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  1. Currently the parole system is weighed down by some unrealistic and unreasonable expectations. Anyone with an LEO related charge is auto denied regardless of how long ago it was committed and how the inmate has rehabilitated.
  2. A hacksaw was definitely needed to address the issue we were seeing in SD. I saw its reputation go down the drain for the past several months. A major shift, especially at the top level, was absolutely what we needed to see the SD return to its IC roots and Im excited to see what the restructured SD does to repair their reputation. +20 resignations is not a time for scalpel precision, its a call to action, and it worked.
  3. It should be incentivized by having a structure of promotions and responsibilities tied to worthwile jail activity. A deputy that focuses on providing a good environment for the inmates should be promoted, and given given worthwhile responsibilities in the Jail environment. This could include running programs, Operation Safe Jails, and the like. Right now, Custody Assistants are not given much upward mobility, from what I understand. First of all I think that a CA should understand that jail is a different. It is not necessarily less fun, however it is not going to be you going out, stopping crime, and being the good guy. That said I think there should be organized, and scheduled jail events. Which makes it easier for both Deputies, and Inmates to plan RP for these times. Right now they're sporadic and require the will and consent of around 3 guards. Making things scheduled instead of sudden can go a long way. Deputies may also want to pay attention to the RP of inmates, so as to gauge who is who. Who has power, who doesn't, and the like, which will make things like shakedowns and lockdowns more impactful. Overall, I think that the first part of your last paragraph is the perfect reason as to why we need a separate, custody oriented faction. Jail RP to many is not boring, but it is boring to the vast majority of the people that the SD recruits, and its generally said that Jail RP is boring in SD, which helps ingrain this culture. SD, intentionally or unintentionally, has inhibited the growth of Jail RP thanks to this dichotomy. By fostering a faction dedicated to the form of RP which has been around this server now for years we would an improvement in the quality, and fun of this RP. I think that people massively over-estimate the amount of manpower it would take to run a Custody oriented faction. Right now, while I do not know for sure, I would place my guess that there are around 20-30 Custody assistants. 5-10 of whom are exclusively dedicated to custody on their character. It would not take much to improve the current state of things. Resources is seperate, however, it can be achieved the same way the remap was achieved. If we have independent and dedicated mappers, it is much more likely to be approved. I do not believe in the whole "sheer size and scale" argument, when SD is a massive faction, and yet has 1 guy in charge of parole.
  4. This just seems like poo-pooing an idea without wanting to formulate an opinion why. What they are saying is that there will be no tangible difference in the way these facilities are ran if Bolingbrook is rpd as a County Jail in order to maintain SD's custody position. While you are part of Custody you should be able to acknowledge that SD, their leadership, and on a structural level, has no interest in Custody. They gave gone from only custody when they first started, to 10 hours mandatory jail time, to 2.5 hours. Having people with experience in jail becoming Custody Assistants hasnt solved the issue. What TEO is saying is right, you are suggesting taking the jail and moving it somewhere else, and that fixes none of the problem Jail Rpers face. It also nullifies every possibility of one day having a Prison, which would make more sense for the majority of active people in Jail who have been convicted. Again, if we're going to move to Bolingbrook State Pen. it should remain a State Pen, and there should be an entirely custody focused faction running it. Yall might say "Itll end up like park rangers!" To which Id say the following: the amount if interest in Custody rp in the SD, right now, is less interest and activity than Park Rangers. There is also a great many people who are not happy with the way SD has been ran, and who would be eager to rp a SADCR faction. Custody rpers in SD could easily make the switch. A switch to SADCR would bring a massive boost to Prison activity if done right. We have been told in this thread that often inmates are inactive, but nobody has addressed why. Its this way because 99% of the time they will be sitting at the table with no Deputies around. While we can make our own fun, our schemes and RP is still stiffled by the lack of jevents like commissary, yard, and the like which are entirely irregular. This irregularity is unfair to the inmates. People can only sit and talk in the same room for so long. LSSD has been told about making this things regular and scheduled, and has ignored this. SADCR, being a totally custody oriented faction, would likely have a much better working relationship with inmates which could ensure quality of life changes, and this relationship no longer exists with LSSD. I have, with no exaggeration, been in jail from the very beginning. In that time, SDs shift in focus has been clear and apparant. No custody recruitment drive will change that. What we need is a faction entirely focused on custody. Removed entirely from the SD, and their current, 2 hours of jail time a month, culture. What we need is regularly scheduled events from which we can rp in and around. No change of setting will boost the population; it has to be a fundamental change in how the Jail is ran. If we go to Bolingbrook, keep it a penitentiary, and have a SADCR faction run it. Not SD. Otherwise you're just taking the problem, and pushing it somewhere else.
  5. I think its time to reconsider the people running custody. The LSSD, in my experience, is uninterested in the project, and favors patrol over custody heavily. We do not get regularly scheduled events. They are spontaneous as to whenever enough guards are on, not AFKing their time, and willing to RP events like Commissary, Yard, and the like. I think if we move to Bolingbrook we should remain with the server lore that it is a Penitentiary, and should be RP'd as a Prison, a San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation as a separate faction, running the prison as their exclusive goal.
  6. Ted

    Cops and Robbers

    Terrible to see players once again take any criticism of LEO RP in bad faith. I think there is a legitamet issue from the former LEO rpers Ive talked to regarding this cops and robbers, rather than rp mindset. The solution to it, I don't know.
  7. Cause im a crankster and a gangster. You dont want it cause I aint no prankster. Its a hard life, but a good life. Sometimes you gotta pay price the price but the price aint nothin for a wood like me cause im from the motherfuckin I.E.
  8. Something wrong I hold my head Cuatro's gone? Our perro's dead.
  9. Username: Ted_Roche Comment: Im downloading UberEats rn bet
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