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    Feature Showcase: Forensic Firearm Investigation Introduction Forensic Firearm Investigation is a new system that aims to give a fresh and realistic look at Firearms. The key objectives are to give immersion to various Crime Scenes and boost detective/investigative type of roleplay. New additions that this update include are Spent Cartridges/Shell Casings and an Investigation Lab. Shell Casings / Spent Cartridges Upon firing a weapon you will now notice that a spent cartridge is left behind. If you are near one (or more) you can press Y which brings up an interaction menu that lists you the closest shell casings to your position. Upon choosing one from the list you are greeted with a couple of options. You can choose to either examine (1) it or pick it up (2). Examining a Shell Casing (1) If you choose to examine a Shell Casing, a message sent to you revealing some details regarding this specific Spent Cartridge. There are two pieces of information which would be of interest to you. Those are the Temperature and the Condition of the casing. The temperature value starts from around 370°C (~700°F) and drop down to environment temperature (which you get via /weather) at a decreasing rate. The whole process takes around 5 minutes which gives you a nice window to time events and so forth. On the other hand, there are four (4) different levels of condition. A shell casing can be Trashed, Severely damaged, Good or Excellent which is internally randomized whenever a round is fired thus a casing is dropped onto the ground and plays a huge role in the examination part of the system which is covered later down below. Picking one up (2) Dropped Shell Casings have a "lifetime" of two hours, they get automatically deleted if no-one picks them up within that window and are not stored in the database. They can be picked up anyone and is suggested that you do if you wish to avoid the Law's attention. Trying to use one (via /useitem) will display the condition, the cartridge type but not the temperature. Trying to use one as a LEO gives you an extra field called Label in which you can populate with some text and as you can see, it is now considered an Evidence Bag. It is expected that you roleplay picking and bagging them up when you do so. The Lab The Forensic Laboratory is a facility where Shell Casings are brought to for Analysis. By entering the premises and pressing Y, once again you are greeted with an interaction menu. Preliminary Examination Most notable at this point is the "Turn In Shell Casings" option. Upon selection, it runs a process that goes through your inventory items and extracts all the shell casings out of it. The Lab Personnel would then proceed and run a preliminary examination for each of the casings that you've just brought in that determines whether or not an Evidence Bag will be kept for further examination and long term storage. For a Shell Casing to be stored and be further examined, it needs to have a satisfactory condition and the cartridge must have been fired from a non-police-issued firearm. The second constraint is straight forward but as for the condition it goes as following: If a Shell Casing's condition is label as Trashed then it instantly gets discarded. If it is labeled as Severely damaged then there is around 75% chance to be discarded. If it is labeled either Good or Excellent then it is kept for further examination and long term storage. The Evidence Bags that are kept, they are assigned an ID and can be previewed using the /casing command or using the Mobile Data Computer. MDC Shell Casings Evidence Bags The Command Explanation option displays you a short help text related to the /casing command, the command functions are also explained in detail within this thread further down below. The Help Page option directs you to this page. Further Examination After a Shell Casing (effectively an Evidence Bag by now) finally goes through the submitting process the Lab immediately starts examining the Spent Cartridge for unique striations and markings. This process effectively takes ~40 minutes for a Shell Casing to complete. Keep in mind that the quality of the casing influences both the time needed to yield results and the amount of Evidence Bags/Casings needed in order to get a positive match. After the examination the Evidence Bag becomes available for checking/matching against seized weapons or Serial IDs. Effectively it comes down to a routine where everyone collects evidence, labels them and passes them onto the Lab for processing. Then when a weapon is seized from a suspect that in turn gets passed onto the Lab to match against all the processed casings and see if there's any matches. Here are two examples, one of a positive match and the opposite. If there are more than 10 casings relating to a specific firearm then you are prompted with expand option. The expand option would list the evidence bags like this Command For simplicity, all "commands" related to this system all fall under one command in a form of a tree. You can see the various "sub-options" and their corresponding actions below.
