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Robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take anything of value by force, threat of force, or by putting the victim in fear. According to common law, robbery is defined as taking the property of another, with the intent to permanently deprive the person of that property, by means of force or fear; that is, it is a larceny or theft accomplished by an assault.


The maximum sentence for robbery in California is 9 years, according to Penal Code section 213(a)(1)(A). Why isn’t it the same in game? Offenders who have served longer prison terms tend to be older at release, and thus less likely to reoffend, regardless of their imprisonment experience. Offenders with prior offenses are more likely to reoffend than first-time offenders. It also invests in future growth by incarcerating players for nine years resulting in at least nine years of playtime. 


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2 minutes ago, L I C E said:


Hi guys, L I C E here! I hate robberies and I am here of my own accord to tell you that I hate robberies and I think everything Taylor says is true! Big ups!

Thank you for your unsolicited, unbiased and unprompted contribution to this general discussion and your vigorous voluntary support without influence or outside cause. I’m happy to see others share my thoughts 🙂

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45 minutes ago, eTaylor said:

Why isn’t it the same in game?

It's meta-rated as a trivial offense as it's considered "low rp" typically.

Simultaneously, cracking down on this problem ic through means of law enforcement activity is equally shunned ("Cops&Robbers").

And while reflections over mindsets and causes could be done here, I'll rather go ahead and say I understand very well our LEO rpers in big parts rather want to do like, "serious stuff" opposed to play chasing.



Big but.

45 minutes ago, eTaylor said:

and thus less likely to reoffend

This is the key point.

In character, we do not have that many reoffenders.

OOC of course, this looks vastly different.


The problem here is that our game design sets various limits, specially to new characters, which they have to abide to or simply wait out to progress, in many areas-

Law Enforcers need a certain amount of hours before applying, business operators need to apply and justify their cause to sell legal goods ooc, and unless you're pre-invited by the leader with a tailored character, working your way into criminal structures ic will also take time and effort.


And all this does not count for robbers (which unironically ensures they stay low rp in general no matter how much effort individuals put in).

-To rob, I don't have a minimum requirement of hours

-I don't need to apply anywhere or justify why my char should rob

-I don't need ic connections either, just a gun and a vehicle to flee

-These two I can easily afford through starter funds.


Consequently, picking back up above, robberies are considered "beginner's crime" in the community, and the game design allowing beginners to rob if they want right away, and not giving them any guidelines at hand besides general rules, makes this a self fulfilling prophecy.


And even if law enforcement does go and do their job, it's a totally vain effort as robber characters can be created fast.

According to my best knowledge, a vast majority of characters convicted for robberies have 20 or less hours on their account and are often throw-aways.

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I'd personally like to see drastically longer prison sentences and put comitting crimes into perspective. Sure, not real-life years, but not hours either. Rob someone? You're in there for two weeks. Kill someone? A month and a half. Rob someone then evade and kill a cop? You're in for three months. If we're having people commit gruesome crimes and get charged with 10 days maximum in prison, a lot of stuff goes wrong (and it does).  


That would balance a lot of things out and it would make comitting crimes much more realistic.

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Even if the IC penalties for robbery were harsher (which I think they should be) it would have very little effect on those committing them when the player can just namechange out of jail (this becomes even more of a problem for those who spend tens of hours of roleplay to secure a conviction via trial) or respawn after dying to cops keeping the money they robbed and any items they manage to stash. Even CKs are of little deterrent to players using throwaway characters.


Quite often you'll hear players touting about consequences for people's actions, or lack therof during robberies. This is true for both the victim and perpetrator, if they're caught red handed pulling off risky crimes they shouldn't just be able to namechange to avoid the consequences, that's just not fair. If a character is jailed they too should roleplay the consequences and namechanges on that character slot should be locked for the duration of their jail time. The only exception should be for life terms, in which case they could either change the character slot to a jail one (thus freeing up a character slot) or request IFM permission to namechange.

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