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  1. I can't agree more with you. This undescribable urge to make a shootout compilation with shitty drill songs has to come to an end. Nobody just "leaves the situation" at there. People get into a simple argument, one of them flashes a gun and tells the other one to fuck off, the losing party immediately starts to escalate the situation in order to get shot and cry about it on /b later, OR they start being incredibly salty and start saying shit like "oh okay big guy, okay you got a gun huh, okay I lost, okay you're so hungry to win, you can't even use your hands, fuck you, you're a bitch". This mentality is slowly draining the quality of the roleplay because people only want to RP the situations that they win. This is also because the winning party is PUSHING it way too far to stick it into the losing one. About the main topic of the thread, It's never, ever logical to stand your ground to an armed criminal. It's not like you're de-escalating a situation with a security guard or a soldier or a police officer whose first intention is to disarm and apprehend you instead of killing you. I think neither in real life or especially in roleplay, you should never stand your ground except for very few and extreme situations.
  2. Okay then disregard the NPC drug selling, other than that why nobody goes mad and talks about selling individual fish to the ICly managed restaurants to make money? You still NPC the buyer. or farming and selling the harvest to actual people? You still NPC market. or selling carcasses to actual people? You still NPC the buyer. or working as a clerk in 24/7's and ammunations and make 4k an hour instead of in ICly managed restaurants/bars? You still NPC your boss. or trucking. You NPC the supplier and you mostly NPC the stores that you supply, If It's not a mechanic. or Taxi driving, you NPC the hotline. There's no general hotline in real life for taxi, why nobody gets apeshit crazy about it? Why not people try to hand little business cards to people so they can call them for a taxi rather than just going on with a scriptwise hotline? The things I mentioned above doesn't turn the server into a NPC based money grinding server but as soon as I talk about a illegal trucking, oh god the server is about to be a gta5online or fivem server. I'm not talking about NPC's standing in the store and we /rob them for money, I didn't even say a word about robberies. The only NPC I mentioned is a drug-dropshipping thing which is okay If nobody likes it, all good. But I'd appreciate If you have something that actually makes sense other than this "This a rp server It's not MMORPG", no shit.
  3. There are multiple jobs for making money in legit ways which don't apply for the criminals in a realistic manner. We have tugboat fishing, hunting, rod fishing, taxi driving, trucking, 24/7 stores and ammunations. All which supported by scripts and let people make decent money without really spending too much effort(which is more than fine). But in my opinion illegal roleplayers have so few choices to make IG money. I know many people will say that this is no RPG server etc. but I think having some scriptwise jobs without the need of excessive player interaction could be refreshing. And It doesn't turn the server into a FiveM voice-RP bullshit just because some people can make money from NPC's, because we already have tons of legal jobs supporting the NPC-wise money making. Burglary system: Just like trucking, we can get some boxes with different colours from random houses and load them then sell them to some place, however the house owner won't lose anything and we can put a long (10-12hr) cooldown on the system so It won't be abused. Illegal Trucking/Smuggling - Think about smuggled goods, again different coloured boxes so PD/SD and basically anyone can identify it being illegal. We can get them from edges of the map, as in borders or the docks, then we can supply the businesses(If they request) or other spots. NPC Drug Dropping - A job which we will need to drop X amount of meth, Y amount of weed etc. to some place, and again we can have cooldowns for this job. So you can do this job If you're a supplier or a person that can easily obtain drugs OR just a regular lone-wolf that can get drugs from gangs and supply the NPC by yourself. In my opinion the players on the server are already well behaving and the server itself is mature/developed enough to handle these scriptwise jobs without having shitload of people just running around commiting illegal activites. Also, every job that suggest above is balanced enough for law enforcement to catch them. I definetely understand the current system which we need an admind permission to perform certain illegal activities but these activities are the main source of income for most criminals. So I think we need some soft-illegal scriptwise jobs which criminals can do by themselves without involving the admins and still making decent money. I'm really curious about your opinions on this matter, already made a suggestion topic but felt like more of a discussion thread.