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    Your right to know Written Date: 15/FEB/2020 Written by: Callie Palencia Disclaimer: This article is protected by Article 1, Section 2 of the San Andreas constitution on free speech and press. Gruppe 6, a company that has been shrouded within controversy after controversy ranging from the Chief Executive Officer being arrested, to a number of employees being arrested, and now onto the latest controversy, a civil suit accusing them of neglegence and battery. It simply doesn't end, it's always something that causes controversy. In a Freedom of Information request, the LSPD revealed that Austin Kern was arrested for Felony FB 204. Battery yesterday at 14:49. The person(s) in question are Austin Kern, a G6 employee who was arrested yesterday for violently assaulting a San Chianski 24/7 worker who was attempting to report on duty and it's alleged he was violently grabbed from behind and forced outside to be held against his will. Per CCTV footage that has been reviewed by LSN staff, Kern knew that the employee worked there and repeatedly refused to let him work, due to his injuries and reportedly slapped the employee across the face. According to court documents that have been filed, the plaintiff is accusing G6 of negligence, battery and false imprisonment. PACER users can track the case online or at the Davis Court House during normal working hours (9 - 5) The Plaintiff, Yoska Makula provided this statement to LSN. LSN has on multiple occasions reached out to G6 Security for a official comment, but our calls was met with silence. Footer: The next article will be a business review, hopefully to be published tomorrow / monday.
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    Update 1.7.7 Additions Released an in-depth firearm forensic system for bullets : Changes You can now use /ph [name or number] to directly open another phone and set it as main phone Fixes Fixed some issues with lipstikes from the CEF surgery
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    It's nice to see Little Seoul coming back to life. I've been role playing on that part of town for some time now and I have seen little to no Koreans around. Keep this alive, please.
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    Hi, everyone! I am a PandaGaming and who remembers me, I have previously made Let's Play LSFD videos, but I decided to delete them for some reasons. Now I am back and am about to publish videos of the Fire Department and the roleplay in it with great vigor. I really hope you like my videos and hope I can make you enjoy them. I'll post here every time there's a new video so you can stay up to date. I would be very happy if you could respond to me and give me feedback so I know what to improve and what to keep. Don't forget to like & subscribe! ENJOY! 🙂 Channel Link (PRESS ON ME) Latest Video:
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    This thread is dedicated to the background and life of Danielle "Angel" Mancuso. This thread may contain mature subject matter. Danielle, age 19, performing at the Vanilla Unicorn in Strawberry, Los Santos July 15th, 1999, 02:34 A.M. | Sandy Shores, San Andreas Infomercials flickered across the box television, the only source of light in the run-down mobile home's living room. In the background, a single air conditioning unit worked tirelessly to cool the trailer, its incessant hum softening the sounds of a dog barking outside of the mobile home's walls. Roy Mancuso sat low in his stained armchair, smoking a cheap cigar and cradling a can of Budweiser on his knee, as he watched the cable television impassively. His white wife-beater was discolored underneath his arms from sweat, and his rotund stomach hung down low over his beltline. Roy ashed his cigar on the floor and sat upright in his chair. He used the remote to turn up the volume on the television set. His vision then traveled across the living room to his daughter and wife. Roy pulled himself to his feet with a grunt, and turned to discard the empty beer among the graveyard of beer bottles and cigarette butts on the end table by his chair. He ran a hand through his greasy, black hair, and stumbled across the room to the six-year-old girl sat on the floor. "Come on, princess. Come with daddy," Roy Mancuso coaxed gently and quietly at the adolescent girl sat at the coffee table with a hand outstretched in invitation. His plump, unshaven cheeks flushed red with intoxication. She set down the broken blue crayon she used to color a torn page from her coloring book and looked up at the repulsive man as he towered above her. Beads of perspiration formed on his forehead and dripped down the sides of his face. "Come on, honey," her father continued to cajole with a drunken smile as he took hold of her wrist. The hair raised on the back of Danielle's neck at her father's touch. Her eyes looked to her mother, passed out