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  1. Depends on the vehicle as far as I know. Some seem to drain faster than others. This also depends how fast you're going on an average ride.
  2. What I find funny, is that legal RPers think they actually know something about crimes that illegal RPers are committing.
  3. By turf camping, it's just that. Sitting in one spot on a block WAITING for something to pop off. Atm I think it's at a somewhat healthy state where it's patrolling cruisers rather than them sitting idle at every corner. At least from what I've noticed lately, anyway. It's different when it comes to a time of injunction versus a 24/7 presence.
  4. CVTF lived through two injunctions, so it shows how ineffective they can be. Imo the police need to implement RICO cases if they don't have them already. Even if that's a big step of power, I think it would drastically change how gangs operate if you want them to simmer down.
  5. Great addition to the server from what little experience I've had with being sent here. Whoever mapped the interior deserves a huge s/o too
  6. No, like an ACTUAL plane. What would bomb squad need a Cessna for?
  7. Like the plane they have and never use 👀
  8. Already on lock, no need for good luck 👍
  9. @Vulcar @Captain @Writer @iGhoul @PeterPergo @spotemgotem @Vindus and a few others that I don't remember the forum names of.
  10. The LTD was the hot spot for RP of all kinds. More action per shift if you work there than anywhere else, but people couldn't handle driving to Davis without 200k+ sports cars smh
  11. I think blaine should have certain rules with open carrying on your own property. Like if you're sitting on your property with a shotgun at night, it shouldn't be a big issue and might prevent people from choosing you or those around you as a target. ON YOUR PROPERTY.
  12. Almost like they have 90% of their actions are RPed out for them already. When it comes to removing/equipping a weapon from their vehicle, spike strips, ect. You have radios, usage of voip, and helicopters. If you're worried about the time it would take to RP it out, just position yourself in advance and communicate. If a suspect goes a different route then what you expected, then you just get back into the pursuit with the other 30 officers.
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