  4. How do you feel about the frequency of car theft? I've been personally stealing cars for a while now, still couldn't find where is the chop-shop even though I tried really hard looking/asking around for it. The frequency seems low in game however I see a lot of screenshots of people chopping cars so I think It's all good. How do you feel about IFM offering alternative routes instead of relying on the script? Stealing parts of the cars without the need of lockpicking sound very nice but we can also maybe have a thief script that allows us to steal parts from the trucking suppliers/docks/factories etc. So the one and only main source won't be vehicles. How do you feel about the current quality of car theft? Very good. But maybe people could just have a /sell option in somewhere else than chopshops where they can just get cash money. And they won't need to flip the parts around to have weapons then turn them to money. Have you ever seen information markers left at cars/buildings regarding metal having been stolen? Not at all.
  5. There are like 2-3 white supremacist factions which also get involved with politics. It feels like they fill that gap up pretty well for me.
  6. I think we need some more illegal script-wise jobs, other than carjacking criminal roleplayers don't really have a scriptwise job that they can do to earn money (without excessive human interaction). An illegal smuggling system can be implemented, think of trucking but It's forbidden cargo and It's transported by ships. More RP for Park Rangers, more RP for illegal factions and more RP for SD/PD boats, a fresh way of using the boats, and so on. I once made a detailed suggestion on SAMP but It was never made it as a system. No need to get into the details on here but yeah, illegal smuggling jobs or basicly cargo-ships (trucking for boats) can make the maritime RP way more enjoyable and active.
  7. Some people grind all day long and It's totally fine in my opinion. Everyone has a different mindset, some people really like to open up a bar, have relationships, get married and roleplay stuff like that. I personally roleplay for more than a damn decade and never bought a super-car or a 3 story house but that's just me. I don't really care If I have a million or 2k in my bank account, I'll still try to portray a realistic character. However, If you have free time and none of your friends are online, I think grinding is absolutely fine. Some people gonna try to be rich, some people gonna try to rob people. And also It's the rich people who don't give a shit about money, they tip the bartenders, they tip the taxi drivers, they tip YOU when you try to sell them drugs, or It's THEIR car you're trying to break in and chop. I think everybody should be way richer so they can portray their characters more realistically without stockpiling. Because lacking money and assets make you more vulnerable and hostile in conflicts. People /q because they don't want to lose their one and only glock. People start cussing in /b because they don't want their 100grams of coke stolen. But If they were rich enough, they wouldn't give a shit, they'd just RP and go on with their day. Look at cops. You can shoot them, hit them with your car 150 times, rob them, whatever you want but they STILL keep on rping, because at the end of the day they lose almost nothing. They know it in their hearts so they don't give a shit. You can kidnap a fucking SWAT team leader by yourself with a knife and he still keeps on roleplaying, please try to kidnap a leader of a rival gang with 8 people armed with shotguns and tell me how much time It takes for that homie to answer a single /do..... I think money is a must-have and richer the people get, It gets easier for them to lose in RP situations. Being rich balances the roleplay quality very well, and also we all know that If you pull up to a hood with a bugatti and try to join them, nobody would like you to be around. You don't say that you have 800k in your bank account to your OG or mob boss. It's a really good unspoken rule between the community for years.
  8. I think mob rp is far more detailed which makes it so much time consuming. Also, to be more realistic, It needs deep respect from other people and gangs. But in everywhere gangs are far more crowded which actually makes them more powerful and they don't really need to give a shit about the mobs. So the mob RP is obviously more fun and detailed but difficult to do. Also in gang RP, you can just hang out in your neighborhood, chat with random people, do drugs, have drinks and chill out. You'll always have an OG or some wannabes around you to interact but in mob RP, according to my experience, the opportunities are fewer, It feels like you always need to talk about some serious business, hang out in the backrooms of a strip club and so on in the name of being a stand up guy...
  9. As a person unfortunately met a reasonable amount of criminal people IRL, I can easily say that they talk about the crimes they commited 24/7. They brag, exeggrate all kind of stuff. They also degrade their victims, the law enforcement and other criminals(unless they're way too scared of them).
