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  1. Congrats all new Admins and Support! Congrats to all those promoted too!
  2. We did a lot of things together here and in other communities. You will be missed Patty and you’ll be remembered by a lot of people here, especially in the SD. You was there when I was in ESD and previous servers - to recently helping with the new medical protocols. RIP

    1. Lartsa


      love you connor, hmu if you ever need a chat.

  3. Congratulations all and welcome new Support!
  4. Okay this isn't a thread that we need. Locking.
  5. Definitely a need for this, avoids any Metagaming as well and keeps the immersion.
  6. Username: BJohnston Comment: This is why I left this city.. LEOs cracking down on teenagers with rifles and pistols and getting protested against for it.
  7. Connor

    Stockings mod

    Please post this in the topic posted above for clothing suggestions! This will be L&Ad
  8. L&A on request!
  9. L&A on request. @Jadedplease bare in mind advertisement rules - all bids must be publicly accessible and not private.
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