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  1. Ronald G. released on parole; "I've been framed. Typical anti-Italian discrimination", says Ronald G; "Outrageous attempt to associate him with LCN", says his attorney BY LSNN Los Santos, SA - On the 11th of May, 2021, at 4 pm, Ronald G. walked out of the Twin Towers Correctional Facility; released on parole. The Superior Court of San Andreas has come to a verdict on the allegations and delivered a ruling on the case State of San Andreas v. Ronald G. The court ruled that the defendant Ronald G. is guilty of Bribery of a Public Official, Pandering/Pimping, Pandering/Pimping (2nd offence), Pandering/Pimping (3rd offence), Pandering/Pimping (4th offence), Pandering/Pimping (5th offence), Conspiracy to Pandering/Pimping, Racketeering, Battery and not guilty of Assault. Ronald G. seated inside the car On the 10th of May, 2021, Honorable Justice Michael McMurray announced the charges, then proceed announcing the punishment for Ronald G - Life Imprisonment in state penal confinement with possibility of parole immediately as a basis of current time served due to the extent of the trial. Prior to that, Ronald G's attorney Jordan Yong has expressed his disagreement with the prosecution many times in the courtroom. Meanwhile, Ronald G. could be seen calmly seated, with an annoyed facial expression from time to time. In front of TTCF "Racketeering. The most important charge in this whole case. Now that we have established that La Cosa Nostra exists, it couldn’t be easier to link the defendant to said criminal organization. The amount of evidence against the defendant regarding the racketeering charge is overwhelming, to say the least. Frankly, the People do not even have to prove that the defendant is a part of La Cosa Nostra, although that’s more than clear at this point. We’ve proved that he was a part of a criminal organization, who focused mainly on their brothel. Numerous people were involved in that brothel - not only escorts, but also management. An organized group of people, committing crimes - that’s the very definition of racketeering. Numerous ads, solid prices, employees, the property - that was all organized. There is nothing that could be said to contradict what was gathered. The defense will say pretty much anything to convince this Court that the defendant wasn’t associated with La Cosa Nostra, because they want their secret community to actually stay secret", is a part of Prosecutor Melanie Cromwell's closing statement in the courtroom. "This has been a long, drawn out case, compounded by stacks of documents which had drowned out the key elements of this case. What we're dealing with here is an outrageous attempt by the prosecution to associate the defendant with the La Cosa Nostra. Ronald G. has his faults, he has made his share of mistakes, but this case is riddled with problems. Untenable accusations of Assault, Battery, Bribery, Pimping when the actions of the defendant do not even fit the prerequisites of these titles. Accusations without any physical evidence to support them. Accusations based on personal belief and views. A case built only on audio recordings", is a part of Attorney Jordan Yong's statement. Ronald G. could be seen entering the backseat of a car and departing In the courtroom, Ronald G. wore prison clothes, however, he took the chance to show his elegancy upon walking out of the TTCF, following his parole release, dressed in a grey suit, wearing glasses. While silent in the courtroom, just as he stepped foot out of prison, he had something to say to the media: "Statement? Whaddaya want me to say? I believe I've been framed. Typical anti Italian discrimination. What goes around, comes around. And guess there's many more to come", said Ronald G. in an exclusive statement for LSNN. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  2. Levan "Lion" Botkoveli wins Fight Night at The Rockford Dome BY LSNN Los Santos, SA - On the 15th of April, 2021, at 8 pm, The Rockford Dome hosted a MMA fight night consisted of several fighters in top performance. The audience was cheering for their favourite fighters, with barely any space left out for spectators, as MMA fans occupied The Dome. The fight of the night was between Sala "The Maestro" Bolo and Levan "Lion" Botkoveli. Sala Bolo (left), Levan Botkoveli (right) The atmosphere during the match of the night was tense. Fans were cheering for Mr. Bolo and Mr. Botkoveli. No one could predict the result, until the very end of the match. And then, all of sudden, Botkoveli threw the final punch and left the cage as the winner of the fight night. Meanwhile, host Frank Palma was commenting the match along with retired professional boxer Angelo Sisca. "Ho! Down goes the Maestro", said Mr. Palma, the fight night's host. "He's a little wobbly, give him a couple of seconds. Cold water and he's okay to go", added Mr. Sisca. When asked why did he decide to quit boxing, Sisca replied: "I broke my nose three times when I was nineteen. I had to quit. I said to my manager, you got to fix my nose. You got to pay for the surgery, front it. He said no. That was the end of it. I got breathing problems now", said Mr. Sisca in a statement for the LSNN. Frank Palma (left), Angelo Sisca (right) "First of all I want to shoutout our gym which is South Central Boxing Gym. I invite everyone to come to our gym and train with us. It is a gym of future champions. And yeah, I'm feeling really great! People can call it easy fight, but it was a tough fight. I don't care who's going to be the next opponent. I'm the Lion. Step over and show yourself", said Mr. Botkoveli in a statement for the LSNN. Botkoveli was surrounded by his friends and fans, who were visibly happy about his success. All of sudden, everything was covered in champagne, along with one of the LSNN cameras! The audience began leaving The Dome as the event ended, while some of them stayed to have a chat with their favourite fighters. