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  1. Havana

    Tbh it would be bulky and very annoying to walk with, yes. And a micro draco can weigh around 5 lbs. Nobody would carry anything like that casually, it'd have to be to specifically sneak it in somewhere.
  2. Havana

    Wooh, we're going for the dissection approach. Fun. As I said, the game mechanics don't let you shoot a rifle from within a car anyway despite those drive-by shootings actually happening and being just as realistic. But you could reasonably have it beside you, tucked between your thigh and the door. If the following had a foldable stock and a shorter barrel length, it could easily be overlooked. On the draco issue that you're adamant about it not fitting under your clothes, I'll reiterate that it is possible if you look at the size. People have stuffed them in the back of their pants and worn something heavier over it. Not someone in skinny jeans, but someone in baggy shirts or hoodies in classic thug clothes? Entirely possible. Yes, it would print, but it'd be reasonably concealed. And as I said, you're just swapping one rule break for another. One person carrying the gun could powergame its storage place and not tell everyone that it'd be very visible. If he whips it out out of nowhere, that's an easy report. Or you could just deal with however many people see the floating gun model and decide to metagame and leave the area preemptively. That'll be harder to prove and much more widespread.
  3. Havana

    You can very easily have a gun in your lap, hidden between your legs, and lift it to shoot somebody. Obviously, you can't do this in game with rifles, it simply won't let you shoot them from within the car. However, they wouldn't be easily visible to anyone unless they're sticking their head directly in the window. You have to roleplay taking it with you when you step out of the car anyway. My concern with this entire thing is that you're just swapping the risk of someone powergaming how a gun is hidden, and now you're risking how everyone else might metagame and be more paranoid about your character. So now, someone sees the gun model blatantly on your back, and freaks out without giving you a chance to roleplay how it's ACTUALLY stored and held on your body. If it's a draco style AK, it could be under your shirt and reasonably only make a bulge. If you're wearing a big jacket, it could be entirely out of sight. There's slings for sawn-off shotguns that go well under big, bulky jackets. I've seen rifles that are basically pistols, and pistols that are basically rifles. There's limited variation to the in-game guns, but you get the idea. Again, this all comes down to having someone properly roleplay what would be visible. Right now, you depend on one person with the gun to roleplay how they're holding it, storing it, etc. If you make it a visible model, you're just swapping the powergame issues for a metagame issue Now you're relying on everyone else who sees the gun model. One person with a gun vs 5 people who now have to roleplay properly around it. I guarantee you there will be more issues. If a sawn-off shotgun is safely tucked away in a bulky jacket and the entire point is to catch someone by surprise, the people in the area are going to be paranoid as all hell if they see the model hanging unrealistically from your back. The metagame issues with it will happen a lot more often than someone improperly roleplaying where their gun is. No thanks.
  4. Havana

    Username: Nexus Comment: As the original owner of this club, it's really nice to see it opening up more frequently through two ownership changes. A little rough patch with the startup & style is no big deal. I'm excited to see what the new owner & management do with it to make it exceptional among the saturated LS nightclub scene.
  5. I thought there was something like this already in place? Since there's liquor items IG, the bartender can rp making a mixed drink of any kind & just give you 1 of the liquors that would go into it. That being said, the property owner is the only one that can rent the property out, which allows bartenders to get things from the inventory. A LOT of bars have 'managers' who frequently open up instead & they can't rent the property out to whoever they hire. So, it technically is PG, but there's reasons why. They're not trying to scam you out of your $100 for a beer. They just might not be able to take it from the inventory.
  6. I assumed this was something just done automatically by the server. Thought it was weird since there are so many more combinations it could use before jumping an extra digit, but it didn't seem like a huge immersion problem.. It didn't mess any of my contacts up either, since some people have 4 digit numbers, 6 digit numbers, etc, & the server accounts for that. How'd it mess up yours?
  7. Havana

