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  1. Havana

    Okay, understanding better now. If it's just a matter of legal classifications, then by all means, change PK's to Attempted Murder. It'd work out as long as the party that actually got scriptly killed has no recollection of it. They can avoid their past murderer by learning about the person's record/attempted murder charge via the public court system that's now even being broadcasted on social media. The same people with several murder charges would just be walking around with a record loaded with Attempted Murder charges instead. Though, I'm sure there'll be less of this going around with the more DM-hungry characters rp'ing in the prison to come. - Seems like the second point was a misunderstanding then and can be dismissed. But if someone ate an entire magazine to the chest and head and were scriptly killed and not just downed, with no immediate medical attention, I'd consider it powergaming and metagaming if they survived it and went on to be questioned.
  2. Havana

    I'm honestly not sure how to make a better system than the one we have now. It can be confusing, it can be messy, and it definitely makes things complicated with court and criminal records. However, if a character gets killed because of a random situation such as a drive by or a carjacking gone wrong, I don't feel like classifying it as a CK would be fair to the person who put countless time and effort into that character. And classifying it as an "attempted murder", and creating the odd reality where an actual death is written off as "maybe they died, maybe they didn't" creates an even BIGGER grey area that would lead to more confusion, and more reports. Can the victim that was, in fact, murdered recall ANY information about the event? Can they be questioned for the details of the "Attempted Murder" case? We can't have every actual murder turn into a CK, because then the server will be full of short-lived, replaceable characters that have little depth and little development. Yes, plenty of characters will continue to live long lives because they don't get out much, don't really interact outside of a certain circle, they properly rp fear and comply, or are just lucky enough not to get thrown into a situation with someone who's just hungry to DM. The GtaW murder rate is FAR higher than any realism would allow, and I think people would just be CK'd left and right, to stop the victim from speaking to the cops. TLDR, having a PK count as an attempted murder seems even messier and more confusing to court/criminal cases than the system we have now. And all kills being CKs will make it a much more hostile environment, with a lot more disposable, lackluster characters.
  3. Havana

    I feel like counting a PK as an "attempted murder" and letting the murdered party walk around with full knowledge of what happened, is a bit.. weird? Right now the vagueness behind a PK accommodates & allows people to work the details out. If people had the common decency to talk to each other after a PK to sort out what the character would forget, it wouldn't be so confusing. A PK should be a PK. The victim is removed from the situation, and used as a nameless dead person in any further interactions or police/court matters, but the person can walk around on a "new life" as if they'd never known their murderer. Yes, there will be awkward run-ins, but it's still a "conditional" death in my opinion. Your character died because of a bad situation, bad luck, or to be removed from something, that wouldn't completely ruin that character. Listing it in court/criminal proceedings as an 'attempted murder', when detectives likely found the body or evidence of it, also seems like a confusing reality. Maybe if you get arrested for a PK, and charged for murder, you ALSO get PK'd from that situation/"life", since your character would realistically go in for 10+ years? And a CK is a CK, and a perma-death to the character, because something happened in their storyline that got them killed, and it would make a lot of holes in the development to have them suddenly "forget" whatever caused them to get murdered.
  4. Havana

    This argument has been brought up a thousand times, been beaten like a dead horse a thousand times, and repeated. Your complaint about it stems from a video that a friend made, with his character driving up to work, or what you call a “party” at the construction site. Most of the NPCs there were in uniform, eating, on their break, on a HUGE skyscraper construction site that would realistically be busy and populated just like that. It’s not powergaming to make the city seem alive, like it should be. Now, it’s a different problem when you’re spawning in some ridiculous car, weapons, etc for pictures when you don’t own it IC or have any means to borrow it. THEN it could be considered powergaming.
  5. Havana

