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  1. u/ChippingShit · Just now Them Aint Palmers , Palmers been gettin Chipped Left & Right recently They inactive asf . Thats Prolly A PBS Video or one Of Dem Active Sets
  2. Yow yow yow, We made it homies, Keep it on fire💯
  3. https://face.gta.world/strip4cuete
  4. Name: Marlon Jackson / Baby Cuete#3, C3 Ethnicity: African American Occupation/Status: Inactive High School Attendee, Active Gang Banger, Property Theft DOB: 10/11/200X (17) Character Background: - He was sent on a crash-out mission along with a few other younger members, Marlon ended up shooting & injuring a Mad Swan Bloods member. Marlon often brags about this through social-media, displaying hatred towards the gang by gang-signs, monikers, etc. - Marlon picked up his name from Cuete#2 in 201X when he was only 13, due to him actively showing face at the hood & being relatively close to Cuete#2. He was given his put on a feww weeks later where he received a beating from several active teenage bangers. - Marlon bips cars, meaning he breaks into vehicles by smashing their windows with a Resqme Car Escape tool, stealing all valuable items found & reselling them for a lower price, he does this quite often as it's his only source of income. (Thread will follow the life/development of Marlon Jackson)
  5. Singleplayer is the whole point dude, rdr2 singleplayer was probably one of the best games ever made, and that was just RDR. You think rockstar wont put the same or more effort into the storymode for their biggest IP just 4 years later, which is the most well known game series and without doubt the highest anticipated game in the world.Gta 6 will most def have shark cards and a online thats grindy, but my point is they wont neglect the storymode for online like u claim.
  6. rich rollin 90s i c rollin when i crip
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