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  1. We are happy to announce that we are opening our application to become a chauffeur driver. What we are looking for? Mainly experienced drivers who already have done something similar working for themselves or for other companies in the past. Proffesional people who can understand their customers and act accordingly to the customer liking. People who wants to do this as a side job. What if I want to learn this job? As of right now we are mainly looking for at least 2 or 3 drivers that have past experience, b
  2. I'll buy the Schwartzer for 110k.
  3. Prices have been updated. For a more in depth look make sure to check out our website: https://discord.gg/Fucmwgpvws
  4. "We are happy to announce our newly created website that functions also as an app. Make sure to click on the link and join us. You can book and review our services on it!!" https://discord.gg/Fucmwgpvws
  5. "Official partner of Magnolia is happy to announce:"
  6. I'm sorry to be a dick too but usually cops even irl know from a distance if you hide something or not, and that's not metagaming. They could pull you over and search maybe because your vehicle is connected to something or they search the owner or something and find out you have a past criminal record. There's many reasons a cop can search you and not always is MG or some sort like that. If you feel like someone is breaking rules just report them to the admins and make sure to have evidences.
  7. So what you are saying is that let's not support CK for people that die doing what they want to do and if you are a criminal or a cop that dies in action, fuck it. Tomorrow's another day and I'll go back to work as a cop or a criminal. You understand that this is lame right? PK should be used for example if you die unintentionally because you were just passing by a shootout or some sort. Not that if you fuck something up you respawn and go back doing the same thing you were doing. At least this is my opinion. I know I make things a bit extreme but in MY OPINION (keep it in mind) this is how t
  8. I'm sorry but from what I saw the bigger the illegal faction is the more "freedom" they give themselves. I get it generalisation won't get us anywhere but consequences should be enforced to illegal roleplayers. If you fuck up that's it start from scratch if you really want that. Once I leased a business in Palomino Avenue in Little Seoul and the next thing you know as soon as I opened wannabe chinese gangstars came to threaten me to pay them a weekly fee. 1st of all they've done little to no search on me so if for example I had cops connection I could bring all of them down; 2nd they sma
  9. I agree with you, from what I've seen so far illegal RPers hide behind the fact they could just be PK and go out there without caring that much. I understand it's roleplay but in real life when you do illegal stuff you really need to think about every move or you'll die in a matter of seconds. It should be implemented as so far I've seen people not caring that much about consequences.
  10. Limovia is currently looking for partners At Limovia we understand the value of cooperation between businesses so we are currently looking to find new partners to work with. We offer a big discount on our services plus a small percentage of the profit made from this partnership. CONTACT US : (email)[email protected] (socials)@therealRalphCiotti
  11. Limovia reviewed EDGEinc × Graphic Studio "It was a pleasure discussing everything regarding our website and logo. Proffesionalism and great skills is what stands out to me. Higly recommended"
  12. REVIEWS ARE NOW IMPLEMENTED ((copy this)) ((I suggest to add a spoiler for the picture))
  13. THIS WEEK ONLY -50% Discount free champagne bottle every 5th booking
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