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    Player Kill

    The common thread I've identified is that most people are willing to engage in a CK war if: 1. The IC reasons behind the war are realistically justified 2. Rules aren't broken in the midst of it Given the vast amount of people who are usually involved in a war (including allies, outside hits, etc.), there doesn't ever seem to be a situation in which point #2 is met; there are going to be rotten eggs. Someone metagamed _______, someone violated a PK by engaging in _______, someone cheated. Hence, "why the fuck should I be the one to sacrifice my character when the other party wo
  2. Looking great! Has been fun interacting with y'all so far, excited to see where you take this.
  3. Find Peace Amidst The Storms That Threaten You - Joseph B. Wirthlin
  4. Death is a Delightful Hiding Place for Weary Men - Herodotus ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Idk who y'all are but this is a fucking great post.
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