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  1. blame RAGEMP but also those stupid 4k textured cars
  2. interested in the sultan [email protected] is my contact details ((forum pm))
  3. Held it down for a good long run @Crocker now bring back Billy Mao
  4. The list of vehicles that comes is ridiculous and half the time has 0 part PD faction vehicles that just waste time. The list/system needs an overhaul from how it was made back in 2017/2018 to something better and more realistic. Car alarms are bugged like pople have said and only sometimes show for people, the anti-theft is currently extremely overpowered and the despawn timer on cars overall makes it difficult to find cars. Honestly the list should only really show cars that appear on the streets because half the time it's cars literally nobody drives. (Also add stuff that appear frequently driven by players but never on the list for some stupid ass reason like the Elegy and fix the vehicle names considering there's 8 different types of Gauntlet with barely a difference sometimes and two types of comet retros with the only different being one has bolts on the arches and the other doesn't.)
  5. Only problem I can see with this tbh is that one pod is very much dead compared to the other so it'd just be the people in there having to do idle rp to actually be able to leave.
  6. was just in a tattoo store with @Thirteen and this guy comes in to rob us. hits my character over the head with his pistol and then tries to RP drop kicking Thirteen while stood directly next to their character.
  7. The way I was told back in staff was that the suggestions forum is more somewhere Devs can look for ideas than where they actually go to do things. Might have changed in the past two years
  8. not an impossible thing to do, just adjust the prices of cars that are way too expensive tbh
  9. yeah well the game itself also doesn't portray rape and like others have said we have under 18 players too which won't change ever really. There absolutely is a difference too. People can say no to torture while back when I was an admin I saw people pressuring people into doing rape rp even when they weren't comfortable to it. Stop digging yourself a hole man and get off the thread before you hit the other side of the world
  10. damn some astronomically bad takes right here. not sure why you're defending rape rp so hard if you've never done it. only seen one other person go this hard for defending it
  11. Middleman - 중개자 ______________________________________________
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