    here, I fixed it.
  6. Havana

    It's 50/50. Some people just like Menyoo for the art of it. If you try it once and get into it, it's a fun sandbox to play with. Any time allotted to playing with Menyoo is likely time that they wouldn't have spent on the server anyway. I personally play with it when I have time but can't RP because I might have to leave at any moment. It doesn't detract from the server. +Don't forget that faces are still bugged. Whenever someone enters your area or the interior that you're in, some of their face values are desynced unless they do /hat on religiously for every person. That's an OOC bug that I've seen taken IC in many situations. No, not everyone is trying to fake their character appearance. Though some people just like playing with Photoshop and they'd do that without Menyoo anyway. I don't much mind the thought of people using Menyoo to 'trespass' into houses like Madrazo's & Michael's pool because of the server limitations as well. Your characters have backstories that you can't rp all the time. It shouldn't be a problem if a picture is taken somewhere fancy or with a pool for the sake of some backstory to where they come from, family, financial situation, or what their character portrayal is. After all, people use the same argument towards money. Broke, ghetto characters can have 500k+ in the bank, that doesn't mean they have to alter their character portrayal to suddenly be rich, they can just keep it as an OOC tool. Your character can have a single property and car and still have much more to their story than their IG assets. It's only a problem if they're flaunting drugs, guns, and cars they don't have access to, and creating an entirely fake life for themselves as if they're on GTA Online.
  7. That was absolutely worth the read. Thanks for some of the vivid descriptions that I need to get out of my head now. 😂
  8. I used to see boosted posts at least 2 weeks old and sometimes 2 months old. That part is very annoying. Aside from the posts that are left boosted for far too long, the use of it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. People on sites like FB and Instagram pay to have their content suggested to more people, though the sites are a lot more sneaky about fitting it into your regular news feed & “new content” pages. Those posts don’t have to be strictly promotional/business related content either because everyone tries to be a model on real social media and getting more views allows sponsorships and things like that. We have the same thing happening in character on FB and that seems like a realistic issue. Also the criminal stuff does get handled by PD. It just looks like it doesn’t. Real dealers advertise the drugs they sell on social media & apps like snapchat so again, more realism, even if it bothers you.
  9. Havana

    This thing's actually amazing & it's nice seeing how the server pop went up. ♥
  10. I like using the in-game car manufacturers personally. but if the car looks similar to an existing car IRL, there's nothing wrong with using that instead. You'll probably spend 1% of your time, ever, saying 'Oh my car's a ______' or using the name in a /me. It's a ridiculously small issue to obsess about.. and been brought up time and time again. https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/7111-using-real-life-brandmodel-names-in-game/&do=findComment&comment=55199 As far as anything else, using all existing brands & lore brands simultaneously seems fine. It's harmless & absolutely pointless to single out things that might not be in-game due to the limited time, copyright paperwork, & resources that the game devs had.
  11. Havana

    Character name: Eva Nieves UCP name: Havana (Discord name?): Ryder#3149 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 2820 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 3 Alta Street - Floor 20, Room 1 Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: (same as above) Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Just a TP to cross the doors, within the same dimension. It won't be a balcony or a backdoor. I just want to enclose that area to add another room, and cover up some of the clipping textures that it shows of the exterior of the building, while still keeping a view.
  12. User: Nexus Comment: Don't think so. Don't wanna be negative but I don't think much of the US cares about this at all.
  13. Havana

    Nooo no no.. This has been implemented on a few other servers and it turns into hell. I'm not kidding, it's hell. There IS a list out there of all the clothing variations from a team that worked themselves to the bone naming the clothes and their color variations.. But if they were to start from scratch, it would take forever. Also, changing clothes like that is a command nightmare. Even CEF couldn't help it. And then you have to toggle through the torso options manually anyway, and the undershirt option since there are so many different variations and you can't sell it as a full functional shirt. The clothing system is great now. Changing it to that would make it convoluted and tedious. It's nice for about a day and then you will get sick of it. Making the jewelry and accessories separate and able to be toggled/removed/etc is a good compromise.
  14. Havana

    Tbh it would be bulky and very annoying to walk with, yes. And a micro draco can weigh around 5 lbs. Nobody would carry anything like that casually, it'd have to be to specifically sneak it in somewhere.
  15. Havana

    Wooh, we're going for the dissection approach. Fun. As I said, the game mechanics don't let you shoot a rifle from within a car anyway despite those drive-by shootings actually happening and being just as realistic. But you could reasonably have it beside you, tucked between your thigh and the door. If the following had a foldable stock and a shorter barrel length, it could easily be overlooked. On the draco issue that you're adamant about it not fitting under your clothes, I'll reiterate that it is possible if you look at the size. People have stuffed them in the back of their pants and worn something heavier over it. Not someone in skinny jeans, but someone in baggy shirts or hoodies in classic thug clothes? Entirely possible. Yes, it would print, but it'd be reasonably concealed. And as I said, you're just swapping one rule break for another. One person carrying the gun could powergame its storage place and not tell everyone that it'd be very visible. If he whips it out out of nowhere, that's an easy report. Or you could just deal with however many people see the floating gun model and decide to metagame and leave the area preemptively. That'll be harder to prove and much more widespread.