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  1. People can be braindead when it comes to snitching on here the majority of the time. The amount of times I've witnessed someone get robbed at a gang hood, go across the road and call the police right in front of the gang that robbed them is pretty ridiculous.
  2. Waited 5 hours with a group of 4 about a week or two ago for a break in request with staff coming on and off duty and never got a response. Just depends on if they want to answer or not, really. Put a report up every hour as a reminder and every single one was trashed and we were told to be patient. Across the board fuckery lol
  3. 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不
  4. Exactly what the subject title asks. I understand most people are more comfortable RPing a character with a similar culture to what they have in real life, but it feels like a self insert most of the time. This is something that shows up on every side of the spectrum. Police calling people "mate", every OC/street thug being the old-country cousin of a criminal which for some reason immediately means they're fine with being a criminal as well once they come to LS, just to name a few. For the average foreigner civilian, With the reputation LS would have, it'd be like willingly moving to Juarez Mexico and then complaining about the crime going on around you like you wouldn't already know about it beforehand. Not telling anyone how to play, just wondering if anyone else sees it as kind of stupid.
  5. gangs pimp out women all the time, it's not poor portrayal. What would be poor portrayal is playing a prostitute that does said "job" for fun or enjoys said work. Watch any soft white under belly video involving prostitutes, they rarely have anything decent to say about it.
  6. Limit this specifically to glocks, if this is usable on any pistol, you might as well just add the AP Pistol once it's slapped onto a heavy pistol.
  7. Keeping the streets hot, keep it up.
  8. Anyone that wears cat ears. Please stop.
  9. Dustyboi

    Map changes

    This. All the shops in the Davis Mall are locked as well; meaning you can't do anything inside the mall if you wanted to.
  10. Low rider car meets. Normal car meets are okay, but some of the low riders can look WAY nicer than the typical sports cars and muscle cars. Even though these were usually Sureno oriented from what I've seen in the past, they were usually peaceful aside from one or two times.
  11. This is a little extreme imo. It's hard enough getting a property and it's easier to grab one when you can before it's taken. As for vehicles, it should restrict what they can buy under a certain amount of hours.
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