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  1. This faction is dope, keep at it!
  2. thanks for having me!
  3. Ernest here. First, thank you. I am a somewhat middle-aged man. I am not old. Forty-eight isn't old. I have a large group of friends with whom I enjoy going skating with and also surfing. I am a relatively religious dude. I pray (sometimes). I enjoy nature and animals (dogs). I am really interested in art, video games, skateboarding, surfing, and motorcycles. I used to ride with a club when I was thirty years old. I am now, unfortunately, in jail, but I am planning to go for parole sometime in the future, maybe soon. So I want to make some new friends and meet new people, so maybe when I do get out, we can enjoy similar interests and create strong bonds.
  4. this guy will never be rich
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