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  1. Upgraded locks and alarm. Under 100 miles. Seeking $200,000 Price negotiable Contact at 25181322 Or by email ((forums)).
  2. Samuel

    My god! r/dataisbeautiful
  3. Samuel

    What feels to be seamless integration between everything. I've been on far too many servers that makes it feel like servers are stitched up messes of script.
  4. Server couldn't handle it. Mmmff. :/
  5. In that case, these funds must be managed smartly. You have my donation.
  6. Well... transparency says to tell us what the big game changer is. I don't want this server to die. But I also want to be informed on anything that could be damaging to it, and therefor, excuse any donation I would make.
  7. EVERYONE states their emergency first. I have ever only seen a HANDFUL of 911 calls where the caller specifies the location. Most people read this as "what is your emergency" I think this should be re-worded to "What is your location?" or "Where do you need assistance?" or even "Whats the ADDRESS of your emergency?" Something to more CLEARLY specify the location. OR, include the street/area in the 911 call callout. Officers sometimes don't have time to check the MDC map, and, the MDC map doesn't have any sort of sorting or organization to it.
  8. Samuel

  9. Samuel

    praise the citation overlords
  10. Samuel

    nioce robocop, would bang if straite. nice story. ur a good perosn.
  11. Samuel

    by this weird guy named @Toasty
  12. Samuel