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  1. respect to all the EOC homies, past and present. had a lot of good rp with ya'll, lets see where the future takes us
  2. well i guess you are my lil poggy woggy!!!
  3. festive period is over... back to grinding
  4. As a troubleshooting method, try uninstalling VisualV & Reshade.
  5. Hey! Since they're a faction property, they're tied to the faction script. I would assume that you'd lose access to the clinic if you left the faction although I'm not entirely sure; you'd be better off speaking to Property Management about this.
  6. Sounds like an issue with RageMP. Just to clarify, have you tried playing GTA:O to see if this issue happens?
  7. Sounds good. Give it a shot and let me know how you get on ^^
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