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  1. I support this, if it could happen. Would be cool and it'd give a lot more roleplay.
  2. damn, thread died. But I started playing siege in like early 2018/2019. I still play it now, it's a decent game but probably won't be as good as it was back then. If anyone wants to run some stuff add "whostarantino".
  3. oh man I remember the ballas on SARP, that was my first server too lol. I was a giant noob, knew nothing about RP at all. Ballas taught me all the rules, then I eventually went to LSRP lol.
  4. Then go to baboons workshop and install one of the mods you like to make your game look decent even at low graphics 🙏🙏
  5. Projects do absolutely nothing to my game till law enforcement brings over 100 cars to the area, and makes it to where my game won't load therefor crashing. People are roleplaying in the projects and own units there, they won't be removed. No matter how much +1's you get. Removing them force people to leave the area and re-develop or recreate the faction they've made. Also you can put your game textures to normal and install some shader mods to make up for the game looking bad.
  6. they do an unban them a week later.
  7. Rest easy brother ❤️

  8. could've atleast used photoshop, not some shitty meme making site lol
  9. Damn bro, good run to y’all. Had some good rp with da TF homies.
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