on the floral-printed sofa of the trailer's living room, for safety. Danielle rose quietly from the floor of the trailer, and her lifeless eyes lifted from her coloring book to meet Roy's. Roy's grasp tightened around her wrist, and he brought a finger on his spare hand over his parted lips. "Shhh, now, Angel. Don't wanna wake your ma. Come on now, honey. Come with daddy," Roy whispered to the girl as he tugged at her arm. Danielle looked back at her mother as her father led her into the bedroom, two Dutch-braided, blonde pigtails tossing behind her shoulders. Her mother turned over on the sofa, and a used syringe dropped to the floor from underneath her body. Silent tears streamed down Danielle's unwashed face as Roy Mancuso kicked bedroom door closed and reached for his zipper. Danielle Mancuso would continue to endure the nightly sexual abuse by her father for the next seven years, unbeknownst to her alcoholic and drug addict of a mother, Eileen. Roy Mancuso was convicted in 2006 of child abuse when attention was brought to the authorities by one of Danielle's teachers after Danielle was found to be self-mutilating in the school bathroom. Eileen would then move Danielle and her sister, Erin, to the projects of Davis in Los Santos, following their father's incarceration. Danielle was first introduced to drugs by her peers while she attended the inner-city high school, and she quickly became a regular abuser of marijuana and prescription painkillers. Danielle dropped out of high school at the age of sixteen. She worked a menial job as a gas station attendant in Davis to support her drug habits and help her mother with the bills. The day she turned eighteen, Danielle auditioned for the manager of the Vanilla Unicorn and was given a job as an exotic dancer. She received on-the-job training from her colleagues at the gentlemen's club, and was favored by the patrons for her long legs and bright blonde hair. She carried over her father's nickname for her, "Angel," as her stage alias. Another dancer at the strip club, Alana Briggs, an African-American girl with calculating, brown eyes, would be the one to introduce Danielle to drugs such as heroin and cocaine, the pair using the latter of the two to ready themselves for a night of performances, and the former to unwind in the backroom as they counted through their tip money. Alana would go on to become Danielle's partner-in-crime. The two graduated from private dances in the backroom to propositioning sexual favors to patrons of the strip club for whatever the John had to offer: money, drugs, connections, jewelry or notoriety. Alana Briggs was murdered by the hand of an abusive boyfriend in 2013 at the age of twenty-three. Erin, Danielle's younger sister by two years, moved out of the apartment they shared with their mother at the age of seventeen, and she took up residence with Roy Mancuso's elderly and dying mother in the city of Grapeseed in the county of San Andreas to escape Danielle and their schizophrenic of a mother figure. Eileen Mancuso was convicted on drug trafficking charges in the fall of 2011. February 21st, 2011, 03:21 A.M. | Strawberry, Los Santos "You stupid, stupid bitch!" screamed Robert Liotta between kicks to an eight-week-pregnant Danielle's stomach. Danielle laid crumpled in a heap at Robert's feet in the parking lot of the Vanilla Unicorn strip club, still dressed in her lingerie from her shift. Bystanders took leisure drags off of their cigarettes land watched the assault take place. They then turned their backs and resumed idle conversation inside of their group. Bass from the music playing inside of the strip club thumped continuously and mingled with the sounds of car alarms and police sirens in the distance. "Bobby! Bobby, please, you don't understand?! We could have a family, me an' you!" Danielle plead as she picked up her torso from the pavement and wiped blood from her lip. "A family? A family?! Look at you, Danielle! You think you're really fit for a mother? And, what's this?" Robert asked, the tone of his voice sharp with ridicule as he bent down to Danielle and took a firm grasp of her arm. He wrenched her arm over, his knuckles white, and eyed the fresh injection marks on the inside of her antecubital fossa with a scowl. "You been using again! For the love of Christ, Danielle! Me and you's going down to the clinic first thing in the morning, and we're getting that little son of a bitch inside of you taken care of! I'm not letting the mother of my child be some junkie dancer! I thought you said you were on birth control!" Danielle snatched her arm away from Robert and used her hands to wipe the hot tears from her cheeks. The thick layers of mascara on Danielle's heavily painted eyes smeared and cast dark shadows on her sunken face. "I'm not gettin' an abortion, Bobby! I'm gonna have this kid, with or without you!" barked Danielle as she wiped blood from her mouth on the back of her hand