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  3. Annoucements: Dennis Sidwell joins LSNN Management Team BY LSNN Los Santos, SA - The Los Santos News Network is excited to announce an addition to it's management team. Internationally acclaimed journalist, reporter, news anchor and editor Dennis Sidwell (35) has joined the LSNN management team. As a reporter, Sidwell has covered the most globally-discussed events of the past years. Sidwell will be based in Los Santos and starts his new role effective as of 12th March, managing all LSNN News broadcasting operations. Dennis Sidwell in the LSNN studio "I'm pleased to welcome Sidwell to the management team", said Network's President Christopher Gardner in a statement. "As always, we aim to deliver information that empowers by passionately delivering fast, accurate, unbiased, and accessible information. He was the ideal candidate to lead the LSNN News broadcasting team. I have great confidence in him." "I'm glad to be on this position in the LSNN. This job is the right job for me, no doubt. I love every aspect of journalism", said Sidwell. Sidwell obtained a master degree in journalism in one of the Boston Universities. He has been working in a News Network in Boston. One of his career highlights is the Broadcasting Management position in the said Network. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  4. Annoucements: News Anchor Victoria Miller joins LSNN Management Team BY LSNN Los Santos, SA - The Los Santos News Network is excited to announce an addition to it's management team. Internationally acclaimed broadcast journalist, news anchor, reporter, and producer Victoria Miller (28) has joined the LSNN management team. As an anchor and reporter, Miller has covered and analyzed the most significant global economic, financial, and geopolitical events of the past decade. Miller will be based in Los Santos and starts her new role effective 7th March, managing all LSNN News broadcasting operations. Victoria Miller in the LSNN studio "I'm thrilled to welcome Miller to the management team", said Network's President Christopher Gardner in a statement. "We aim to deliver information that empowers by passionately delivering fast, accurate, unbiased, and accessible information. Victoria, with her wide-ranging news broadcast background and exclusive reporting acumen, was the ideal candidate to lead the LSNN News broadcasting team." Gardner added: "Victoria is a superb journalist with powerful interviewing skills and first-rate reporting. I have great confidence that she will guide LSNN News to a new era of audience growth, bringing our global news coverage to the next level." "I am very excited to join the broadcasting management team and help it continue to excel as the leading source of variated content and to further expand news coverage. We will continue to provide LSNN viewers and readers with reliable, accurate news and fact-based analysis, insight, and opinion", said Miller. Miller graduated from Manhattan University, obtaining a master degree in journalism. Some of her career highlights include working as a News Anchor for Manhattan News Network, located in New York. She hosted Sheriff Rick Washington and President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Frank Ernst on air and helped launch new programs in January 2021. Working as a journalist and broadcaster for years, Miller has extensive experience creating and producing flagship news programs. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  5. Sheriff Washington & LSSD host Davis Charity Event BY VICTORIA MILLER Los Santos, SA - On the 27th of February, 2021 at 9PM, the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department organized a charity event in Davis. Deputies were on scene directly volunteering and providing people in need with food. The event had a large turnout, with a lot of citizens in need attending it and accepting the deputies' help. Deputies handing out food to those in need Sheriff Rick Washington, head of the department, made the time to attend the event personally. He freely spoke with the various people who were interested in meeting the Sheriff. A local retired war veteran, Richard Hall, also had the opportunity to talk to the Sheriff and spoke with the LSNN team right after. R. Hall with Sheriff Washington "I'm Sergeant Richard Hall, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 26th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division Reinforced. I thank the Sheriff for this food drive. My granddaughter is struggling. It's good that we have this charity event, it means a chance for me to eat something else too, not only microwaved food", Sgt. Hall told LSNN. Assistant Sheriff Takada (left), Sheriff Washington (third from