    Disagreeing with this because.. well, it doesn't allow you to develop a character very far. People kill for very frivolous reasons on GtaW and that can't be helped by any rule or attempt at realism. People die in real life all the time for frivolous reasons but the percentage of it happening is MUCH higher on this server. People base their entire characters on being irate and homicidal. Also - this would be a severe drawback to businesses. To open up a bar properly, you need to apply for the business license under your current character name, apply for the liquor license after that & wait around to catch one of the licensing agents online, then the fire inspection... Can you imagine getting killed off over something frivolous, doing all the inspections again under your new name, and then getting killed again 2 weeks later because someone wanted to rob you for the money and had no realistic value for human life? CK's should be a last resort so this server doesn't turn into a garbage pile of disposable characters who people don't put much time and development into.
  8. Agreeing with every point made against this. Too many people running around who just want to rob for the hell of it. Standing outside for more than 5 minutes, without a gun, is asking for it. Stopping at a red light for more than 2 seconds is asking for it. - I got chased for 10 minutes by someone on a bike who wanted to rob my character. He did not fear for his life, as he should have considering how easily a Mesa could run him off the road and paralyze him- and did. The first time, he did not rp it. The second time, it killed him so he ragequit for the night. - One of my friends was robbed by a ridiculous “/me robs ******.” Followed by accusations of stalling once she started typing a reply, complying but with giving detail. And she was shot dead because it was faster for him. It was in broad daylight in Mirror Park, in front of 10 people. These incidents aren’t exactly rare, and it sucks having to lug cash around if you need to buy something that requires cash on hand instead of taking it from the bank: gun stores, buying car alarms/locks/window tint/GPS, even club entry fees. People can’t control themselves & this rule prevents them from ruining everyone else’s rp so they can feel like a criminal badass.
  9. That could be done too with the existing ucp leasing request system, I think!
  10. It seems like it'd need a lot of groundwork & many more players to get the courses & classes going. What about as a first step, they set up dorms at the ULSA campus? So people who rp college kids can gravitate to that area from time to time. Since the multi-interior properties were introduced it seems easy to do. Maybe they could be forced-rent properties like some of the old motel properties, so no one can own a dorm room, but they can stay there, hang around, throw parties, etc. At the very least, creating the dorms as a first step would create a hotspot there & draw in some casual, party, & drug rp.
  11. Totally for this. The issue with being pulled over seems more like a PD mentality problem & doesn't seem like it'd need an MDC fix. If the car hasn't been reported stolen, doesn't look like it's been broken into, and you clearly have the keys and can turn it on & off, why would they try to arrest you? People borrow family & friends' cars all the time, realistically. They don't have to update any paperwork or notify the police in order to do so.
  12. Havana

    It never made sense to me that the inactivity timer took the house and didn't refund you for it. It seemed like a punishment, if they go inactive on accident and come back to having lost 100k+, who would stick around after that? No one wants to grind script jobs just to have their own place again. Before, if you were at risk of going inactive and knew it, you could sell the property back to the server for 100% back. Then, you'd still have incentive to come back later on, and the property was right back up for sale for anyone who wanted it. That worked out for everyone. Now with the 50% server sell price cut, people will be wanting to hang on to their properties. Because of the influx of new properties it may be harder to sell for even a fair price that covers what it cost you. It could be a lose-lose situation - if accidentally go inactive because you couldn't sell for a fair price while you had the time,, and you get screwed over anyway. Potential fix: Make the inactivity timer give you 100% back, but keep the manual 50% server sell update. I highly doubt people will abuse this, because think about it: would anyone really go inactive for a month just to make 100% back on their property? If they have several properties, they could lose ALL of them just to try to make 100% back on the one they couldn't rp'ly sell. It'd be hard to abuse, and if it's an automatic sale & refund, it doesn't add any processing workload to the admins. Definitely needs the warning as well, maybe a 2-week UCP e-mail warning?
  13. Havana

    I think you can toggle the ads off already, and there's that other suggestion for the ad queue.. However, considering that one of the donation package features lowers the ad cooldown to 1 minute & it really helps get people actually going to businesses.. Toggling it off if it bugs you is much better than a strict limit on everyone.
  14. Havana

    I used to run around rp'ing with the camera quite a bit as my character's hobby, climbing all kinds of buildings to play around with the shots. Sometimes even using the sitting animations that make you float a little bit off the ground so it looks like you held the camera up. Telling the other person to move just slightly, or angle around to fix the lighting on their face.. I'd set the resolution to 4k in game and make my computer cry as I obsessively hit F12 or spam-clicked the camera to try to find the PERFECT moment that the other character actually looked at me. & A few times my character looked like a crazy person, sprinting off to find a building with a ladder or staircase to climb, because the city looked pretty/weird due to some odd weather change (click & click) Due to some of the limitations, I've been using Menyoo+Rockstar editor a lot more lately, though. If RageMP ever enables Rockstar editor again, it'll be a million times easier again.
  15. Havana

    Character name: Eva Nieves UCP name: Havana (Discord name?): Ryder#3149 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 2820 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 3 Alta Street - Floor 20, Room 1 Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Balcony