and began to collect herself to her feet. "Like hell you are!" Robert sneered down at Danielle as he loomed above her. He took a final drag off of his cigarette and cast it to the pavement. He then rolled up the sleeves of his baby blue dress shirt and sent repeated and violent kicks to Danielle's abdomen with his penny loafers, casting her back onto the pavement of the parking lot. She lay sobbing, cradling her stomach in her arms, by the front wheel arch of his car as he brought his assault to an end and stood upright to comb his fingers through his tediously groomed coiffure. Robert cast an apprehensive glance at the bystanders, whose attention had then returned, before filling his mouth with saliva and spitting it on the pavement beside Danielle. Robert crossed in front of the 2008 Dodge Avenger to the driver's seat and collapsed into the interior before sparking up another Newport. The car raced out of the parking lot with a screech, Danielle left in a lifeless mound on the ground. A steady trickle of bright red blood seeped from underneath the French chantilly lace of her skirt and down her thigh. The loss of her child and relationship with Robert Liotta drove Danielle into a downward spiral. Her abuse of heroin accelerated; no longer was the drug only used to bring her down after a cocaine-fueled night of pole work. All of the money earned from dancing at the local strip joint was devoted to feeding her addiction. Danielle struggled to maintain the rent on the apartment she once shared with Eileen. After eight months of unpaid rent and empty promises to her landlord, Danielle was evicted, and she was forced to take shelter in the beaten interior of her 1990 Cadillac de Ville, left to her in the will of her then deceased grandmother. She was fired from the Vanilla Unicorn when she continued to show up to work high despite numerous warnings from the manager. Between the years 2012 and 2016, in-and-out of rehab, Danielle would fall victim to an emotionally manipulative relationship with a man by the name of Thomas Rodriguez, a longshoreman. She fell pregnant with his child in 2016, and against the protests of Rodriguez, she would go on to birth the couple's daughter alone in the emergency room of Pillbox Medical Center. Thomas left town and changed his phone number the next day, leaving Danielle alone with the neonate, growth restricted from Danielle's incessant cigarette smoking. December 20th, 2019, 06:57 P.M. | Grapeseed, San Andreas Danielle exited the interior of her rusted, fifth-generation 1990 Cadillac de Ville and exhaled a breath of smoke before dropping her joint into the dirt. She quickly doubled to the passenger side of the vehicle, and helped the dark-haired toddler, courting a battered teddy bear underneath her arm, out to her feet. Danielle's sister, Erin, pushed through the creaky screen door of her house and leaned against a column on the front porch with folded arms. Erin watched the two approach the house with a look of despondency. "Well, well, well, Angel. You must need something to come all the way out here. What's wrong this time?" Erin asked as she made her way down the steps of the porch and met Danielle and the toddler in the walkway. "You always said you would take her, so, here! Take her! I can't do it anymore!" Danielle replied and pushed the toddler toward Erin. "I can't fucking do it anymore, OK?! She's better off here with you than with me. So take her," Danielle continued with a breath of exasperation. Danielle then took to her knee and turned the toddler to face her. She took her face in both of her hands and stroked the toddler's cheeks with her thumbs. After a final kiss on the child's forehead, Danielle rose to her feet and made fast for her vehicle, rummaging in the pocket of her tattered denim jacket for her car keys. Erin took up the toddler, dressed only in a Powerpuff Girls t-shirt and a diaper, and rested her on her right hip. She struggled to strum her fingers through the child's knotted and unkempt hair as she watched Danielle reenter the car. Danielle turned the key over in the ignition of the Cadillac de Ville several times before the engine of the car spluttered to life, and Danielle then quickly reversed out of the driveway and sped down the road, kicking up a trail of dust behind her. Erin traced her fingertips across the toddler's cheek with a weak smile and searched her face with her eyes. The toddler looked back at Erin with unfamiliarity and slotted her thumb into her mouth. "S'gonna be OK, Bella. Auntie Erin's gonna take care 'a you, sweetheart. You look hungry. You want Auntie Erin to make you something 'ta eat?" Erin asked the child, and the child responded with a quick nod of her head as she sucked on her thumb. Erin adjusted the toddler's weight on her hip and turned to carry her up the broken steps of the front porch of her house without sparing a glance to the swiftly disappearing vehicle in the distance.
