#0004. Your friend, Geo.
  7. Hello there! My name is Geo, and my favorite past-time is finding bypasses and fixes to the intricate and frustrating client that is RageMP! Today, I'm going to be diving into fixing the issue: Constant Game Freezing / Crashing! *Note, this works for all Steam, Epic and Rockstar Launcher GTA V Downloads!* I worked with another player to figure out the issue. Turns out, Your windows needs a wipe! So bust out your Windex and Paper Towel, or follow my guide below! 1) I strongly advise you back up your Files prior to continuing, since deleting Windows 10 will delete most of the files associated with it! 2) Open up Settings on your Computer, Click on 'Update and Security' and toggle to the Recovery Banner! 3) Under 'Reset This PC', tap Get Started. 4) As stated before, you can Keep your Files or Remove everything. You can try to keep your files first. If that doesn't work, bring everything(except your RageMP Folders) Elsewhere Once Windows has Deleted itself, head over and redownload Microsoft! (I would put the link to the exact file, but we all live in different places!) https://www.microsoft.com 5) Follow the prompts! Make sure you install it onto your main Drives, no External Hard Drives! If this does not work, no worries! Tag me in #support! @Geo#0004 Your friend, Geo.
  8. How do I install Redux 1.8 without OpenIV? Rage MP won't start. I tried using - ArchiveFix, it seems to have worked, but the error occurs already during startup. Are there any other options besides ArchiveFix? Redux has a bunch of files (archives) for replacement, maybe I overlooked something and this does not work? Are there anyone who can help me?
  9. Right so, I have playing normally till like 5 days ago or something, establishing connection phase took too long to load - multiple times, so I tried reinstalling. Ever since I have encountered even a worse problem, after the launcher loads, a message "This app can't run on PC" pops up, I shrugged and tried launching it again, brings up the loading screen and takes too long which isn't normal, then when it finally finishes and I try to connect to the server, the launcher crashes mid establishing connection phase, this process happens literally every time I try to reinstall, I have even tried to download it all over again but still no luck. If anyone knows a solve to this I will be so grateful, it's becoming increasingly annoying to me that I cannot play.
  10. Hi, this is just small guide I think I will make to help people who are completely new to role play and would like to learn complete basics of the most commonly used commands in RP server like GTA:W. I think there might be a guide similar like mine, but I thought maybe I will refine and go in more depth for each command for better understanding. Sorry if not so good, I will edit later on I make this in a rush. 1. /me This command is an action command. It is the most commonly used command in role play. /me is used to describe your characters actions. It can be anywhere from getting up to get a glass of water, to picking up the phone. E.G: /me stands up, dusting off his shirt. Result: John Doe stands up, dusting off his shirt. E.G 2: /me reaches his dominant hand out, offering Bob a handshake. Result: John Doe reaches his dominant hand out, offering Bob a handshake. 1.1. In the examples shown above.. when you use /me it will be used for your characters name. This mean, when using this command you do not need to use /me and follow with your character name, otherwise it will come out as something like this: Incorrect E.G: /me John Doe stands up, dusting off his shirt. Incorrect result: John Doe John Doe stands up, dusting off his shirt. Important: You do not have to type your character name out after writing /me. 1.2. When use /me, try not to capitalize letters following it. Your sentence will look much more clean and nicer if you do this. Incorrect usage: /me Capitalizes the first letter of starting sentence after /me. This does not look good. Incorrect result: John Doe Capitalizes the first letter of starting sentence after /me. This does not look good. Instead, do this: Correct usage: /me does not capitalize the first word, after /me. This looks much cleaner. Correct result: John Doe does not capitalize the first word, when using /me. This looks much cleaner. If you are using multiple sentences in one /me [action] then you would place a period '.' to end sentence and capitalize as normally would following new sentence. E.G: /me gives an example of above. This is how to properly write more than one sentence with correct capitalization. [1.]: /me command is used to perform actions. It can be used to describe what your character will do. [Refer 1.1.]: /me substitutes for you character in game name, you do not need to write it after writing /me. [Refer 1.2.]: You should not capitalize the first letter to start you action . If it will contain more than two sentences, then capitalize as normal after. 2. /ame Now we will talk about /ame. This command is very simple, very basic. In fact.. /me and /ame are the same commands, with minor nuances. Beyond their immediate denotation, they are performed slightly different. Below I will show difference examples: The command /me permanently appears in the chat box. Whereas /ame appears over a characters head, and for a short duration; it disappears afterwards. You can use this command for very short actions or emotes. /me is predominately used for long actions whereas /ame is used for very small actions. /ame can also be use for when you want to perform an action from far away to a player who may be across street from you for example. This is because the command appears above a character so it can be better visible from farther distance. E.G: /me stomps his shoes on the steps before entering inside the property. He lifts his opposite foot, using it to scrape against the side of his right heel to assist removing his shoe; repeating this. E.G result: John Doe stomps his shoes on the steps before entering inside the property. He lifts his opposite foot, using it to scrape against the side of his right heel to assist removing his shoe; repeating this E.G: /ame takes a drink. /me is used for long or detailed actions. /ame is used for small actions, or used when far away from another player where the radius or /me would not be seen. This command shows above a characters head, whereas /me does not. 3. /do This command can be used in conjunction with /me. It can be used to further detail an action your character performed, or can be used to ask question. E.G 1: /me walks up to property door, trying the door. /do Is the door unlocked? E.G 2: /me searches around for a clean cup to use. /do Are there any clean cups in the sink to use? E.G 3: /me pays the bartender, taking the Bloody Mary. [result]: John Doe pays the bartender, taking the Bloody Mary. /do The amount paid would not cover the costs. [result]: (John Doe): The amount paid would not cover the costs. This command can be used hand in hand with /me. It is used to further detail actions emotes, or to ask questions during role play. 4.1. /s, /low, /b. 4.1.1. /s This command very straight forward. IT is a /s(hout) command. You use this command when you want to make it clear your character is raising their voice, or shouting. Correct usage: /s I hate being broke! Result: John Doe shouts: I hate being broke! 4.1.2. /low This is another very straight forward command.. it is a command used when you want to lower your character voice and speak lower. As a result of this, the radius of which your text is seen is greatly reduced compared to typing without using /low. It can be used when you don't want other people around to hear what you say. Usage: /low Hey, you see that person over there? Result: John Doe [low]: Hey, you see that person over there? /low is used to 'speak' lower. You can use /low to lower the radius in which your text is seen by players nearby. It is a role play command, that mean it should be used for anything in character and not out of character. 4.1.3. : /b This command very simple. You use it to type (o)ut (o)f (c)haracter (ooc). This command is used for anything as said.. out of character or otherwise mostly unrelated to the game. If you want to use smiley faces, poor capitalization and punctuation, abbreviations then you use this command. This command also will be used for RP scenes that require a pause and require admin intervention for explanation. In Character and Out of Character should not be mixed. Correct usage: /b gta wolrd rocks lol ((: )) Result: (( John Doe: gta wolrd rocks lol ((: )) OOC stands for Out of Character. It is for mostly anything unrelated IC or game itself. It can be used for any situation that need to be resolved which require admin intervention and RP paused. You should not mix ooc with ic and vice versa. Click here for complete list of basic server commands.
  11. I can't finish my installation on RageMP, it crashes and give me this error message:
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