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  1. SpawnMatrix

  2. SpawnMatrix

  3. SpawnMatrix

    Congrats guys! And welcome to the new people
  4. SpawnMatrix

    @Westen i love u
  5. SpawnMatrix

  6. SpawnMatrix

    easy style
  7. SpawnMatrix

  8. SpawnMatrix

    Congrats guys, welcome to the green team.
  9. SpawnMatrix

    sometimes i feel like recording a documentary of that so please dont judge??? thanks idiot... but seriously, if you're driving around like an idiot and slamming into things only to say "man bro desync sorry!" when in fact you were just trying to hit a sick drift and hit a gas pump and blew up then thats on you tbh lmfao
  10. SpawnMatrix

    literally just drive like a human being, you're not a fucking f1 race car driver lmfao.
  11. SpawnMatrix

    GOV is lead by players already, and elections are planned for later on. But for now, elections will not happen. I'm locking this now as it's just going back and forth now. If you have an actual legitimate gripe about GOV then please, by all means PM a member of Legal FM with your gripe. But this is doing nothing.
  12. SpawnMatrix

    I believe it'll happen eventually, the election part that is as we already have a player ran government, although I'm not sure about the elections. In Legal FM I'm not involved with GOV as I handle PD, so I'll tag @Rukka in on this one.
  13. SpawnMatrix

    i like gtaw
  14. SpawnMatrix

    talk to me when u guys make it out of open but rn like lem i think i dont really play anymore.
  15. SpawnMatrix

    developing and erping