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Found 11 results

  1. Property information: A small house located in the heart of Paleto Bay with a personal garage located behind the property. The property's land includes a small back yard and front yard. The property was built in the late 1970s and has been renovated three times since. Only trading for a house located in Richman Hills or Mirror Park. Not considering to sell, or trade for any apartment or any house outside of the areas mentioned above. Please forward all your offers to [email protected] (( @Noir)) Caution: Property will not be traded until October 6th, 2021. Find all desired pictures of the property below. Feel free to check out the property in person as it has open doors for anyone interested. Exterior Pictures: Interior Pictures: Garage Pictures: ((Property Information))
  2. Full gallery: https://imgur.com/a/lymxtTW -Own massive pool for a massive party, with a beautiful view of the beach and the city! -To Die for Bedroom with a beautiful bathroom along with a pool with the amazing view. -All the comforts and needs for a high end luxury lifestyle. -Comes with much more, peep the gallery! -Weazel Plaza - Floor 23, Room 1. ((MP: $250,000, Furniture: $185,401)) Starting bid: $650,000 Buyout: $935,000
  3. Offering Pop's Pills Pharmacy in Downtown Vinewood for sale. The retail pharmacy has been re-established in mid January 2021 following extensive renovations of the historic property. The pharmacy comes with a spacious retail space and storage in the ground floor. The first floor is equipped with an office space, changing room, laboratory and recreational area in form of a break room including bathroom. The inventory is fully functional and ready to go. A spacious parking lot can be found around the corner from the pharmacy. A portfolio of the pharmacy can be found below. (( Due to the size and type of property, the buyer will need to undergo background check and approval from Property Management prior to the sale in order to determine appropriate character background and maintenance of the property as originally intended - a pharmacy. )) Starting Bid: $400.000 Current Bid: - Buyout: $660.552 Minimum bid raise at $10.000. Portfolio (( OOC Information ))
  4. Unit 585 - 604 Carson Avenue Starting Bid: $55,000 Buyout: $100,000 (BUYOUT LOWERED BY $35,000!) Gallery ((OOC Info))
  5. For sale is my beautiful penthouse in the Eclipse Towers building. Located on the 22nd floor, it's very high up and provides a wonderful view. The price is 1,200,000$
  6. Beautiful apartment in Palomino Boulevard. Comes in with a lockable entrance room. Beautiful view, great area, relatively quiet. It has ThriftEx alarm. Spacious, fitting for a couple, too! Market Price: $240,000 Minimum Price: $275,000 Buyout: $400,000 Interior Pictures (Click link to enter) ((Property info: ))
  7. Current state: Not Available. Renting a beautiful and spacious apartment in the middle of the city, having most of the facilities close to and a great view. Tenant must be willing to live with another person. Pets are allowed. Smoking is allowed. Prices: $7,000 per week $25,000 per month Information: Quiet area Two bedrooms Spacious living room Great view Indoor jacuzzi XM Radio Tenant is to pay every Sunday/Monday or 1st of every month Payment can be done through bank or hand to hand Location: Apartment: Room #1: Room #2: Living Room/Kitchen: Those interested in renting it, are to call/sms 1793812 or email me ((Forum PM)). ((OOC: Player must be active and long term tenant. Trolling will not be accepted. Activity is a must.))
  8. 3342 Magellan Avenue - Floor 2, Room 1 This property is unfinished and requires further renovations. Interested to include this property in a trade for a trailer in the region of Sandy Shores due to work commitments. Cash can be added. Interior Exterior (( OOC info )) Starting Bid: $110,000.00 Buyout: $250,000.00
  9. Selling a beautiful high end apartment on Palomino Avenue, located in Little Seoul. Floor 4, Apartment 1, the only apartment located on that floor. Comes already renovated, please view the images below with roof access. BIDDING STARTS AT: $350,000 BUYOUT: $550,000
  10. [4RENT] 226 SPANISH AVENUE - GALLERY - 15,000 $ per week. Price is non-negotiable. NOTE: Only week-by-week contracts are available, giving the priority to previous tenants to re-sign it. Should you have any questions or in case you would like to arrange a viewing, message me via email ((PM)).
  11. Located in the highly sought after Rockford Hills quarter, this beautiful building has been designed with exceptionally high standards to offer luxurious living throughout. Originally designed by Russo Architecture & Design, Floor 24, Room 2 is an elegant two bedroom penthouse apartment on the twenty fourth floor of this elegant, luxurious tower block of apartments, newly refurbished to the highest standards and set behind a magnificent marble fronted period building in the heart of Los Santos. Accommodation includes a large, modern spacious kitchen with a dining area, a master suite bedroom, a guest suite, a large walk in bathroom and a stunning open access balcony with a view extending all angles of Los Santos. It is a moments walk from Vespucci Canals and is ideally located for those looking to live within the northern region of the city. Interior Pictures Starting bid: $550,000 Buyout: $957,861 ((OOC Information)) Feel free to contact the poster of this advertisement through email via [email protected] ((Forum PM)) or alternative, send a message or call at #8814.
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