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  1. Osito better be there still
  2. @SelfMedicated did him so dirty with that lmao 👍
  3. Yes, and it draws in the mob of ex-isreali commando lesbian characters with neon colored hair and security jobs when you say it
  4. We have a special term for these types of people. It's forbidden to say on threads.
  5. Any area in the far South where you see a group posted up is probably a gang's spot, just as a tip. Anything from Chamberlain Hills to El Burro. Basically anywhere East of the trash job location. Vespucci (the beach on the west side of the city) also has a gang or two. If you look closely at walls around these mentioned areas, you might see a question mark next to them, and that will usually tell you what gang is in that area depending on what the marker says. Just have to learn from mistakes as they happen. Everyone that's on this server was just as new as you are at one point in time, so 9 times out of 10 you can PM them or even just ask IG, and they'll help you if they can.
  6. only time guns get pulled is when someone pulls a knife, escalation is a bitch. lol
  7. I know I had this problem once in the past, but i can't remember how i fixed it. I think i contacted customer support about it and found an answer on there.
  8. Do you have any mods installed? There might be conflicting ones
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