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    The Dog Town Gangsters (DTG)1 is primarily, but not exclusively, a multi-generational, homegrown Hispanic street gang in the northern part of Rancho. They are primarily located on McDonald Street and Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, spreading to surrounding blocks. Although some of its members live in other parts of town, most grew up together in that particular neighborhood. As most seasoned members from the late '80s and early '90s were either incarcerated or had passed away in gang-related retaliation, the new generation is now on the verge of new beginnings with barely any guidance to build a structure around the gang itself. An increase of illegal criminal activity has skyrocketed within the Rancho neighborhood as an ongoing feud between rival gangs spiraled within close vicinity of each other. One of the most notable rivalries that have been documented is between the Dog Town Gangsters and the Rancho Tokers. It's known that they don't associate themselves as being under the 13 moniker unlike most Hispanic street-gangs and they are known to only associate with Sureños when behind bars. There are different theories on how the name of this gang came about since, at the time of its conception, many of the gangs were named after the streets within their respective neighborhoods. The Dog Town Gangsters were among the first Hispanic street-gangs to originate from the neighborhoods of South Central Los Santos. They refused to adopt the Sureño moniker in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In the 1980s, the Dog Town Gang controversially dropped the requirement of being Mexican American in order to get jumped in. The gang heavily recruited Central American migrants and war refugees from the Northern Triangle countries during this decade. Additionally, Mexican immigrants were recruited. In the neighborhoods of South Central Los Santos, it became relatively common to see white teenagers actively gang-banging for the Dog Town Gang. Members have been continuously active in Los Santos throughout their 20+ year-long history. They have traditionally sourced their income from narcotic distribution and gun-running, and have been heavily involved with turf wars between various Sureños, 18th Street, and all neighboring Crips and Bloods. In modern times, the Dog Town Gangsters consist of a small number of members, ranging from their early teens to their mid-twenties. The gang's recent activities around their neighborhood the past few years have established them as a gang with a dominant but small presence in its area. Dog Town is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Santos and it gained its name because of its proximity to the historic McDonald Street Animal Shelter whose canine residents could be heard for blocks around. Residents also coined the phrase due to a large population of stray dogs dating from the early 1980s. During the mid-'80s, members of the earlier generation of the Dog Town Gangsters would take some of these dogs to the neighborhood kennel where Maria Aguilar; a high ranking Dog Town Gangster members' mother would adopt them and breed them at her residence. It's rumored that Aguilar would sell these newly bred dogs to certain residents in the Rancho neighborhood for quick cash. Most of these residents would be members of the Dog Town Gangsters which is the cause of several reports during that time of members walking around the neighborhood with groups of pit-bulls. They would sometimes use these dogs against members of rival street-gangs and command them to chase them down and attack them as a second resort to shooting or beating them. As of 2020, the street gang has seen a steady growth of new members and even some sympathy and open support from residents of Rancho. Most new members of the street gang who have become known to the police through surveillance and arrests are between the ages of 16 and 20. The street gang, unlike many others within the neighborhood, seems to have a higher interest in recruiting young men and young women who are in their late teens and early 20s rather than youths who are still in childhood or early adolescence. It stands to reason that the street gang, through recruiting this relatively older age cohort, are looking for more experienced and hardened criminals to join their rank. Eighty