the left) with their deputies Sheriff Washington told LSNN, "Our wonderful deputies from the Paleto Bay Patrol Station along with our information desk decided that it'd be great to give back to our community. Obviously in these trying times, food security is a huge issue. And it upsets me deeply that folks here in the United States, especially children go to bed hungry. With our partners in the community, we elected to provide simple food and basic necessities to folks in the communities we serve." When asked to provide the media with a comment regarding the court case involving Deputy L.M. v. Los Santos Police Department, he briefly stated the following: "I can't comment too much in regards to ongoing court cases, even if they are civil. That being said, at the conclusion we will have a statement prepared." The event didn't only attract the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, however, Assistant District Attorney Jacqueline Keating was spotted attending the charitable event in a strong showing of support from the District Attorney's Office. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  6. Inmate murder at TTCF sparks DA investigation, concerns about inmate safety BY VICTORIA MILLER Los Santos, SA - On the 24th of January, 2021, an inmate of Hispanic descent was murdered with a sharp, medium-sized object resembling a knife while he in the custody of the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. On the 29th, the DA's Office indicted Mr. Kamil Houghton recommending a penalty of life imprisonment with no chance of parole on two charges of Attempted Murder and one First Degree Murder charge. He was found guilty of all charges. Los Santos Twin Towers Correctional Facility On the 25 of January, Deputy Sheriff Rin Kazama conducted an arrest on inmate Kamil H. for the murder of the inmate, whose identity is not able to be disclosed at this time. The arrest narrative detailed the harrowing scene: "Deputy Sheriff Kazama arrived inside Pod A after handling an inmate release and other administrative tasks. Kazama stands at the guard station and observes the inmates talking. Moments later a fight breaks out on the top floor and Kazama calls for backup over the radio. As seen in the attached footage from Pod A, multiple inmates are seen falling to the ground with blood covering them. Deputies then enter the Pod en masse. After securing each inmate with handcuffs, each of them are then frisked for weaponry. Kamil was found to have two shanks on his person covered in blood. Kamil stayed quiet after being led to the isolation block." The arrest report also detailed supporting footage that was offered to the court which detailed the events yet again in startling detail: "Camera footage in Pod A which shows a huge brawl between a large group of inmates. Three inmates would be seen on the ground bleeding after the group disperse. Deputies would secure the Pod and handcuff everyone one by one. Deputies would then frisk each person and find two shanks inside the pocket of one of the inmates. The camera footage can't tell who actually stabbed the inmates." One of the TTCF pods, photo taken by Nayeli Greyfeather The autopsy report revealed the extent of the brutal injuries sustained by the deceased, LSNN warns users that the contents of the report are disturbing and this constitutes a content warning: Judge Eleanor Vailatti ruled on the case, finding Kamil guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of all charges: "The Los Santos County District Attorney's Office has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Mister Kamil Houghton is guilty of two (2) counts of attempted murder and one (1) count of murder in the first degree. They established this with forensically obtained evidence, matching the blood of three of the victims stabbed by the two bladed weapons, as well as the fingerprints of Mister Kamil H. found on said weapons. As for the footage provided from the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, it proves that Mister Kamil H. was there at the scene of the crime, as well as have participated (although it doesn't show to what degree) and that the bladed weapons were discovered on his person. Premeditation has been established, due to Mister Kamil H. having two handmade bladed weapons on his person. The Defense has failed to dispute these claims, and the Prosecution has established a burden of proof for the series of events.” This recent death among more frequent outbreaks of prisoner violence have many in the city wondering whether TTCF is struggling to maintain the prison population; certainly as election season heats up conditions at TTCF for both prisoners and guards will be a hot button issue that many citizens will be interested in hearing bold new plans to resolve. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  7. LSNN Podcasts and News Minute Audiocasts aim to give you up to date news every hour on the hour. Tune into Station 310 for the latest news. Original air date: 2/21/2021 >Comments enabled Edited February 12 by LSNN
