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  1. If you enter the downed state and you have any headshot damage from guns, it should be death with no chance at survival, no exceptions.
  2. thutl

    Drop a lie

    Everything is OK.
  3. What if somebody accidentally shoots their gun? Misclicks?
  4. Robbery limit needs to be raised! Rules make no sense!
  5. This was legit, I won!
  6. What is 'funding' for PD? Don't all cops get a gun with 400 bullets whenever they go on duty anyways? Curious to know what PD uses money for.
  7. Good idea, and it'll promote the use of junker cars for crime rather than stupid rally cars.
  8. Depends on the type of mask you are wearing. Yes, if you are wearing a mask with a mouth hole, no if you've got something thick that would cover your mouth or muffle your voice.
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