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  1. For Sale Bravado Buffalo S Starting Bid: $135,000 Please leave a method of contact with your bid. Winner of the auction will be notified via this listing. ((( /vstats )))
  2. I think it speaks more to the circles that you're RP'ing in rather than the server at large if you're not encountering characters beyond their 20's.
  3. Username: TheFatNargodian Comment: last seen upon homosexual night club email me for more info
  4. Username: TheFatNargodian Comment: hello if you are reading this friend from may 12th 2021 you stole my heart and swallowed my seed. email me.
  5. Metagame everyone with an Italian or Slavic name as being members of a criminal organization and become their friends.
  6. Why should you get a hint lol?
  7. Username: TheFatNargodian Comment: if shoot unarmed boy perhaps better to aim upon head. that way no complain after to newsman, my advice!
  8. I'd like to offer the buyout price for this property. I'll be sending an email your way shortly. You can reach me at #77-11.
  9. "Savor every sunset from the top of Del Perro Beach" 106 Playa Vista - Floor 2, Room 2 $20,000 Per Week Listing Information EXCLUSIVE RENT 1 Master Bedroom with Walk-In Closet & Luxurious Bathroom(Includes 2 Sinks, Shower, and Whirlpool Bathtub) 1 Guest Bedroom with Home Office Suite(Dual Monitor PC Configuration, Printer, Laptop Computer) & Generous Closet Space Full-Size Kitchen featuring: Fridge/Freezer, Microwave Oven, 2 Conventional Ovens, 4 Stove-Tops, Bar, Coffee Maker, and More. Dining Room Table with seating for 9+ Guests. Living Room with Electric Fireplace & In-door Koi Pond(Koi Fish Not Included) 60" inch Flatscreen TV & Home Theater System Includes Access to the Playa Vista Complex's Garage Elevator Accessible Comes with a free Telescope! Contact Information Phone: #77-11 Email: ((( Forum PM ))) Living Room & Kitchen Gallery: Master & Guest Bedrooms Gallery: Garage Gallery:
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