  8. State Senate confirms Attorney General William Eden & State Treasurer Cecil Grosvenor BY RANA KHATI Los Santos, SA - On the 18th of February 2021, the San Andreas State Senate confirmed William Eden, formerly the Distict Attorney of Los Santos, to Attorney General and Cecil Grosvenor, former policy-writer for Senator Ernst, to the State Treasury. William Eden attending the Political Act Reform hearing a day prior to his confirmation hearing. Mr. Eden has served as Los Santos District Attorney since former DA Ms. Saeko Nishijima stepped down from the role into the judiciary. As DA, Eden pursued all areas of criminal activity relentlessly, but did show a notable lenience towards marijuana related crimes namely with regards to personal possession and use yet still pursued the sentencing of large scale drug trafficking endemic in gang crime without reservation. Critics presume he will continue with this even-keel approach to policy as the state's leading Law Enforcement Official. Cecil Grosvenor entering the Political Reform Act hearing a day prior to his confirmation hearing. Cecil Grosvenor is lesser known in the public eye but has coordinated with Republican policymakers for years; most recently coming out with the Political Reform Act of 2021 that aims to shore up election integrity in the wake of the corruption scandal of former Mayor Halford shedding a light on municipal corruption and lax campaign finance laws. Mr. Grosvenor's bill has been criticized by individuals in the opposition party for a stipulation that if left in the bill would have set the minimum donation an individual could make to a political candidate at $50,000 dollars. Mr. Grosvenor and Senator Ernst insist this was a clerical error that is being blown out of proportion by political enemies. See More: LSNN reached out to both sides for their take on the confirmations. Senator Gabriella Morales (D) President Pro Tempore, Senator Frank Ernst (R) Both nominees were unanimously confirmed by all State Senators to assume their respective roles, revealing that the rhetorical flourishes and dug in stances of either party are not materially interfering with the bipartisan agenda of the Senate. While hopeful, there is still a distinct air of tension and ambiguity from citizens as to whether Governor Brandt will continue to unilaterally veto bills unanimously passed by the Senate or whether the political fallout from his widely criticized Marijuana Legalization veto was enough to move him to regard his duty to the will of the people more regularly. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  9. Opinion Editorial Disclaimer Opinion editorials do not reflect the perspective of LSNN as a whole nor its management board. Opinion editorials may be submitted by citizens of all walks of life, all political perspectives, and all points of view and are reviewed only for conflicts of interest and appropriateness within LSNN content guidelines and journalistic ethics. Opinion Editorials may be responsive to news stories or even other Op-Eds and you may submit them to us at our email [email protected] ((@LSNN)) High Stakes, Low Bar BY CHLOE KNIGHT, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR STATE SENATE Chloe Knight, second to the right, seated at the Political Reform Act hearing. Tonight I sat in the gallery as Republican and Democratic Senators mulled over the details of Senate Bill N. 03 'Political Reform Act'. As a legislative advisor to Senator Gabriela Morales, I've been dissecting and taking notes for consideration on this bill for quite a while now. Something glared at me the first time I read it. I emailed my boss immediately about it. In Chapter III Section II(a) of the bill as it was submitted for consideration, the bill authored by Republican Senators Frank Ernst and Daniel Cardenas (co-written by Cecil Grosvenor) contained the following text: Now, there's going to be a wave of Republicans citing this as a simple typo. However, it was my notes on the legislation that moved Senator Morales to bring up this section during committee last night. The Republicans seemed to have no interest in doing so until called out. Here's the problem. If this section had been left unaltered which, for all intents and purposes it seems like it was meant to be overlooked and left, citizens by law would be allowed to only contribute to a campaign if their donation contributed $50,000 or more. That's one hell of a typo. More startling is what happened when Senator Morales aired the issue. The GOP senators present, along with Mr. Grosvenor, read from the wrong section and forced her time to be used up by them trying to determine what section of the bill was being taken issue with. During Senator Morales' time speaking, Senator Ernst - President of the Senate, mind you all - left his chair to whisper with other Republican Senator Ethan Schmidt. Words exchanged that would not be taken on the record. Frank Ernst and Ethan Schmidt would continue to whisper back and forth repeatedly throughout the night. Afterwards, the same issue regarding a $50,000 minimum donation was brought up by Senator Schmidt and - like by magic! - Mr. Grosvenor and Senator Ernst seemed to finally understand what was being talked about! Heroically, a Republican Senator was able to fix this 'typo' on the bill when a Democrat had already tried to do so. This doesn't just speak to the Political Reform Act. This all speaks to the Republican Party and their endemic corruption, electioneering, need for 'wins' over good policy, and a genuinely potential attempt to disenfranchise poor voters who would like to make donations to candidates smaller than $50,000. The stakes are never