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  1. good run, this shit was hard 🔥 got to give niggas their props
  2. thats against the rules whats ur point, thats against ROE and no good faction on the server allows it so hows that an excuse to allow yakuza rp which is 9/10 times terribley portrayed.
  3. disagree with main post apart from for fb ads, the ads u see for businesses when scrolling should have an option to be bought with ingame money too even if it costs a lot of ingame money
  4. post exterior pics and will consider buying
  5. Whos gonna be the correctional officers? You can't expect SD to do it, and if someone makes a fac for it (which nobody would cuz its boring) then that fac would be inactive asf and thered by nobody manning the prison. RPing in county jail is the best alternative.
  6. facts, ive literally never heard shit like rap at a club ingame before its always tiktok songs or some shits
  7. this can just be fixed when the new money update drops by taxing people on their banked money a lot
  8. Username: 6a6ymurdKerComment: darksideK NIGGAS NOT BUILT LIKE US
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