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  1. If you want to know how to figure out if it's a bug or if it is stolen then just send in a /report about it. You can install antitheft on your vehicle which gives you access to a tracker and an immobiliser. Other than that it's all IC and varies character to character.
  2. Syrike

    Sending this one right back to the top.
  3. I'm just going to step in here and say it again, if you do the trucking job, you're ICly being a trucker, RP it properly, if you just speed around the city then you're part of the problem mentioned by the OP, just like the people who just stand there and spam the commands are a problem.
  4. Syrike

    This is an exploit, as is already the case anyone caught doing this will be punished accordingly.
  5. Syrike

    Hi, just going to chime in here, theres really no reason why your 13/14/15 year old should be treated differently because they're a dumbass who intrudes on a police scene, there is nothing in the San Andreas penal code to specify that a minor has to be treated differently to an adult and as such, they are treated the way they are. (Not PDs fault here, they don't make the laws.) Now I fully expect someone to comment on here. "But that's just poor RP, you should just treat them differently anyway because it's more realistic!" No, not really, once kids start shooting at cops and killing them, something which has happened, and still happens, why would the cops decide that they should still be treated differently when the environment suggests otherwise. In short, Cops aren't required to discern the age legally, given what happens on the server and how the players of these characters act in some cases (Not all players, there are good ones) They should not be expected to treat them differently because it would be illogical and entirely unsafe to do so.
  6. Syrike

    You can swap between them at will in nearly all cases, to answer this yes he would be expected to swap or simply disable any form of aim assist in his settings. Using the controller is their personal choice and that personal choice may put them at a disadvantage.
  7. The issue is the crazy high inflation is not the product of natural inflation, it's made by people ramping up prices so drastically in an attempt to get rich quick. We could add those things, but they would more likely only be added into the price.
  8. No they shouldn't just be for sale scriptwise for ridiculous amounts of money, there is a reason why they are locked behind the request system.
  9. Really now, because I have personally seen direct intervention in certain cases, either way I have already forwarded this thread to members of property management who I would certainly hope will take the time to address the concerns brought up in this thread. As for the first point, you're right, this is a game, a game where we roleplay characters living in Los Santos, characters for whom all this is very real. If people are failing to see this and simply act with the mentality "Oh it's just a game." Then quite frankly, they've already missed the entire point of Roleplay. I've long been vocal about my belief that property prices need a rule involving them other this kind of stupid inflation appears and hopefully with more of the community voicing these concerns something will happen.
  10. I'll let PM handle this, that exact mindset and seeing it as a way to "Get ones foot on the property ladder." Is why this problem exists in the first place. The boomer comment, sure could work but there is not a 40 year time difference here and the actual property value has not changed in any way except in the minds of the people who own them and those who want them at any price.
  11. As was mentioned in another thread, if you're willing to pay far more than the actual value of that property then it is your mistake and you're partially to blame for the stupid inflation people seem to think is ok to put on properties, it could be your characters dream house but would they allow themselves to pay 3 times the price? Would you do this in reality? Or would you tell the seller to jump off a bridge? Would people prefer PM to come out and say something like: Due to the actions of members of the community we have had to limit the price you can put on your properties to no more than 200% of the market price? Because let's face it as JustanM43 said, he got a cul de sac house at a good price and someone came along the next day and offered him a stupidly over the top sum of money. The Staff team will step in if this happens and it is reported or we find it happening as it is completely beyond what should be happening. The only time a price should be excessive is when the custom interior furniture cost forces it up that much, the market price of a property is a thing for a reason, because it is the market price, it isn't just the script price of the property.
  12. Syrike

    Yeah it's under graphics and Morgan's suggestion is also good. Anyone not currently running RAGE as windowed borderless should swap to windowed borderless and set pause on focus loss to off.
  13. Syrike

    @Dynamite! Have you turned MSAA off in game? Thats another thing that tends to cause the loss of a significant amount of frames. On RAGEMP anyway.
  14. Syrike

    It's a load speed issue, your hard drive may be failing or it might simply have slowed down a little. I had issues like this with my old HDD bit I upgraded to an SSD and they vanished. It can't handle the amount of objects being loaded in and it's starting to lock it up. You could also give defragmenting your HDD a go or even try putting it on another drive. Other than this the other options are you may need to verify your GTA due to broken files, or your CPU may be having issues. If it was the GPU you would most likely be experiencing crashes.
  15. Syrike

    Keep it on topic, this isn't an argument thread about where to park your car. And most cars are parked beside the station because there is less chance of them being broken into and stolen. That's what it comes down to at the end of the day.