higher before an election than when election reform is being talked about. The integrity of our electoral process is at stake here and the Republican bill was ready to be pushed through with either absolute neglect in how it was written at best, or a blatant attempt to tell the poor to 'sit down and shut up' at worst. We can do better. Los Santos, and the State of San Andreas as a whole deserves better than this. The corruption of Oswald Halford lingers within the Republican party, and last night's committee hearing makes that clearer than ever. I ask voters to keep this in mind when they hit the polls. Senator Morales asked Frank Ernst last night why we need to fix his bill for him. That's a powerful question. The choice is clear, folks. Democrats are here to work for you, and Republicans are here to work for 'wins' and optics. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  10. Political Reform Act of 2021 advances to Senate Floor after tense hearing; bipartisan agreement wins out. BY RANA KHATI Los Santos, SA - The State Senate convened on the 15th of February 2021 for a hearing of the Senate Rules & Ethics Committee to deliberate on the Republican-proposed Political Reform Act of 2021; an act aiming to shore up election integrity and set much needed campaign finance regulation in place for elections throughout San Andreas. Notably absent were Senators Dwight Burris and Daniel Cardenas, leaving the committee with the minimum required for quorum. Cecil Grosvenor, former Senior Policy Advisor & Legislative Assistant to Senator Frank Ernst was called to the hearing before the Senate. Mr. Grosvenor is also notably on the shortlist for nomination to the State Treasurer position. Senate Rules & Ethics Committee convenes with Senator Ernst (Left) as Chairman Cecil Grosvenor (Right) provides his opening statement while seated. Cecil Grosvenor's Opening Statement: LSNN found broad bipartisan agreement on the spirit of the bill with Senator Ernst on behalf of Republicans telling us that it's "necessary to ensure transparency in our electoral process" and that "(g)iven San Andreas' history of corruption in its politics, this bill seeks to alleviate the issue. Ultimately, sunlight is the best disinfectant to corruption" and spokeswoman for the Democratic Party and Candidate for State Senate, Ms. Chloe Knight, telling LSNN that it is "obviously something that Democrats align strongly with. Transparency, honesty, and accountability in elections is paramount to the integrity of elections." While Mr. Grosvenor began with a strong opening statement on questioning he appeared confused at times with regard to the content of the bill, particularly regarding a provision that Democrats took particular issue with: Political Reform Act- Ch III. Sec II. (a) Marijuana Activist Baba Black outside of the first historic marijuana hearings held by SA State Legislature. Senator Morales pressed Grosvenor on the provision: With Mr. Grosvenor seemingly arguing that the $50,000 minimum donation to be some form of maximum cap, Senator Ethan Schmidt claimed time and concurred with Senator Morales line of questioning, driving the point home further. The gallery descended into whispers as Chairman Ernst rose from the Speaker's Chair and descended for a sidebar discussion with Senator Schmidt before Mr. Grosvenor offered his response. LSNN asked the both the Democratic and Republican Caucus about the exchange. We provide the two responses below. Ms. Chloe Knight (D): Senator Frank Ernst (R): Senator Morales and Ernst nonetheless shared a particularly contentious exchange before Mr. Grosvenor continued to defend the provision which was swiftly motioned to be struck down be motioned by Schmidt, one of the cosponsors of the bill. The impromptu sidebar on the Senate Floor between Senators Schmidt and Ernst. Senator Ernst informed LSNN that the $50,000 dollar minimum amounted to a "clerical error during the drafting process" and noted to LSNN that the purpose of the hearing and amendment sessions were to look for errors like this and clarify them before put up for final vote. He provided no indication whether they intend to expand the maximum cap of $250,000 to individual donors rather than it's current purview over PAC's and Political Parties. Ms. Knight acknowledged it was an error but stated "absolutely, an error was made. An error that if left unaltered would have disenfranchised all poor voters in the state." With the impending election season heating up, it's clear that even routine hearings are becoming tests of public policy chops and will be more and more highly scrutinized by the public. The Committees discussion turned to the topic of who should hold the reins on election integrity in Los Santos. With the bill proposed establishing an Office of the State Clerk, Chairman Ernst claimed time to press on the issue with Grosvenor, prompting a follow up by Senator Jones on the limited nature of the Special Counsel. Both found bipartisan compromise however in putting the purview of setting such authority under the office of the Attorney General: The hearing thereafter went smoothly, the entire Committee voting unanimously to strike the donation minimum, to amend the Office of the State Clerk to an analogous role under the Attorney General's purview, and finally to advance the much-needed legislation to the Senate floor for amendment, debate, and a final vote. But despite the three unanimous votes, recent events begged the question, will this bill if it passes in the Senate be spared the red VETO stamp by the elusive Governor Brandt? LSNN got final statements to see if either party was able to scry the potential of the bill in the executive branch. Senator Ernst: Ms. Knight: Voters will certainly be looking at election integrity in this upcoming campaign cycle and LSNN will work ardently as ever to provide you the news you need to make informed decisions in choosing your next elected State Senate. