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  1. 1998 Bravado Recursion Beautiful 98' Bravado Recursion with a three liter V6 engine, naturally aspired, meaning no turbo. Car is ridiculously fast, for a naturally aspired engine. Although, that does not mean that a turbo cannot be fit on it. It comes with a not so standard sports package, meaning that its suspension is lowered by factory and has unique Recaro bucket seats, even though that the car is a automatic transmision, it shifts quickly. I am willing to let it go for 53,000$, nothing more nothing less. Has a whole month of insurance left and custom tables.
  2. Coldman321


    I don't see the issue with people running around to get a advantage before striking.
  3. UPDATE: Apartment has been sold. ((L&A))
  4. Coldman321


    Which is what I said, you either have some sort of disease to think that you can write a /me casually mid fight. It's better to do a run punch combo to end a fight under a minute, than to run around and wait for the other party to make a mistake so you can capitalize on. Because let's face it. Just like RP fighting via /flipcoin, neither party wants to lose.
  5. Coldman321


    I agree to this. This update is down horrendously bad. It takes way too long to knock out someone, now its just waiting for someone to make the mistake to get knocked out, and frankly the run punch spam made fights WAY shorter and enjoyable! Edit: People saying to write /me's mid brawl are just saying that you should take an L, because writing stuff mid brawl is just a way to lose a fight. If you are even gonna write /me's mid brawl, why do you even engage in a script fight? 🤨
  6. Leave all of your contact information into my e-mail and I'll get back with you unless someone outbids you.
  7. I will only agree on the fact that bodies to float, and only that. I personally don't mind that the body despawns because, I personally had way too many altercations that ended where I had to dump said corpses in the water and they dissapeared. I would've just roleplay that the waves took the body away and or that it sunk. Simple as is, this is mostly just for more roleplay purposes, mainly for LEO's. Edit: A /CIM for burying someone would be much more appreciated than this, IMO. I would prefer to bury someones corpse than to throw them in the water.
  8. Update: Captain's bid has been withdrawn, still for sale.
  9. Current bid. Will keep it open for a day again before sealing the deal.
  10. Current bid. Keeping it open for twenty-four hours more before sealing the deal.
  11. Current bid, will still keep it open for 48 hours.
  12. Current bid as for now. Will keep it up for 48 hours before sealing the deal.
  13. Yes, I am not playing SAMP anymore, I don't want to be forced into a animation as soon as I get downed, that age has certainly passed, its time for ragdolls.
  14. Noted; will still keep it up for any bigger offers than this.
  15. One bedroom apartment close to the local area known as K-Town in Little Seoul, has a spacious kitchen and living room area aswell as a bathroom. Apartment is located in a well-known complex in the area and is located at a area where crime rate is little to none. Starting bid is: 95,000$. Minimum bid increase is: 10,000$. Buyout is: 320,000$. Leave bids below, if you are a serious buyer and want to contact me about this peice of fine property make sure to drop me a e-mail message onto my e-mail: [email protected] ((Forum PM me)) ((OOC Information))
  16. support, atleast change it to 2005. If you are gonna make a 2010 one? Use the S class W221 as a example. I fully agree on that.
  17. Got you. I will give you a call tonight around 9-10. Make sure you don't sell it.
  18. 90k, if you agree I'm taking it tonight.
  19. Great, I'll give you a call around 10 or 9.
  20. 25 right now, give me your digits and i will buy it tonight.
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