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  1. obligatory @Cheeezy appreciation and of course @Jonesy who's always there to tp inmates back into their cells when they fall through
  2. There is a factual track record of reports and roleplay that shows Eddie Miller to be distrubed. In a cleared shooting (due to, I believe, the lies perpertrated by those involved) Eddie Miller murdered a convicted criminal who was actively stalking, harassing, and interjecting in a sick, twisted way with Eddie's relationship. This is a completely IC mindset that is thought ICly. /sendtomorge exists, as does an entire morge where officers can match casings to bullets found in bodies.
  3. It could just as easily be that the person driving by isn't responding to your call, and is going someplace else.
  4. We need to talk.
  5. With law enforcement being without a doubt one of the most vital, important, and public factions on a server, trusting the leadership of the faction to a popular vote of a random individual would potentially destroy the organization and with it, the community. Unlike real life, where political parties typically choose their candidate, where command structures are valued and listened to, and where actions of figure heads are watched every single second... faction leaders have a serious degree of automony of their faction. Leadership is everything in factions.
  6. Username: Arny Comment: What exactly makes this legal? What statute says that you can drift around some military instalation?
  7. The following is a list of (old) screenshots that can be found on the MDC utilized by the SD/PD. Nearly every photo on this database has a name floating about the persons head, inciting metagame. It should be a rule that all photographs used to identify someone ICly (such as a bolo/APB) must have the name blurred or removed before distrubted.
  8. Please create some sort of system to restore deleted/ck'ed characters on the MDC. There are records attached to these names that can come about during a court case or any other IC activities. Deleting the character also removes access of any person (without DB access, to my knowledge) from accessing these reports.
  9. Upgraded locks and alarm. Under 100 miles. Seeking $200,000 Price negotiable Contact at 25181322 Or by email ((forums)).
  10. What feels to be seamless integration between everything. I've been on far too many servers that makes it feel like servers are stitched up messes of script.
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