percent of the set's current members are the nephews, nieces and cousins of former, retired, deceased and currently incarcerated Dog Town Gangsters members who gang-banged throughout the 1980s, 1990s and early to late 2000s. Dog Town Gangsters aren't to be confused with neighboring hoods such as the Jamestown Mafia whose one of the biggest known gangs in the area who occupy the Southside of Rancho whereas the Dog Town Gangsters occupy the Northside of Rancho. The two things these gangs share in common is their refusal to pay taxes to the Mexican Mafia and adopt the 13 moniker. In the earliest years of the set's existence, they rapidly recruited from the Hispanic American minority in the neighborhood while engaged in violent street warfare with the Rancho Tokers, a better established Sureño street gang in the locale. It's known to residents that this has been an on-and-off rivalry throughout the years due to both gangs being extremely territorial and sharing the same neighborhood. In recent years, the Rancho Tokers aren't as active as they used to be therefore there's been a huge spike in the Dog Town Gangsters' criminal activity within the area. They are known to sport apparel by the Oakland Raiders (formerly known as the Los Angeles Raiders). Members of the Dog Town Gangsters also adopted apparel by the Greenbay Packers as their symbol and are known to sport green & black as their primary color(s). In the mid-2000s, the street gang saw an increase in activity as local African American youths joined for protection in order to avoid harassment, physical assaults, robberies, and murder by the local Latino American populace, a little under half of whom were members of the Rancho Tokers or the Locotes. This increase in local African American youths joining for protection has steadily picked up the pace once again, especially throughout a five year period from late 2012 and into early 2020. Therefore, it isn't uncommon to spot African American individuals representing Dog Town Gangsters as fully-fledged members. The Dog Town Gangsters recruit new members through family relations to past members or through finding troubled adolescents and young adults in local schools or out in the streets. Members of the Dog Town Gang source their illegal revenue from crime such as drug dealing, gun dealing and the extortion of small family-owned businesses in South Central Los Santos. Some of the senior members have overseen the fraud and money laundering activities of the set over the decades, especially when the set was a lot larger than it is today. Small businesses within Rancho were always used for crime. The sale of hard drugs happens in all small businesses in the neighborhood and the small business owners are extorted into allowing this to happen. In the past, small business owners who refused to comply were always threatened with extreme violence and/or death. Nowadays, this isn't as prevalent ever since the introduction of social media platforms. Taboo crimes such as rape and sexual assault are prohibited by the set. Members of the Dog Town Gangsters throughout its over twenty-year-long history who have been found out to be rapists or sexual assailants have been killed through being beaten, stabbed or shot. However, there are no rules against the verbal and physical abuse of girls and young women. Girls and young women who are recruited into the set either do so at their own will or are often coerced through psychological manipulation and/or verbal and physical abuse. Girls and young women in the set and outside of it who date boys and young men from the set are the victims of routine abuse and domestic violence, which is often publicly perpetrated without any intervention on behalf of their own personal safety and well being. In the past and present, members of the Dog Town Gangsters who have accidentally killed innocent women and children in walk-up shootings and drive-by shootings have been disciplined by fellow gang-members as part of the set's rule against criminal violence towards innocent women and children. The only members of the Dog Town Gangsters who are allowed to murder rivals who are adolescent girls and young women are adolescent girls and young women from within the set themselves.
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    This thread is dedicated to showcasing the character development of Waylon Mullins.
