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Found 2 results

  1. The "Yard-Line" is an alliance between two predominantly African-American street gangs in Los Santos, the W/S Vespucci Shoreline Crips, and the W/S School Yard Crips. 1. W/S Vespucci Shoreline Crips The W/S Vespucci Shoreline Crips (VSLC), also referred to as the Far West (F/W) Vespucci Shoreline Crips, is a gang based between Vespucci, Los Santos. The area is dubbed Ghost Town by members of the gang. It was founded in the late 1960s, inspired by the Black Power movements during the time. They were founded amongst the original Crip gangs formed by "Tookie" Williams and Raymond Lee Washington, and they were actually recruited into the Crip card personally by the co-founder, Raymond Lee Washington and "No Talk" McCain, from the Rollin' 100s. They went through a variety of names like the Ghost Town Crips. During the late-1960s and early-1970s, the area was commonly referred to as the Servants Zone, due to the fact that it housed a variety of low-income families that were well beneath the poverty line. Shortly after, the crime-rate began sky-rocketing, as many people took to violence, and gang violence in an effort to make ends meet. Nowadays they aren't as large as their former self, yet the Shoreline Crips are still active and seen occupying Vespucci on a day-to-day basis. In the 1980s, the crack-cocaine epidemic tore up Western Los Santos. This left the areas separated and divided between the Shoreline Crips, School Yard Crips, Asian Boyz Crips, Sons of Samoa Gangster Crips, Vespucci 13, Vespucci Wah Ching, Goma 13, Supreme Black Nation, Armenian Power 13, and different White Power groups throughout Vespucci, Del Perro, and Morningwood. Sometime in the mid-1990s, the Mexican Mafia negotiated a truce in the area between neighboring Sureño gangs, most notable between Vespucci 13 and Culver City Boys 13. This led to the development of rivalries between the numerous Latino gangs and the Shoreline Crips. Despite their Crip affiliation, they are involved with numerous feuds against other Crip gangs such as the Playboy Gangster Crips, Graveyard Gangster Crips, Mansfield Gangster Crips, Grape Street Watts Crips, and the Rollin' 60s Neighborhood Crips. Later on in the late-2000s, the Shoreline Crips negotiated a ceasefire with Vespucci 13 which has been in effect ever since. Members of the two gangs still fight amongst each other but have still developed a close business relationship during the ceasefire. The two share the same community day or "hood-day" where they celebrate their peace, culture, and pride. It is a different landscape from what you normally see at the promenade on polished Prosperity Street just a few blocks away. The Vespucci Shoreline Crips developed a close alliance with the School Yard Crips, coined the "Yard-Line" alliance. This naturally bought them a close alliance with the Geer Gang Crips, West Boulevard Crips, Rollin' 30s Harlem Crips, and the Rollin' 40s Neighborhood Crips. The Shoreline Crips are a powerful street gang involved in numerous criminal activities ranging from drug trafficking, murder, assault, auto theft, burglary, extortion, fraud, and armed robbery. Like many other gangs, the Shoreline Crips have taken to sports teams and other apparel to represent their set and gang. They are known for wearing the following; St. Louis Cardinals - The LS is used to represent Shoreline. New York Yankees - The Y is used to represent the Yard-Line alliance. Washington Nationals - The W is used to represent the Westside. Oakland Athletics - The A is modified to stand upside down, used to represent Vespucci. South Carolina Gamecocks - The SC is used to represent Shoreline Crip. 2. W/S School Yard Crips The W/S School Yard Crips, also known as the School Yard Crip Gang (SYCG) or simply "Yank Mob", is a street gang founded in the early 1970s, which took on the Crip moniker in the early 1980s. They were among one of the first Crip gangs to engage in Crip-on-Crip warfare against the Mansfield Gangster Crips. Their feud with the Mansfield Gangster Crips dates back to the mid-1960s when the Mansfield Gangster Crips were named the Mansfield Hustlers and neither gang had taken on the Crip moniker. The School Yard Crips are located in Vespucci, Los Santos though members of the School Yard Crips have named their area "Mid-Town". While members of the "4800 Blocc" clique reside in Vespucci, members of the "2800 Blocc" clique have taken up residency in Little Seoul due to their dominating control over the Decker Skate Park (World on Wheels). The Decker Skate Park (World on Wheels) was considered one of the most popular skate parks among gang-related youths in Los Santos. It is located on Rockford Drive and Decker Street. The territory is tagged by many neighboring gangs but is claimed by the School Yard Crips. The park attracted gangs from all around Los Santos but fortunately, the list of gangs that the park attracted enlisted of many School Yard Crip allies such as the Geer Gang Crips, West Blvd Crips, and the Vespucci Shoreline Crips. Unfortunately, it also attracted many rival gangs such as the Grape Street Watts Crips, Eight Tray Gangster Crips, Playboy Gangster Crips, Marvin Gangster Crips, Mansfield Gangster Crips, and the Rollin' 60s Neighborhood Crips. Eventually, the Neighborhood Crip civil-war between the Rollin' 40s and the Rollin' 60s landed both the Rollin' 30s Original Harlem Crips, and the Rollin' 40s Neighborhood Crips in the mutual alliance with the School Yard Crips, Geer Gang Crips, West Blvd Crips, and the Vespucci Shoreline Crips who are now all cliqued up to fight alongside each other against their combined list of enemies. Members of the School Yard Crip gang have taken to wearing St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, and Washington Nationals-affiliated attire. These logos are used to pay homage to their gang, by using the St. Louis Cardinals to represent Little Seoul, New York Yankees to represent "Yard", and the Washington Nationals to represent (W/S) West Side.
  2. [00:23] whackin out the treys, i be mobbin with the locs. said he finna slide, but this pussy really choked. he aint with the shits, so I really made him fold. i be with the gang, and they know im ten toes. blammin with the cros, we made em pussies froze, keep my fuckin blower, i aint trustin all these hoes, imma get the pussy, then pass it to the bros, y'already know the code. [00:45] aye fuck them whiteboys, BLMK, u was talkin tough, but u wouldn't run a fade, u should pipe down, and just stay in yo lane, you could get cropped, and u right inna frame. onna gang. [00:57] i aint tryna stop, I'll really let it bang, i been stackin guap, and im really with the gang. Shoreline crippin, twin teccin, hittin stains. she just made ten bands, just for givin brain. she been shakin' ass, so you know we made it rain. young wild steppas, we dangerous wit'them thangs, young wild steppas, we dangerous wit'them kays, onna gang. [01:21] imma take mines, I been coolin with that weapon posted in yo section, I just copped a smith & wesson, pussies on some shit, with that paperwork, they fessin. i aint finna trip, but I was raised around these crips. known for chasin bags, but i could get it out a bitch. break a brick down, then i gotta leave the strip. then i double back, cause im really bout my chips. they wanna knock me off, cause they know that im the shit, aint fuckin with these crackers, these pussies could get ritz'ed. we just left em holy, cause my shooters never miss, he cryin jesus christ, now he talkin with a lisp. [01:55] big homie status, you know I got it made shoreline crippin, you know it check the wave, 18 karat diamonds, got chains on like a slave. im a big steppa, so you know im switchin lanes, akatsuki with my homies, cause u know we bringin pain. and i know u hate it, but this is just the game. really bout my crips, give a fuck about the fame. onna gang!
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