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  1. SpawnMatrix

    No longer needed, archived.
  2. SpawnMatrix

    Your roleplay was poor overall, and you had just come off of a ban. And obviously, you hadn't learned your lesson, hence why I said re-appeal in one month. That still stands.
  3. SpawnMatrix

    The faction states clearly that you can be removed at any time for anything they deem necessary OOC or IC, you were rightfully terminated from the faction and that was the faction leaders choice even if it was an OOC decision nothing is wrong with it. We terminate people in PD all the time for OOC issues, this is allowed. And as this is a legal faction what Spartan did was fully allowed. No wrongdoing was present from Spartan's side so I will be closing this report. As seen in this screenshot, my above point is proven. As this is for IC and OOC. I've also notified Spartan to make it more clear that they can terminate for OOC reasoning as well, although it's implied but they will be adding a line or so to make sure it's known more clearly.
  4. SpawnMatrix

    You were reported to FM, where we then went to @Spartan and talked about the situation as you were not portraying a realistic character in any capacity. You were utilizing a legal faction's vehicle that is associated with other GOV factions such as the LSPD and the LSFD. It's a justified faction ban for OOC misconduct. Also while we're here why were you stealing vehicles from a safe zone? Station seven is a safe zone and you stole vehicles from outside of it.
  5. SpawnMatrix

  6. SpawnMatrix

    If it doesn't work I'll just send you my entire server client_resources then you wont need to download them and it should just connect you hopefully.
  7. SpawnMatrix

    Alright, sorry no one got to you at all but let's see if this will work. So, when you go to your RAGEMP directory, there will be a folder called client_resources, open it and go to the folder with the IP of Once in here, go to the dlcpacks folder, then "soupiesthairs" folder. IF you don't have a "soupiesthairs" folder create one. Once you've done that, drag and drop this file into the "soupiesthairs" folder. The file directory should look something like C:\ragemp\client_resources\\dlcpacks\soupiesthairs @webbtovski Download this file and drop it into that folder that I stated above. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lssq7cu40w3zvj2/dlc.rpf?dl=0
  8. SpawnMatrix

    Your roleplay was horrendous as well as your attitude, you've had issues in the past as well such as having a constant attitude over /pm and an ajail for DM. You're fresh off of a ban from Nervous for two days for pausing RP and needing to read the rules, you haven't improved since then. The ban stands, appeal in one month if you'd like.
  9. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Yes gamers. Anyways congrats guys!
  10. SpawnMatrix

    Unbanned, make sure to RP up to the standards of the server and such. Have fun.
  11. SpawnMatrix

    The main issue here is that there could have been a bug with the phone, but as stated by @Sam2 he was trying to trace for an hour or so, the phone came on, he traced again and it was off. PD then went to the location of the trace and that's when they found Sheridan, there's nothing clearly showing that phone bugged, the trace happened when the phone turned on script-wise. The size of this situation is too large to simply void without risking any type of metagame from any side even if they are all known to be good roleplayers. Simply put there isn't much to change due to this report due to the sheer amount of people that were involved if it had been a simple one-off kidnapping sure, but this was over 2 hours of roleplay and many moving parts. Realistically I cannot void this situation without risking a bunch of factors. Apologies @YungYank and @AnarchyPanties.
  12. SpawnMatrix

    Currently discussing with everyone on discord PMs, trying to figure out this entire situation. Will post on this thread when a conclusion is made.
  13. SpawnMatrix

    So, the tracing system only traces a phone when it's on script-wise, if you had turned on your phone at any point during his traces he would have gotten a hit and subsequently a location on you. If you turned on your phone to text someone or something, then ICly your phone would be on of course, as stated by @Sam2 he wasn't getting a trace as the phone was off and then randomly as he was trying while attempting to locate a missing officer he got a hit so they most likely moved to the location confronted you and found the officer. This more or less seems like a misunderstanding and not an abuse of a bug as there was no bug to be abused. As for common courtesy, simply telling someone to report it on the forums as the situation is already complete does not fall under this in my opinion. I understand fully where you are coming from @YungYank and @AnarchyPanties but from what I can see right now no bug was abused and there were traces utilized on your phones that they had acquired phone numbers for in order to do so. Is there anything else to add to this report?
  14. SpawnMatrix

    Handling, @Sam2 go ahead and post your side please!
  15. SpawnMatrix

    Good luck with this!