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  11. LSNN Podcasts and News Minute Audiocasts aim to give you up to date news every hour on the hour. Tune into Station 310 for the latest news. Original Broadcast Date: 2/4/2021 UPDATES ON STORIES MENTIONED: >Comments enabled
  12. Sala "The Maestro" Bolo, 42, wins Fight Night at The Sweathouse Gym. BY VICTORIA MILLER Los Santos, SA - On 11th February, 2021, at 8 pm, The Sweathouse Gym hosted a MMA fight night consisting of eight male fighters and four MMA matches. What started as a casual fight night quickly got heated as all the contestants were in top performance condition. The busy audience hyped up the atmosphere and there was barely any space left out in the gym for spectators with all the seats occupied by enthusiastic MMA fans who were cheering and applauding for their favorite fighters. MMA fight night in The Sweathouse Gym The winner of the first match was Isaac "The Dragon" Ryu who fought opponent Nicky Castles. "Let's welcome the Dragon himself, a protégé of Beau French!", boomed from the sound system as Isaac was introduced to the crowd. "Like I said, I say it time and time again... I am one of the fastest fighters in this cage. Even though this was my pro debut, I didn't even get hit once against a veteran fighter", The Dragon told LSNN. The second match was Anthony Ramirez versus Johnny Henning. Anthony Ramirez left the ring victorious and with a smile on his face. "I'm going to say one thing. Easy fight. Get me real men.", Ramirez told LSNN as his opponent left the ring in defeat. Anthony "Rider" Ramirez (left), Seymour "The Bear Man" Berman (middle), and Sala "The Maestro" Bolo (right) with manager Frank Palma. Meanwhile, the atmosphere amongst the audience began to heat up again. The next match was quickly announced between Goran Baranov and Seymour "The Bear Man" Berman. "Touch gloves guys, and let's go to war" boomed the host. It seemed like those words encouraged both fighters as well as the audience as everyone began cheering and applauding as the fight started. "My score is 1-0. This was my first fight. That guy is real strong, real tough, really had me pressured a few times. This is a blast. I'd like to thank my opponent and everyone who made this possible", said Berman "The Bear Man" to the LSNN team. "He is going to be a star", said his manager, Frank Palma, the host of the event and the manager of The Sweathouse Gym. The night progressed towards the final match, which was also the main match of the night. Sala "The Maestro" Bolo versus Beau "Frenchie" Badeaux. At 42, the Maestro took down Frenchie in record time. "It is a delight, Frenchie is a strong fighter. It was hard competition, but I never doubt myself", said Bolo smiling to the cameras. The Palmas' of The Sweathouse Gym LSNN spoke with the owners of the Sweathouse Gym, Frank and Nicole Palma. "We were meant to have a female fight tonight too. But unfortunately, one of the female fighters got involved in a car accident. She's okay though, thankfully. When it comes to the male fighters... Isaac Ryu is going places. I manage most of these guys. The only winner who isn't mine is Anthony Ramirez. He won his bout. The real bitter news, Seymour Berman. He is a natural, just signed with me. Sala Bolo though, guy is going to be at the Dome. Right now? He can't be stopped. He is a wrecking machine. He is older, but he is clever", Mr. Palma told LSNN. When asked what interested him in Mixed Martial Arts fighting, he told LSNN: "I was a fighter myself. I'm only thirty one, but I took a hit to the knee a few years back. I got the knowledge, but I can't go with these kids anymore though, you know?" He mentioned that without his wife's help, he wouldn't have been able to organize the event. "I am satisfied with tonight's event and I couldn't have done it without my wife here. I handle the fighters, but she does everything else. The business, the brains", said Mr. Palma with a proud smile on his face. Nicole Palma smiled and nodded. She then added: "My job generally is to get things advertised, find the right people to work here, make sure everyone has everything they need. They all work hard, I guess I make sure they get paid good. I prefer that my husband is a manager, not a fighter anymore. There is nothing worse than watching your husband in the cage like that. Having female fighters was Frank's idea. I was happy to hear that. Shame it never happened because of the car accident, but I'm glad that she is okay. Health is most important." After the event ended, the audience began leaving the gym, while some of them stayed a while longer to get an autograph and talk with their favorite fighters. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
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