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  1. Starting Bid: $70,000 Buyout: $100,000 Highly tuned Ubermacht Seraph, the pinnacle of 90s German excellence. Stock brakes but they've never given me trouble. Price is negotiable, but not interested in trades. Sorry. Message any offers. Pictures of the Seraph: ((OOC info))
  2. Starting Bid: $60,000 Buyout: $90,000 Slightly modified Annis Hellion with barely any miles on the odometer. Handles any off-road situation with ease and has loads of aftermarket visual modifications available. Flexible on pricing, not interested in trades. Sorry. Message with offers. Pictures of the Truck: ((OOC info))
  3. Leased cars and Rental Cars aren't quite the same. With a leased car you still have to insure it like normal and a lot of times you'll have to buy additional GAP insurance.
  4. I think this already exists. /toggle faction
  5. As shown, barely driven Obey Rocoto. Fully stock other than brakes which are fully tuned. Looking to get around $70,000 for it. Shoot me an email ((forum pm)) or shoot me a text at (487)4526.
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