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  1. SpawnMatrix

    Confirming, and approved for 1x Pistol and 36x pistol ammo. Report in game for a level 2+ admin to finish this refund request.
  2. SpawnMatrix

    Reporting party has dropped the report due to them believing there was no wrongdoing. Archiving.
  3. SpawnMatrix

    moved to @Keane's section.
  4. SpawnMatrix

    haha yes!
  5. SpawnMatrix

    After looking over your appeal it's not the worst I've seen. Although your admin record as well as you just coming off of a ban shows to me that you have not yet quite learned what you have done wrong. For now, on your appeal, I will be saying no, you may appeal once more one month from today. Re appeal one month from today, on February 9th, 2019.
  6. SpawnMatrix

  7. SpawnMatrix

    Handled in game.
  8. SpawnMatrix

    hey mama i made it
  9. SpawnMatrix

  10. SpawnMatrix

    @CloudedEra you clearly were metagaming through steam chat, this will be added to your record and such as you are already banned. As for @Aegaios due to your poor roleplay after getting shot you will be ajailed for 60 minutes for powergaming. As for Martin Gabiani never lie to an admin during an active sit again, this time I'm being nice, but others may not be so forgiving this goes for @Aegaios as well. If a scene isn't going your way don't twist it into your own liking so that you can possibly win it. This forum report is concluded.
  11. SpawnMatrix

    Alright so, @CloudedEra you clearly were metagaming in steam messages, but there was a little bit of metagame on both sides, you should not plan or script RP through third party means at all. Your PK reasoning was fine after liaising with a member of FM for this report they have agreed that it was a sort of pre-emptive strike in order to prevent your character from being CK'd in the future. There's nothing wrong with that. As for @Munhausen and @Aegaios, you both need to continue RP until an admin arrives on the scene and pauses the situation, as was shown in the gif that @CloudedEra provided of the shooting he shows that he did in fact hit Giacomo DiLeo with his pump shotgun as they ran away, this is also backed by the logs which shows Marco hitting Giacomo with their pump shotgun for 78 damage in the torso. As for the bickering by both sides, never do that again or there will be common courtesy punishments handed out we do not need that within a forum report, explain your side and await an admin to handle next time. Does either side have anything to add before I come to a verdict?
  12. SpawnMatrix

    Locking this until it is handled.
  13. SpawnMatrix

    Forwarded, property management is discussing this internally and will look into adding more properties.
  14. SpawnMatrix

    I don't see a problem with it. If FD treats it as a hospital why not.
  15. SpawnMatrix

    I'll discuss it with property management. Personally, I have no problem with adding any properties such as general stores and clothing stores and such to the area.