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Staff Update - November 2019

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Keane    256





Welcome to November 2019's Staff Update. Before the internal promotions and new staff members are announced, I'd like to explain whats been going on behind the scenes.

Staff applications were not opened during October as we are revamping how we recruit staff members. Previously, Support applications were held to an admin standard. This meant that we only accepted applicants that we felt would be good admins in future. Instead, we are willing to give members of the community a chance to contribute at a Support level. While this will involve lowering standards a little for applicants, internally we plan on holding staff members to a higher standard. The idea is to have a larger staff team while still maintaining quality. It also allows members to prove themselves at a Support level rather than not being given a chance in the first place.

In order to accomplish this, we have decided to expand the Staff Management team. Staff Management is primarily responsible for assisting staff members with any questions they have and make sure current staff members are held to a high standard. For the past month, all Staff Management tasks were done by myself and Nervous. @Björk, @KV and @FullyCanadian have all been brought into Staff Management in order to spread the workload. All three of them are experienced admins that I know will do great in their new roles. Should everything go well, next month we should see a new Head of Support, Assistant Head of Support and Assistant Head of Admins. I wish Bjork, KV and FullyCanadian the best of luck.


The new additions to Staff Management should help us finish the internal revamp of the staff team much sooner. Once completed, it will free up the more senior staff members to work on other tasks. A revamp of the current in-game rules and a thread properly defining player kills and character kills are two things I hope to finish once I have more time available. 

I would like you to join me in congratulating the admins that got promoted, as well as our three new Support members.  







Admin Promotions

@Björk from Game Administrator Level 3 to Game Administrator Level 4


@SpawnMatrix from Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3


@Syrike from Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2


@Knoxville and @lambchops from Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1



     New Support Team Members

The following members of the community will be offered a chance to join the staff team as Community Support. These members were discussed again this month after being put on the reserved list last month.




The new Support members will be sent a PM on the forums with further instructions.


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Zug    44

Congratulations everyone. 

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Chief    88

Awesome. Glad to hear there's a revamp to the in-game rules coming, especially PK's and CK's. Good job everyone. Congrats.

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