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  1. For sale A beautiful 2018 Buffalo Hellhound. Comes with the complete perfomance package and has several days of insurance left, comes with approx. 830.81 miles on the odometer. Starting bid: 120,000$ Buyout: 182,000$ Not taking anything under the starting bid! Leave your contact information underneath with the bid!
  2. I don't know if you are considered for a trade, but I have a similar vehicle to this; A Ubermacht Seraph. It's in pristine condition as to this one; I would offer you it and 90 grand. Which is a total of what you are looking for. Let me know if you are interested as I am serious for this vehicle.
  3. Wethever you do not believe me or not, but this is me. Yes, I am the man in the suit standing next to the Japanese voice actor himself, Takaya Kuroda.
  4. Seasoned player since 2014 here. I've had my fair share of roleplay experiences on LS-RP and have played several different characters and several different ways of developing them. It is true, the gang roleplay scene on GTA:W does not come close to the majority of gangs that used to be on LSRP. I've had way too much fun roleplaying a gang on LSRP than here.
  5. UPDATE: Car finally found a new and satisfied owner. ((L&A))
  6. still current bid, if still interested let me know.
  7. I have a Maibatsu Penumbra if you are interested? Comes with various exterior upgrades, nothing too crazy just things done with appropriate style.
  8. 2011 Benefactor Serrano Beautiful example of a Benefactor Serrano for sale, has been bought from the factory brand new. Comes with the highest trim of equipment possible (can be seen just from the bodykit, the specific badging of the engine on the sides) Has a set of beautiful 20'' rims on it, the tires are brand new too, comes with new insurance that'll be renewed for the buyer. Car has low mileage considering the condition the vehicle is, comes with a limited edition bodykit and engine that was built in limited numbers. Starting bid is 70,000$. Buyout is at 80,000$.
  9. If you still possess the vehicle, I could purchase it for 80,000$.
  10. Preferably in a good condition, mileage does not matter as much. Must have some sort of form of equipment, engine tuned or whatever. Leave your offers down below, if you wish to speak to me in private feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] ((Forum PM me))
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