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    Rae XXlll - Harmonie Might Have Shooters; Rae Scared
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    Oh, lots of questions to answer, I will do my best to answer them all! 1 & 2: Text-based Light-RP servers are never something I've really delved into, so I will have to take your word for that one. I can't really answer the question further than that. 3: Stricter rules, well it depends on what rules, but as an example, more cracking down on people ass-pulling AKs, can be one example of it. Metagaming having a clearer and a severer consequence, in certain RP servers using discord voice-chats to coordinate and attacks and so on is allowed, but here, we have a stricter rule policy against such things. 4. Some Medium RP servers, I've seen lose punishments on Powergaming, as an example - *John Doe throws Jane Doe into the trunk of his car and shuts it. On some Medium RP servers even as this is a great example of power gaming on John's part, and even if he continues doing this repeatedly at worst he will get an A-jail, not saying all, but some servers do have this way of dealing out punishments. 5. High and Heavy standards are one and the same, it means that the standards put on players are well high, these standards are often followed with a greater trust of players as well. Players are expected to follow and know the rules and definitions of terms such as metagaming, powergaming, etc, etc. Not just that, but they are also expected to be able to properly roleplay fear and things as such in an appropriate and believable fashion. 6. Medium Roleplay servers almost always tend to have some players that barely know the rules, and roleplay as such, often poor character portrayal and things of that nature, but they also often have some really fantastic roleplayers, that do all of these things above and beyond. As my mention to where on certain servers/communities there are areas of their maps where nobody goes because they know it is just going to be a DM-fest. 7. Of course, you can, but it's often rare because if you enforce them to the same extent you do on heavy-RP servers, the population tends to dry up rather quickly. 8. Heavy RP does not HAVE to be realistic, but often cases it is. I mean, there are some great Heavy-RP StarWars servers and communities as one example. More often than not though, these heavy-RP servers are attempts of recreating a society similar to what we have In-real-life, GTA-W is an example of this. It can never truly be 1:1 realism because most people do not enjoy RPing paying taxes and things of that nature. 9. Good roleplay is of course not objective, it is really depending on the person. Detailed RP has a place and a time, and in certain aspects, detailed RP can be better than none detailed RP, but then there is pointless detail, like people writing a 1000 character word /Me for simply taking a sip of their drink. Good RP, in my opinion, is a well-developed character, someone that you could believably see in-real-life, and someone whose actions you can logically explain, this, of course, mixed in with proper usage of /Me's, /do's and /my's in the mix. There are some fantastic examples of people with roleplay such as this here on GTA-W. Hopefully that gives you some insight into what I meant, if not, feel free to just ask me again, I am more than happy to respond!
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    this one I can answer easily - the quality of roleplay done by a player is defined by their capability of making the character realistic. For example, being unrealistic is something like having a lacking backstory with lack of explanation behind having so much assets at a young age - 18-28. Creating a character to buy a fancy car and be a rich young person is easy sure, but it's not really considered to be quality role-play without first showing a decent effort put into it's backstory or in it's build up. Another example is 'I became rich by mining.' sure, it pays but it's hardly qualitative or realistic. A realistic and qualitative way of RP'ing would include your characters backstory, the characters flaws like good and bad traits which should be developed either through actual RP or through a decent backstory that has valid reasoning for it.. for GTA:World a big thing would be how the character has come by so many assets if that's the case and so on. Quality roleplay = realistic thinking, common sense, rule abiding and sadly but honestly true, general understanding and capability to type in the servers chosen language. Short /me's can often be just as good as long /me's. They don't make any such difference. Detail looks great but I could just as well make an RP using a toilet out of a /me followed by 4 /do extensions look worse than a few short /me's. It's generally a preference really. I personally mix and match depending on the events going on in my characters presence. It's a really great question tbh, hope my answer was good for you!
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    it's alright... no, its one of the best tho
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    Name: Gokillyourself Comment: Most retarded post ever, whoever wrote this should jump off a cliff since as a typical news provider they twist shit.