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  1. Firefighter C. Williams with lining up with academy students Firefighter arrested for Sexual Assault A Los Santos Fire Department Firefighter was arrested and charged for Sexual Assault, the Department has yet to comment A Los Santos Fire Department Firefighter was arrested and charged today with sexual assault on a unnamed female, the incident happened on the 17th of August and in the case filed this morning in the Superior Courts of San Andreas, it outlined some damning evidence against the Firefighter. In the initial court filing, Willia
  2. Lifeguards close Vespucci waters after shark attacks We strongly urge all readers to avoid the Vespucci Waters for the time being Following recent shark incidents in along the Vespucci Beach, the Lifeguards have now shut down parts of the waters around Vespucci Beach in order to protect citizens and swimmers. The marked areas are currently a No Swim area and it's strongly advised not to swim in that area, as Lifeguards cannot guarantee peoples safety. No Swim Waters marked out - Los Santos County Lifeguards LSNN attempted to ta
  3. Fire Department Splashes The Cash The Fire Department has confirmed it's purchased multiple new vehicles to replace it's aging fleet, they have also shared wages data with LSNN. The Los Santos Fire Department has confirmed to LSNN it has purchased some brand new vehicles for it's expanding engine fleet at Station Three and Seven by purchasing a brand new 2020 MTL Fire Apparatus Engine, which is set to cost the department $400'000 for these new vehicles. LSNN were able to confirm that the department's budget $17'000'000 for Q2 but they expressed that they'll
  4. Fire Marshals Have A New Home The Fire Marshals open a brand new office in Vespucci The Office of the Fire Marshal has announced it's moving its base of operations away from the Fire Department's Station 7 in El Burro Heights to a new office located in Vespucci, beside the beach walk. LSNN had the chance to take a look around the new facility and got exclusive pictures. Chief Fire Marshal Jones shown us around the new facility and explained it's main uses, and yes, the cell is indeed real. He explained it's only used for investigative purposes and holding suspected su
  5. Sandy Shores Residents on Politics and the Upcoming Elections Matt Schiff Disclaimer: This article is written by a contributor to Los Santos News and may not reflect the opinions of Los Santos News staff. Too many policy wonks and political pundits are willing to tell themselves what people from small rural communities like Sandy Shores must want without even bothering to ask them first. After all, they say, people from places like this don’t know much, and what little they do know is wrong. And everything else is reactionary small-town racism, usually packag
  6. In The Life: Fire Academy The Fire Academy lasted well over 4 grueling months, the students faced the heat. Los Santos News had the chance to travel down to Station Six, the home of the infamous Fire Academy of the Los Santos Fire Department. All students must pass the Fire Academy to start their journey in the Fire Department. During Academy 3, LSNN was able to tag along with the Public Relations Director, Freddy Mellet, to get a look at the action. Academy Instructor Engineer S. Arnold talking with the academy students. On the day LSNN at
  7. Firefighters Battle Vespucci Canals Blaze Fire Department rushed to battle the blazing construction site The Los Santos Fire Department battled a intense structure fire around 6:25 PM on Friday, multiple teams was deployed to help tackle the raging inferno to prevent other houses in the area from being damaged. No other properties was damaged in the fire and it was put out around 7:00 PM Firefighter battling the blaze - Credits: Los Santos News Network Los Santos News Network was able to talk with two senior staff on scene
  8. Fire Department hunts for answers, following Firefighter suicide The Los Santos Fire Department has confirmed to Los Santos News that a unnamed female on-duty Firefighter has committed suicide at Maze Bank in Pillbox Hill. The exact motives and reasoning behind this high profile incident remain unknown, along with how the Firefighter was able to bring a firearm on duty with her, also remains unknown. Fire Station Seven, El Burro Heights. Los Santos News spoke with several sources within the Fire Department, and they confirmed a M
  9. District Council Elections Announced Callie Palencia Governor Brandt reveals details on elections The Los Santos Governor Robert Brandt has released a statement this evening announcing the plans for District Council elections on the 25th of September, the inauguration is set to begin later on the 1st of October. In his press release he outlines details for the two month election process. See his full statement below. LOS SANTOS – Governor Robert Brandt issued the below statement today regarding the beginning of the election process fo
  10. Legion Square Locked Down Callie Palencia Fire Department deploys ladder trucks, following suicide attempts at Flecca Bank Legion Square was locked down for a second time this week following suicide attempts at the Fleeca Bank, forcing authorities to respond on mass. The exact motives behind the Jumpers is unknown, the attempt on Thursday was a female who will remain anonymous, due to LSNN policies of victims, the second incident was related to a male evading LSPD, and he was able to reach the roof, a unnamed LSPD officer stated. Fire Depart
  11. Fire Department Opens Davis Fire Station Callie Palencia The Fire Department opens Station Three after destructive riots The Fire Department has formally reopened its Fire Station in Davis, following destructive rioting earlier this month which resulted in the exterior being damaged and an Engine being destroyed. This is the first time the Fire Department was targeted during protests. Engineer K. Holland demonstrating various tools and equipment on the Fire Truck. The Department demonstrated to the crowd the
  12. The Raton Canyon Race Callie Palencia The second season kicked off at the Raton Canyon! 10 racers took part in the new season The San Andreas Motorsport Association, initially called Rush in Automotive was founded back in 2019 by L. Miller and E. Coleman. Rush in Automotive eventually met up with the then mayor Vincent Rockford, and evolved into R-Motorsport Federation and it organised it's own championships, ever since the company has evolved into San Andreas Motorsport Association, they give out FIA and IMSA approved racing licenses as well. The Miller Ra
  13. Meet the new Fire Chief! Callie Palencia Los Santos News had the chance to sit down with the Fire Chief Randy Sikes Los Santos News Network was able to setup a meeting with the newly inaugurated Fire Chief Randy Sikes and Freddy Mellet to talk about the future of the Fire Department and the plans of the future. We learned a lot of new things, including the new station that will be opened shortly! (Left to right) Freddy Mellet, Randy Sikes, Callie Palencia. Full Interview Callie Palencia: What changes do you plan on bringing forward to the department
  14. Comment section OPEN Username Comment
  15. THIS TOPIC IS BREAKING NEWS The Governor of San Andreas, Robert Brandt, has confirmed the immediate resignation of Mayor Vincent Rockford today. The Governor has thanked Rockford for all his hard work in the city. Requests for comment on the matter have gone unanswered by the Media Relations team. The full statement is below.
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