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  1. Might be late, but it’s really cool of you to host a giveaway, even if I couldn’t participate, thank you it’s really kind of you
  2. This is actually stupid. You did not read their reply properly at all.
  3. Yes it has. Because from my perspective and probably loads of others, you’re attempting to make it easier to get weapons. this isn’t a DM server. It’s a roleplay server. I’d rather not see gangs, civilians and other players walk around with muskets because you require zero roleplay.
  4. This is just getting ridiculous. Get a weapons dealer.
  5. Having an air soft weapon. I have to agree with I could never see a universe where this isn’t going to get abused by players.
  6. Last reply here, in your first reply you specificily mentioned TARYN LANE, an INDIVIDUAL.
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