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  1. Like bro, i've fist fighted an opposing gang member, theyve dissed us via graffiti in some shitty alley in the middle of nowere at 2am, and now I can't take it IC because someone walked up to it and did /cim 7 le black paint covor it. Like come on bruh. We try to keep the shootings low (even if we have an IC reason to shoot), and do harmless passive RP like graffiti, but killing the graffiti RP is like you don't want that.
  2. ^ Id find that cool too, but in most cases it's people doing a /cim of "black paint covers the tags" and sometimes literally with no RP. And it happens in MINUTES of me putting it up, like come on man? How are you telling me to keep it IC? Bro? bRo???? brOo???????
  3. Koreatown IRL is a fairly big place, ingame it's very small and so when you try to RP graffiti removal it ends up with every single CIM having another placed over it, and i've seen myself people not even RPing the cim, so you can understand it gets annoying and at a certain point can't be taken IC. It's the equivelant of me saying IRL there are a lot of robberies in Koreatown, so I then get ingame and rob EVERY person I can find without fail.
  4. I agree, the only issue in this IMO is really the speed and scale of the removals which gets unrealistic and annoying OOCly, glad you can understand instead of taking it as a personal attack or being defensive.
  5. extremely militant area where people get beaten by locals just for being wrong shade of Asian - george 2021
  6. I respect that. Take a chill pill man! Take a breather, Powley is very understanding and he's actually someone who can make a difference in this issue, unlike you.
  7. Exactly our threads can be checked, i'm not sure if he was referring to pulling guns or spraypainting or what but as far as i know nobody in any fac i've been in copy pastes /me's for any purpose. We should try focus on the issue i'm proposing instead of refuting it and hitting back with something people think the other side does, this isn't intended to be an argument.
  8. If that happens in any faction i'm in i'd speak on it to the members, this isn't a personal attack where i'm gonna call out anything I can think of, i'm talking about this specific problem. I didn't say it should be more hispanic than asian, I was referring to your reference of IRL Koreatown.
  9. Thats the point, they do it every few minutes, and go on a witch-hunt for information markers, ive seen people just do the /cim of covering it up with no rp and walk off, i'm just not the type to report over petty things like that as i'd have to be doing a new report every day if I did that. Surely you see where we're coming from?
  10. It gets to a point where it's silly, if I do a CIM now in the most discrete alley i can find, it'll be covered up within MINUTES, not an hour, like 40 minutes tops, surely you can begin to agree that's annoying on an OOC level?
  11. Thats because u live in serbia where people get carbombed, we're talking about Ktown where theres more Hispanics than Koreans and there's graffiti everywhere, effectively making the place a shithole in certain parts of it. You guys seem to be missing the point that i'm saying it's annoying that EVERY tag gets covered up within minutes, i'm not arguing that you should never cover up any tag again, but the rate at which it's done effectively makes the whole of little seoul completely graffiti free every few minutes, which hinders gang rp. It's like you want us to only DM and escalate fist fights to shootings instantly instead of going back and forth with graffiti and keeping things calm.
  12. I agree if it's on a business, but if it's on a random wall somewhere I don't see the justification, it gets unrealistic when it's covered up within minutes-hours. I'm not disputing graffiti being covered up ever, I can also show you pictures of Ktown with graffiti plastered everywhere, that wont go anywhere and it'll just be a back and forth. It gets unrealistic when everyone in K-town does this every day/hour/few minutes WITHOUT FAIL. Surely you see where i'm coming from? From an OOC standpoint it gets unrealistic.
  13. You're not thinking of this on a larger scale. Little Seoul easily has hundreds of active players go through it a day, as it's a hotspot of the server. Many of these are gang rpers that go back and forth (very common irl and never gets removed) wall-banging and crossing eachothers tags out and dissing eachother via graffiti. This is almost ESSENTIAL to Gang RP. People always complain about gang rpers resorting to shooting too much, but when we wanna do harmless wall-banging rp with eachother it gets covered up EVERY DAY, if not every hour, without fail. This is the opposite of realistic. Nobodys going out of their way to do this IRL unless it's on their business, and it's really killing wall banging rp since before any opposing gang sees it some 20 yr old korean comes and covers it up with black paint. Residents of Koreatown IRL wouldn't do this, as they're used to the graffiti, and it's pointless and time consuming to keep doing it when it's everywhere. But since ingame we're limited to 1 CIM at a time and the only effort it takes to cover it up is /cim 7 black paint covers the tag, everybody does it, ruining the feeling of the enivorment for factions in and surrounding the area. I'd understand if it was a city cleaning career (which would have to be toned down too so they don't get unrealistic and kill tag banging rp too) , but these are civillians, sometimes minors, sometimes literal mobsters that shouldn't care, but almost always people that have no reason to do it. To you, it doesn't matter, to gang rpers it's one of the main forms of RP and a way for us to avoid dm wars.
  14. Opening this as a genuine question to the people (civillians/illegal facs) that go around covering every graffiti /cim they find with "It has been covered up with black paint". I'd could beat around the bush but I'll be straight forward and say ive only ever really seen this in Little Seoul. Wont even mention IRL LA and tell you about how theres graffiti everywhere in the area it's based off, even if we go off purely IC knowledge it's been a heavily gang infested area for the past 2 OOC years. What incentive does your character have to be covering up every tag they see, especially since some of these characters doing this are in their early 20's or even teens, or are literal mob underbosses, even if you're a regular civillian, you shouldn't really care. Posting this to get some insight, don't turn this into trolling, I'm just genuinely curious the incentive of peoples characters to do this, every single day, without fail. Even if we don't end up seeing eye to eye, i'd like to know.
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