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  1. 1998 Bravado Recursion Beautiful 98' Bravado Recursion with a three liter V6 engine, naturally aspired, meaning no turbo. Car is ridiculously fast, for a naturally aspired engine. Although, that does not mean that a turbo cannot be fit on it. It comes with a not so standard sports package, meaning that its suspension is lowered by factory and has unique Recaro bucket seats, even though that the car is a automatic transmision, it shifts quickly. I am willing to let it go for 53,000$, nothing more nothing less. Has a whole month of insurance left and custom tables.
  2. UPDATE: Apartment has been sold. ((L&A))
  3. Leave all of your contact information into my e-mail and I'll get back with you unless someone outbids you.
  4. Update: Captain's bid has been withdrawn, still for sale.
  5. Current bid. Will keep it open for a day again before sealing the deal.
  6. Current bid. Keeping it open for twenty-four hours more before sealing the deal.
  7. Current bid, will still keep it open for 48 hours.
  8. Current bid as for now. Will keep it up for 48 hours before sealing the deal.
  9. Yes, I am not playing SAMP anymore, I don't want to be forced into a animation as soon as I get downed, that age has certainly passed, its time for ragdolls.
  10. Noted; will still keep it up for any bigger offers than this.
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