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  1. This would be amazing but I'm doubtful it will work in ragemp
  2. Woah, I really liked reading this and I didn't expect to see anybody even make this in a roleplay server. By being involved in racing myself in Europe this is very realistic and thoughtful , awesome 😄
  3. Very nice and simple design! Somebody hire this guy.
  4. Supporting it, what the person above me said
  5. I support the change to the realistic speedbumps, also they're all around the DMV's parking lot if y'all wanna check them out.
  6. run to my room and delete my internet browser history
  7. Well I doubt there will be constant /report's for people who want their cars cleaned, though there can always be a solution just to make a checkpoint somewhere where there is more space for a truck to get cleaned.
  8. Sounds like a lame way to go around this, maybe just give admins the command to clean a person's vehicle so you fix the issue with big cars and also if people want to RP cleaning their cars in lets say sandy shores or somewhere else, sort of like you ask for boombox permission, you would ask for admin to clean your car after you RP'ed it. Just my two cents
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