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  1. Tennplugg

    Good luck
  2. Tennplugg

    This is correct.
  3. Tennplugg

    This might be a server for EVERYONE, but it is an English RP server. You need a good understanding of the language to actually be able to play here. It's not unfair at all for people to be banned because of their shitty English.
  4. Tennplugg

    saw u rpin the other day, followin
  5. Tennplugg

  6. Tennplugg

    im unsure if ur joking or not but get off the thread dude
  7. Tennplugg

  8. Tennplugg

    this will be shut down within the day probably but good luck anyways
  9. Tennplugg

    1/10... uh... i dont like anime
  10. Tennplugg

    this^ Cops have no ability to see where people rent, only properties they own.
  11. Tennplugg

    That’s the current rules.
  12. Tennplugg

    Good luck, seems promising
  13. Tennplugg

    Take it far
  14. Tennplugg

    The 200k is supposed to be used so new players can establish themselves on the server. So they can get connections, get rp and not worry about farming a script job. It seems perfectly fine. edit: 200K is not a lot on this server. You might be able to get a shitty house and a shitty car, nothing else.