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Found 5 results

  1. "If it's the last thing that I gotta do, if it's the last point that I gotta prove, to my fuckin squad I'ma keep it true and represent the gang till I'm restin in a tomb" - Young Dopey Left to right; Florencia Echegoyen, 2015 @ Decker Park before MS13 RICO indictment ~ Florencia Echegoyen, 2020 @ Lindsay Park after release from Bollingbroke State Pen BACKSTORY: Florencia Echegoyen a/k/a La Greñas was a W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang member, originally born into a mid-end family in West Los Santos; a couple of them being affiliated to the W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 themselves. Florencia Echegoyen was a good girl up until she was 14, when she was placed under the observacione role within W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13; meaning she was being observed for membership status. She became a chequeo at the age of 15, ironically being the same year that the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Los Santos Police Department RICO indicted countless W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 affiliates, her being one of them. She was sent to a juvenile detention center where she was officially inducted as a member of the transnational criminal organization at 16 years old by other young affiliates, and was given a 13 second beatdown to get jumped into the gang; in private away from juvenile security. At the age of 15; Florencia Echegoyen and several other Mareras jumped a rival female gang member from Drifters 13, where it resulted in Florencia Echegoyen hanging the rival female with a rope; essentially lynching her. This is where Florencia Echegoyen's street name; La Greñas comes into play, since it translates to "Tangle", and the rope tangled multiple times during the lynching; Florencia Echegoyen's homegirls nicknamed her La Greñas. Once Florencia Echegoyen hit 18 years old, she was officially transferred to the women's facility of Bollingbroke State Penitentiary where she served a remaining 17 months before being released back into the general population. Once released back into the public, she spent roughly two years in the W/S Mara Salvatrucha doing countless things to keep ship afloat, until Gabriella "Feisty" Delgado was released after being made keyholder of MS in the state of San Andreas. Once "Feisty" Delgado became the acting keyholder, just before her reigns came to an end she gave Florencia the go ahead to walk away from the W/S Mara Salvatrucha. After walking away from MS13, Florencia got deeper into the underworld of Organized Crime instead of going legit. In her mind, getting away from MS13, and removing the tattoos; were only going to help her go far in the underworld. Due to being a woman in a man's world, her Mexican uncle from the Badiraguato region of Sinaloa helped line up a connection for her to get in touch with some people, and directed her to the most infamous street crew under the Border Brothers 22 in San Andreas; Blood Money Inc. Anything used in character from this thread will be reported, as it'll be considered metagaming. Everything on this thread, pictures and backstory are for the aesthetic and vibe and also to give people a short little insight to Florencia Echegoyen's life.
  2. Born and raised in the West Side, Little Seoul, Los Santos, YADIEL AYALA aka TALKER, was exposed to the street violence, drug abuse and poverty from an younge age. Comming from a central american household, his mother being Guatemalan and his father Salvadoran, Yadiel felt the racism against hispanic community, he would see how people looked at him and his parents when they walked on the street . Even in school, there were teachers who would discriminate him for the way he looked, he dressed, for being poor and latino. This events made Yadiel to resent school, but he never tought of dropping out. Selena, his mother, who was drug addict, spending her most of the time under influence of Heroine and Oxicodone, tried to offer Yadiel a good education, but could never give up on her habits. In one instance, when he was 10, Yadiel, had to witness his mother overdosing on Black Tar, fortunately he called 911 and saved his mother's life that night. His father, on the other hand, a US Army Private, was an alcoholic, who would constantly abuse, both, Yadiel and Selena, being merciless when beating them up. In one night, his parents were comming from a party in South Central, Yadiel's father being drunk, ended up causing a chain accident on Calais Avenue. That night both of Yadiel's parents died, leaving the 12 years old kid an orphan. After his parents' passing, young Yadiel, has been institutionalized, Child Protective Services took him into their custody and sent him across the country, in Liberty City, where for one year he spent his life with his russian Foster parents. It was in this times, that Yadiel, became more and more violent, picking up fights in school and on the streets of Broker, LC. Seeing his behavior, his first foster parents sent him away in a CPS youth rehabilitation center. In this center, Yadiel, was, once again, marginalized for being a latino and on top that, being of South American descent. In one reported istance, in his two years inside the center, Yadiel started fight with another juvenile after he was called various racials slurs. This fight left Yadiel with a scar over his right eyebrow and a missing tooth. At 15 years old, Yadiel was sent to a foster home in Denver, Colorado, from where he later ran away, landing back again in Little Seoul, Los Santos. In Ktown, Yadiel reunited with his cousin, Antony Cardenal, also known as Ghost, a notorious MS13 member. The duo met at a gas station on Calais Avenue, where Ayala took a part time job. After a long talk, Antony advised Yadiel to get in contact with Xiomara "La Zombie" Coreas, the Shotcaller of the local Mara Salvatrucha clique. Said and done, Yadiel introduced himself, and was shortly put on the street to sell drugs for the gang. Months would pass by, Yadiel becoming more and more active in gang business, bringing more money in week by week. On one instance, after running low on cash, Yadiel accepted a contract to kill a David Smokes employee, believed to have ties with the Russian Mafia. He managed to pass the mission, being paid $50.000 by an unknown contractor. After getting the money, Yadiel, paid La Zombie $45.000, impressed by this, she then put the young teenager under observation for a couple of months, and gave him his street name Talker. After these events, after a neighbor alerted the gang of LSPD's presence in Little Seoul, Yadiel's cousin, Ghost, was arrested for armed robbery, facing a lot of years behind bars. Hearing of a potential witness in his cousin's case, Yadiel and a MS13 member, Omar "Bully" West, hunted and killed the key witness inside Rob's Liquor Store in Vespucci Canals. Ghost was soon after released from custody, and returned back in Ktown. This action impressed the MS13 shotcallers, Yadiel got jumped in the gang, becoming a member of Palomino Lokotes. Leaving LS Things took an ugly turn for both Talker, and his gang, Palomino Locos Salvatruchos. First, Yadiel has been arrested and charged with Drug Trafficking after a sting operation planned by the LSPD. He ended up serving one year in the Twin Tower Correctional Facility. Soon after his release, his gang leader, Zombie, ended up dead after a shootout with the LSPD, a death that would take a 180 degrees turn on the gang's future, a lot of the members skipping town. There is none left in the Little Seould Clique of Mara Salvatruchas except Yadiel and Zombie's husband, Bandit. The latter ending up catching a case for double murder. Seeing that everyone around him is either dead, missing or behind bars, Talker decides to skip town, himself. The 19years old went for the East Coast, hiding in Atlanta, Georgia. The comeback On the run, alone and left with no money, Talker decides, to finally make a comeback in his old neighborhood, trying to get back on his feet. (...to be continued)
  3. Necessary tunes... Somewhere in Incheon - 1975 We turn the clock ever further back to 1971 in our next installment...
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