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  1. It ain't even that deep, aside from actual truckers feeling burnt out due to the lack of roleplay from the businesses end, their only motivation which is a paycheck is gutted because business owners would rather pay the minimum per crate then complain on forums about why no one is delivering anything lmao The only tweak this system needs is a business owner/employee needs to be on shift/online for the deliveries to take place, then we get a guaranteed bare minimum roleplay between businesses and truckers, those speedy bois that grind the job will have to slow down to RP a bit, actual truckers that do want some roleplay will get some roleplay. As for the lack of deliveries, As long as there's a better paying business that'll offer me more on the mile, no one will go for your minimum wage cash grab, could potentially be fixed by that tweak suggested as players will find some solace in the fact they'll find some RP.
  2. Until the legal system within the server functions properly this will just be another way to shit on criminals for OOC satisfaction, the biggest concern here is the obvious abuse of power that'll happen, and with the administration team being stretched too thin or unable to police most reports in a quick manner I don't think they'll be able to monitor these cases as efficiently as we'd like them to do. Figure out a middle ground where one side doesn't get completely fucked by the other side and maybe it'll be possible to implement, no need to copy RICO or any other law word for word, the server doesn't operate like real life and it never will no matter how much people utter the words "muh realism", you mimic reality to the best of your abilities and it will never be a fully realistic portrayal as things will always be exaggerated for the sake of enjoying the game.
  3. No occupation or profession is lacking within the server due to the lack of interest, it's the lack of support those unique roleplayers suffer from, you want new things? support innovation instead of going to club no.3152 or bar no.612. No one would mind being extorted, robbed or scammed as long as they see some support from the playerbase, there's a genuine lack in creativity due to the lack of support from within the community itself, why lose money when you can basically print it for just having a different scripted one? no matter how much you delude yourself players will want to make money, even when they do it for the sake of roleplay there isn't anyone to roleplay with.
  4. It's an IC issue, I propose we just draft a law to publicly execute British citizens within San Andreas borders, better yet make it legal to assault and potentially murder any British citizens on sight
  5. My guy if I run a faction and I want to uphold a certain level of quality that may be deemed as higher than the server quality I'm free to do so, It's my faction and that person chose to try and join, there's no "Metagaming" done there, it's making sure a faction doesn't turn into a pile of garbage. If anything you should be praising those who try to uphold a higher standard of RP than your average Joe instead of complaining about how unfair it is, they chose to interact with a group that prides itself in their high roleplay standards then they automatically agree to their guidelines whether IC or OOC. Now I'm sorry if I misunderstood your statement but I felt that you're talking about OOC reasons as in lower quality of roleplay than the average member of said faction which is usually the reason. And honestly if a member is being problematic OOCly I don't see why it's a bad thing to get rid of them, whether IC or OOC as a member you represent that group and I understand why some would crackdown on bad apples.
  6. Hitup the administration team and see if they can get a bit lenient so truckers and dock workers can roleplay a form of silent alarm that tips off the police, people can still do crime there albeit needs to be pre-planned and not on a whim to avoid getting arrested. In a sense you take the crime issue ICly by equipping relevant personnel with silent alarms that they can easily trigger without getting shot in the head.
  7. Because making money is a simple thing to do, compared to my time in samp I feel like I'll probably never hit rock bottom unless I specifically choose to roleplay being at rock bottom, nothing can go wrong and you can easily make money anywhere doing anything, sometimes I want things forced on me based on my bad financial decisions, it makes things unpredictable instead of it's me scripting my financial situation when I have a few mills in the bank "OOCly" Don't get me wrong it's not the starter money, that money is good for new players to get a property and a budget car and that's it, the income comes from businesses, that 4k an hour minimum is part of it, but when the employee gets a share of profits that 4k can turn into 40k or 100k an hour real quick depending on how busy it is. We have no taxes, no secondary expenses, compared to the average income a player makes a month the fuel prices are laughable, we need a money sink that's realistic to a degree but also remedies the server issues, not something that breaks our backs financially, but rather makes sure players actively roleplay in order to stay out of poverty or keep their wealth instead of sitting around chatting all day while collecting their 4k welfare checks while doing nothing in front of the business they /startshift at.
  8. Characters with a pissy attitude towards everything for no other reason than just to be total assholes, mainly in the illegal sphere of roleplay. Our only solace is that they mostly get killed off easily after crossing too many people, you'd at least try to be indifferent before trying to make enemies of a person you don't know.
  9. If you believe some roleplayed actions are unnecessary then I'll have to question the quality of your own roleplay, even the boring act of staring at someone with a detailed /me can show what your character is all about, it shows personality. I'm not really sure why you're complaining about this in the first place if you feel like simple actions like standing up or sitting down are unnecessary then just don't roleplay it, If your character is an indifferent animal then yeah you really don't need to roleplay any mannerism at all.
  10. People roleplay to quite literally play a role, we don't try to simulate reality we try to mimic it in the confines of GTA, most people's idea of fun roleplay is being either a criminal or a law enforcement agent, I have a 9 to 5 job I'm not going to roleplay a 24/7 store cleric just because someone thinks it's unrealistic for crime to be too high within the server so people are ought to play a civilian because "muh immersion" is ruined. If you've got a problem with poor roleplay report it, show some evidence of it happening and it'll be dealt with, complaining about the surge of crime within the city OOCly won't help anyone, at the end of the day people will roleplay whatever they want and law abiding civilians will always be a minority whether you're willing to accept it or not. No matter how hard you try a GTA server will never be a carbon copy of real life, things will be exaggerated one way or another.
  11. Get physical and if they roleplay a 6'2 200lb benching teenager just to stomp on adults simply report them for powergaming and unrealism. On Topic: Combat low quality underage characters by simply forcing them to age up whenever they're arrested for something serious, say 2-3 years per sentence until they're legally adults. Having hardened 16 year olds with multiple charges under their belt is just plain weird.
  12. Factions should encourage and assist RP hotspots in their respective areas and establish some sort of connection to the local population, consider it a pool of potential members, mallrats can be filtered by making it unhospitable for people that portray unrealistic characters in those areas, take it ICly and be aggressive towards these low quality characters that do nothing but flex their wealth in a neighborhood that they don't belong to.
  13. It's an issue of transparency, management can still handle it the same way albeit more publicly so players feel like the wheels of justice work on both sides of the aisle.
  14. Healthy rivalry where ending someone's life should be off the table until it escalates realistically, sit downs between enemies should be frequent instead of rare, use your fists and baseball bats more often than your guns, if you want to use your gun at least use it as a deterrent and not to create some scene from Rambo. Vandalize their properties, places of business, hurt a friend or two. If two shady characters got something to lose they won't shoot first and talk second, they'll talk first because if one dies the probability of them having associates or friends that may hurt you or your loved ones or your business is high, a bullet ends everything in a quick shootout, a punch to the face will lead to a long chain of events that'll bring fun to both sides.
  15. Nothing to really discuss there, as OP's main subject is about people that abandon their characters in the middle of an active roleplay event that engulfs not only their characters but possibly a dozen more and they're a key player in that event. Honestly there should be a rule about hopping characters when you're in an active chain of events that requires your character's presence. Wouldn't mind of X disappeared due to IRL issues, this is a game after all, but if they dipped just to be active on a different character I'll probably be irritated by that move.
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