  10. I think the "barbaric" state of the surgeons and average people trying to roleplay as doctors, EMTs, etc are completely fine. I don't know If FD has an academy like PD does but making an over-detailed manual for a doctor or judging somebody because he used the wrong kind of scissors to treat a gunshot wound is not fair. If people want to learn about how to roleplay a better doctor, It's okay, but as you said most of the people just want to get out of the hospital asap. It's like drug roleplay, some people just snort 50 grams of coke in two seconds and start screaming, some people take their turns with a joint and watch netflix for 50 minutes. It's the nature of roleplayers, the question is do they want to spend their time roleplaying something or not. In my opinion medical roleplay is quite complicated and there's no reason to make it harder than It's used to be. I think the same about the law enforcement and government roleplay in general, people shouldn't need a damn PhD in real life to have some fun.
  11. Hey everyone. As a player in the RP community for more than ten years, I started to recognize some points in general. I'm not trying to judge anybody nor saying these are facts but wondering your point of view instead. Most of you may know, far back in the day most of the factions were doing OOC applications whether they're law enforcement or gang/mafia. But then It was obvious that IC recruitment for gangs and mafia is far more realistic AND ALSO FUN to do since It resembles real life, you get to know new people no matter If they're incredibly talented high-iq roleplayers or just a newbie trying to figure things out. After a good while of IC recruitment in every single RP environment, in my opinion most of the hot-shot names (E-famous illegal faction members, video creators, etc.) and their friend group started to get bigger and bigger by time. It came to a point that most of the factions (mostly street gangs) communicate on discord, have good e-relations (which is obviously no problem) then start to close their doors for the newbies or for the people just want to roleplay with them. People who don't know them or have their discord have no choice but pray/pm for a chance to RP with them because the faction is already packed up with good friends, they don't really have any reason to invite new members. This situation makes them a bit hostile to the newcomers because they simply don't need them. A new player or a wannabe is more like another victim of a robbery or a customer who should spend his paychecks on the drugs. It's obviously understandable for gangs to g-check, test their new wannabes, there's no problem with that HOWEVER not really giving a fuck about them, just bullying them in every chance they get and then tell them to "be original, create your own RP" while they're once again roleplaying a ruthless gangbanger with a different ethnicity for the 15th time this month. By the way I might exeggerate a bit to explain what I'm talking about... This "hyper-realistic" style of roleplay is just outpouring of poor leadership skills in my opinion. Like, imagine a well led organization with a good leader and good invited members, who occasionally monitors your activities, recognize your effort and so on, you don't give a shit If you get butt-fucked constantly by them because you know in the long run you'll be awarded for your effort. However, on the flip side, you'd get frustrated If you get constant harassment in the name of testing for months but then you see a guy with face-tats appear and now he's the right-hand of the leader because he just changed his name and decided to join your faction and he makes really good shoot-out videos. In my opinion all of these things really discourage the new players and the people who don't really have that big friend group. They're doomed to join legal factions because they can easily participate in different scenarios without the need of people grouping up in discord or without the fear of the faction shutting down because leaders are having some OOC drama. Furthermore, the big friend groups I mentioned above is decreasing the quality of the roleplay in my opinion. They're simply creating a bunch of mediocre characters who are ruthless with no feelings, interact with nobody but their inner circle, can't take a tiny joke except when It was made by one of his friends and so on. This mentality also leads these closed-communities to have hatred against eachother which lead to shitload of poor shoot-outs with edits in them showing the "names" and "forum pms" of the dead bodies...This play-to-win mentality in illegal factions, causing them to shoot a 30 deep rival group, killing every single one of them and still cursing at their ragdolled asses because they were saying something about their faction on the forums. I must say I saw thousands of exceptional characters in here, most of the official factions have a well-structured leadership, members and exceptionally high RP quality. Maybe the people I'm bad mouthing about are the minority, as I said in my first sentence, I'm curious about your opinions.
  12. Following it, will try to interact, keep it up!
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