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  1. Tennplugg

    i agree with this. I'd also like to have CK's happen more often to people who don't rp fear at all. When people get murked in a shootout with PD, where you pulled a gun and tried to kill PD, it should be a CK instead of a PK. Same goes for robberies, if you act like a retard and don't rp fear, and get killed. Then you should be CKed.
  2. Tennplugg

    looks fire
  3. Tennplugg

    this is fire
  4. Tennplugg

    looking fire
  5. Tennplugg

  6. Tennplugg

    les go
  7. Tennplugg

  8. Tennplugg

    fucking finally!!
  9. Tennplugg

    welcome and good luck homies
  10. Tennplugg

  11. Tennplugg

    almost 99% of criminals I RP with, has a description. Almost all legal RP'ers I've met doesn't have one. But I know alot of legal rpers has them, you've been unlucky. But I don't believe we should force people to make an attribute list, when we're playing GTAV, you can catch peoples eye color, hair color, beard everything
  12. I also know people who own a tattoo shops. almost no one comes around