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  1. A lot of my family know I play GTA none of them really say shit about it, my oldest brother jokes around about it. But 90% of my friends don't really mind the fact that I play GTA some of them think it's really cool and want to play on the server too.
  2. Does B.U.T.T support ICECAST? I was using Winamp/Sam Broadcaster for those kind of servers back then, shoot me a forum PM and i might be able to help you. I usually go shoutcast for servers.
  3. Hello Bilalstrike, turn off V-Sync on GTA. Make sure you turn grass down too, cause optimization on this game blows.
  4. oh man oh man.. nothing but heat
  5. Got CKED. Lock and close this or whatever I don't care. I lied, I never quit.
  6. Fire thread! Glad to see you continuing after I got bozo packed 👏
  7. Goodbye GTA:World
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