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  1. As someone who's been mainly roleplaying Asian characters, first and up to third generations, there's really not that much Asian characters in comparison to other ethnicities despite the fact Los Angeles has a good margin of them. I don't think the topic is about what ethnicity someone roleplays as, but more like what kind of roleplay they do with that character.
  2. * Name: Dennis Chua * Phone number: 65394551 * Email: [email protected] Comment: I would like to view the property. Very interested in acquiring it. Please get back to me.
  3. +1, I want to kiss my homies.
  4. Albany Primo and Cheval Picador have both been sold. Only the Dinka Double-T remains for sale. Drop your offers below along with your contact number. Bidding will end 24 hours after the latest bidder fails to be outbidded.
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