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  1. SpawnMatrix

    We'll discuss this internally.
  2. SpawnMatrix

    LSSD Parole Information Thread Hello, The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department are allowing members of all illegal factions and their characters to join the parole board in an out of character agreement for role play. Anyone (even if you are not in an illegal faction) can request this and role play being on parole. You would just role play having gone to jail and being released pertinent to the charges you are requesting (this lets you role play around parole and others realistically). Remember, the charges you request WILL be taken in-character and will be on your MDC record for any future police encounters to role play around. The parole unit wants to pursue realistic role play with anyone who wants to join as a parolee. Essentially, you fill in this format, send it back to the LSSD and they will consider you on parole. Your character would have gone to jail and been released via the parole program and is now on parole — this just allows the community to experience parole without having to actually go to jail and do the time. This can be any illegal character, regardless of circumstances or factions and it'll give you (and your character) some passive and interesting role play to consider whenever you're doing. Do note that if you get caught doing anything illegal or you break your parole conditions over multiple occasions, you can be arrested. Realism and fun are key here. This is purely to make the environment you're role playing in tense, to make your characters worry about the circumstances they're going to be put in, to act in accordance with rules, to break the rules and get away with it, check ups from Parole Deputies and much more. We want an enjoyable and immersive experience for all parties. If you are interested and want to know more, send in this application to @ramsand the LSSD will handle it accordingly. [b]Character Name:[/b] Firstname Lastname [b]Do you understand being put on parole will be permanently taken IC, and how you must role-play it accordingly ([url=https://lssd.gta.world/viewtopic.php?p=1183#p1183]read this[/url]?):[/b] Yes. / No. [b]Character's Personal Information:[/b] [list] [*][b]Phone Number (active at all times):[/b] Write here [*][b]Vehicle(s):[/b] Write here [*][b]Domestic Address:[/b] Write here [*][b]Relatives' Names and Addresses (people you're actively role playing around):[/b] Write here [*][b]Requested Charge(s):[/b][/list](ref the [url=https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/20053-san-andreas-penal-code/]GTAW Penal Code[/url] for any charges you want, make it realistic and do not put five counts of murder, etc): [list][*]Charge Here #1 [*]Charge Here #2 [*]Charge here #3[/list] Note, these charges are not allowed: Quote Mayhem Kidnapping Attempted Murder (on a Government Worker) Violation of Parole (case-by-case basis) [b]Special Conditions:[/b] Since this is an out of character agreement, we give you the options to pick certain circumstances, ie, you cannot be outside of your residence after 10PM, you cannot associate with firstname_lastname and so forth. This is up to you, but I'd urge you to pick at least one thing to ensure there's a level of tension to avoid being caught. If not, just put N/A. [list] [*] Curfew of TIME HERE (10, 11, 12, 1AM ETC) [*] Cannot associate with FIRSTNAME LASTNAME HERE [*] Cannot be in the area of AREA HERE [*] Cannot be in the business of ANY BUSINESSES HERE[/list]
  3. SpawnMatrix

    Archived due to inactivity.
  4. SpawnMatrix

    Just a friendly reminder that this is a faction thread, not a discussion thread. If you have criticisms or reports about the faction, by all means, report it to my inbox in a proper manner and following the faction report format. Thanks, don't sidetrack the thread again.
  5. SpawnMatrix

    Please lord yes.
  6. SpawnMatrix

    You'll need to follow the process for getting a faction, information can be found in this thread.
  7. SpawnMatrix

    Media Outlet Section Welcome to the Media Outlet section. This section will be home to everything media orientated and is the place showcase your faction thread and everything you and your IC colleagues do on a day to day basis. Keep it up to date with your business screenshots and links to everything IC journalism-related. In order to be recognized as a media outlet on the server, you’ll need to follow the same process all factions follow as outlined here: https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/7710-must-read-information-on-creating-a-faction/ However, there is another step to complete when you submit your thread. You’ll have to include this section alongside your application in order to get access the In-Game commands: Completed threads and questionnaires are to be forwarded to @SpawnMatrix. Disclaimer: If the faction fails to remain active and provide a high standard of roleplay it will be closed down. Similarly, if the commands granted are abused, they will be removed and the faction closed down after the members receive their individual punishments.
  8. SpawnMatrix

  9. whoa u change name.. why didnt you change it to goofzilla??? 

  10. Well Cheers, I respect the come back at a different time. Im sure ill come back with a fresher attitude.

  11. SpawnMatrix

    When you PK, you forget everything leading up to the events that unfolded that resulted in your characters death. Now how would it make sense to RP gunshot wounds after you respawn if your character was killed in that altercation? Your character in that life would be in a morgue. So, in essence, you're starting a "New Life" but with the same character. Now, this is a very short explanation of a PK so take it with a grain of salt, I don't want to type out an essay for this as it just needs to be defined more clearly within our server rules in the future. Now that we've cleared that up, this thread can get back on the topic of PK / Value of Life and not argue about something minuscule that doesn't really pertain to this thread, thanks.
  12. SpawnMatrix

    ye i misread it like a dingus but anyways store keeps and such in my opinion should be allowed to be roleplayed, Like what Chef stated as long as they aren't used to give an advantage to someone and why not it just adds to rp if anything. then i dont think theres an issue. The rule should be reworded and I think should allow passive types of RP with store keeps and other things that give no advantages to the player and only really add to the RP that the player wishes to do.
  13. SpawnMatrix

    In order to have a faction you need to go through the correct process of applying for one. Not just circumvent the system by putting up a screenshots gallery thread. All the needed information can be found in this thread: