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  1. So its not a problem that suppliers are handed out based on who's friends with who and greased palms because Illegal factions (who's rp is tied illegal goods given out by suppliers) should anyways? Ok buddy.
  2. The White Car's thread holder has roughly 0 hours of activity over the last 30 days and is still the supplier. No its not being ran well.
  3. Ted

    100% Cornfed

    Sad to say goodbye. Raymond was a great character. Nothing but love to all of the homies who I roleplayed with on him. Take solace in the fact that Ray is reunited with Blaine in Valhalla like he always wanted. Rest in Power.
  4. It was a very fun run, but unfortunately we are calling it quits. Administrative bias, along with poor and ineffectual leadership in The White Car has demotivated many of us. This server is not fun to play on when IFM blatantly favor their own factions. The White Car is not fun to rp within when the leadership is inactive and unwilling to bring in other leadership. When the leader of the White Car legitametly belives they can NPC RPGs to win wars and can cover Mount Chilliad in an open air weed field, there is no amount of reason that can be talked into them. Unfortunately we have been denied the opportunity by IFM to do anything about it in any reasonable amount of time. For those reasons we no longer find it fun to keep rping in an environment where we are not given what we have earned and worked towards. Other than that I wish nothing but love. If a member of FAIM wishes to take the thread from here I welcome them to do so. I hope others can find some fun in this community. Free Shmoe.
  5. Quite frankly I think you should have to ask for permission to type.
  6. There is a difference between a general ability to roleplay, and basic understanding of how someone should act while in the California Corrections system. Unless we're suggesting to start punishing people who dont RP fear while in Jail, as that would be nice.
  7. Id rather we have admin oversight over people who have no interest in participating in the environment in jail, rather than an application process. You can request as short an application but unless it is handled by SD, or something like that, a short application will be a bit of a wait and could discourage people from using the new system we have.
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