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Bolingbroke Penitentiary = North County Correctional Facility?

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I'm sure this discussion has been had before sometime ago but it might be worthwhile to bring it up again.


So I understand why we don't have any prisons here, those institutions would be managed at a state level by San Andreas Corrections which would warrant an entirely new faction. Totally get that.


That said, what if we were to actually utilize Bolingbroke as opposed to Twin Towers as our main location for the county jail and instead portray it as North County Correctional Facility which is managed by the LASD within our real world. I feel this change would be productive as A) it's a legitimate jail environment mapping wise, and yard time would be far more beneficial to inmates within it and B) it's a shame that the entire area gets absolutely NO use whatsoever despite being a HUGE part of the map. 

You can see here that the relative location of Bolingbroke to Los Santos aligns similarly in conjunction to where NCCF is located comparatively to Los Angeles.




As it stands now Twin Towers is just the NOOSE building mapped as well as reskinned, and I think it can remain perhaps for temporary holding and/or administrative purposes but I do think NCCF would be better to portray on all fronts.


Not only is it far more geographically realistic compared to the map, but it's just a huge quantity of space left underused with utterly no purpose. At least there the inmates could actually go outside (while the yard in TTCF is outdoors, it's not like a "classic" prison yard). Honestly, I feel this would all around help rejuvenate and encourage people to roleplay within TTCF by giving them a fresher scenery that also allows for more duties to take place outside given it's literally in a desert. 


I am NOT suggesting we dismantle TTCF or split the jail population.
I am NOT suggesting a new faction.

I am suggesting we simply keep TTCF for administrative purposes inside of the LSSD and shift the actual jail population to NCCF, where deputies and custody assistants will perform their established jail duties.


Will this require a new interior? Maybe. I think we can easily just swap the teleporters on TTCF to coincide with NCCF. The interior might be a PINCH off but ultimately would subside, the only difference would therein lie in the yard. NCCF already has a yard established and wouldn't need to utilize TTCF's, allowing us to simply use what's there.


UPDATE: Thank you everyone for keeping it CIVIL and RESPECTFUL, together we can be the vehicle for change we wish to see for both legal and illegal RP.


UPDATE TWO: THANK YOU @L I C E (mapper of TTCF) for offering your services in creating and expanding upon NCCF should this go through.


UPDATE THREE: Thank you @Hugh-Gi-Oh for offering to propose this bill ICly within LS GOV to warrant and effectuate this change, picture of draft here: 




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keep ttcf, add a prison

this won't "mitigate" the problem or anything

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I support this; to make it easy you could port the TTCF mapping over and just make the yard enter into the outside. You’d be able to have people actively roleplay the yard, and open up a new world of possibilities with the yard being in the open world.

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