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  1. Makes you think. Makes you think about the people in your life. I think of Samuel Camastra and if he were sittin' here right now, what he'd say to me. He'd say, "Phil, what's it about? What's life about... if you don't go through it as a man's man." He'd say, "Suck it up. Take the fall. Do the time. That's what made you who you are. That makes you what you are." How long we been around this thing of ours, this Cosa Nostra? 120 years. And what's it about? It's about the rules, parameters. You take the beatin' for the friend. You don't run, you don't lay down. You don't betray who you are, what you are. - Self-esteem, Sam. - Self-esteem. It's basic. You pick it up on the street. You gotta remember Moe Ganisa here. I loved this guy. I loved him. He was stupid. He never listened to me. He always wanted the goddamn whore money. He never rolled. You know that? He never rolled. My brother Angelo Sisca, Alan Aprlin, they don't roll. They're doin' a thousand years. They don't roll. They don't rat. Why? That's the rule. You don't break. You don't rat. Basic rules. Gives you a little power, right? Not the kinda power these Feds have. God forbid we pull their chain in public, right? Fuckin' dress better than them, they take it personal, like it's a vendetta. They're supposed to act better than the rest of us. They just want me to be somethin' I wasn't even born to be. Humble. They want you to be humble. So you humble me. What you got now? You got a war? You got a global war? You got the Chinks, Dominicans, Asians, Russians, Columbians, Jamaicans. What are they doin'? They desecrate the nation. You got your veritable fuckin' snowstorms of cocaine and smack... whatever the hell else they shove in their veins. You got a worldwide crime syndicate now. There's no rules. There's no parameters. There's no feelings. There's no feelings for this country. - Anarchy. - You got anarchy. So? Five, ten years from now... there gonna wish there was American Cosa Nostra. Five or ten years from now... they're gonna miss Sammy Camastra.
  2. Bidding available. Bids start at 0$
  3. Little Venturas. A cowboys go to place, lovely atmosphere of the old wild wild west. Located in Mission Row, Los Santos. This business primarily serves hard liquor, and cold sandwiches. Questions can be forwaded to my E-mail. Market Price Images Buyout price: $430,000
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