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  1. Still in hiatus about what's going on next, thank you for the comment and for being a loyal follower of mine. ❤️ Can't leave a story unfinished, right? Thanks for following, I super appreciate it. ❤️
  2. Knowing full well how you operate and roleplay, I know for damn sure you're gonna take this so far. You're an inspiration to the people who roleplay gangs and I'm glad you taught me how to do it way back when. Keep it up. ?
  3. And so the story ends. I didn't know exactly HOW to end it, whether she'd get a state funeral. I heard nothing, so I ended it myself. A gigantic, million thank yous to everyone who commented, rated it and gave me kudos for creating this story. It had a few rough patches and I found some of the content difficult to write, but I did enjoy it every step of the way. I didn't consider killing Sakura until I felt that her time had passed and it was somebody else's turn to take a difficultly developed story and run with it. To everyone else who's making character stories, especi
  4. I would like to enter why not
  5. "It's better to be the supporting character in a world full of protagonists." - Sakura Watanabe.
  6. Treat your character like they are NOT a disposable object. I've seen it too much nowadays that people kill off their characters when the going gets tough. When difficult situations and hardship presents itself to your character, work with it. Grab the kite and fly it, don't be lazy.
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