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  1. This one feels a little extra power-gamey. How does he know he's the only one? What happens to his description if another opens up?
  2. Fot a second, I thought this was going to be about the 6'15" body building 12 year old characters that people legitimately claim to have done prison time for murder. But these examples are interesting, if a little depressing. These are things that a player should not be deciding for others.
  3. Is... is that literally him running away in the far background? ...on foot? ...after threatening to shoot you over vehicle price?
  4. While I won't disagree with that, it's usually the opposite. I've had people shoot through an intersection so fast that they couldn't even feel the bump of my bike or the curb they just skidded over to hit me. The worst are typically the people that make a U-turn and then start following, before inevitably running me down via their latency issues. They usually then drive off as if they didn't just run down a cyclist.
  5. The real MVP of unrealistic escalation - how unrealistically fast I would escalate to banning someone if given the ability.
  6. I've been informed via discord that someone by the name of "WSGC" does in fact own the Davis LTD, and they use alt characters as managers of the place. Apparently they turned off the /bjoin, so they're screening roleplayers out of working there. Guess I'll have to start working at one of the gas stations next door. Sucks that property management killed one of my go-to roleplay spots...
  7. Don't bring your real life in to GTAW as justification for what you do or why you're doing it, emphasis for anyone that tries it to get out of trouble. Back in ye olde times, when unban appeals were visible with an archive stretching as far as the eye could see, there was one particularly unusual unban request, in which the player wished to appeal his RDM related ban on the basis of "iT's rEaLiStIc tO KiLl tEn rAnDoM bYsTaNdErS wHeN uSiNg mEtH." How did he know this? He told the admins that he'd done meth and killed people for real. Don't be like him. Honestly trying to push some real world experience of criminal activity as justification for breaking the rules should lead to additional scrutiny from the staff.
  8. There was something about this in the forum report section, and it actually turned me away from GTAW for a bit. Apparently some dude created an entire discord group to claim ownership of the Davis LTD or something? Is that still the case, or even allowed?
  9. I'd choose flight every time if it didn't come with a risk of CK because fear apparently only allows becoming someone's punching bag for half an hour.
  10. My character was forced into a car and moved out of the city to the beaches just out of sight from Palito Bay. There they strip searched her, found nothing, and beat my character unconscious (and insisting they broke one of her legs), before driving off without her... According to them, it was because she was broke, and they didn't want her getting help.
  11. I'd be perfectly fine with unlimited robberies whenever and wherever if fear rp rules were changed to allow running away without being opened to a CK. Panic doesn't always translate to freezing, and robberies wouldn't be so prolific to begin with if they needed more consideration to pull off (such as choosing locations where the victim can be cornered). But criminals don't want a challenge, so we'll be stuck with crime restricted zones forever...
  12. Nah bro. The system works fine as it is. I haven't had any issue at all, because the system works well enough for the people who know how to use it effectively. Maybe don't sit four deep in a car wearing masks. Nobody requires you to do that. Me and mine, we mingle in the area, maybe shoot the breeze while the admin catches up on the appointment time, and then we go somewhere quiet to mask up. Alternatively, we get a nice looking taxi or something to just chat, pretend we're waiting on calls and eating burritos. Never had a cop sniff us out yet, after months of doing the routine without trouble. Don't even need a gun. Yes, please. This'll screen the more sensitive competition for us. For me? ...Tony Mackwell might be dead, but Alex Smackwell isn't going to have ANY trouble getting a windfall of robbery equipment to pick up right where the last left off. EZPZ. More CKs = less problems and competition for me to deal with later.
  13. Just makes it easier for me. Easy enough to move on from John Clancy to Sam Billings in the same day. Best part is, I still keep all my stuff, so I can keep the pressure on people who legit value the lives of their characters, with no real risk to myself So, yeah, I'm all in favor of easier CKs. Gets us a little closer to shedding this stupid idea of half-assed "rEaLiSm" that gets selectively applied to make everything unfun for everyone.
  14. No joke. If folks want to be hard Tony Montana type main characters that won't respect my time and effort that I invest into my roleplay, I won't respect theirs either. A good way to waste their efforts is to make their achievements meaningless. Kill my character? Congrats, I'm still around being a thorn in their side, making all their work pointless. Honestly, I'd be all for having rules against throwaways, but the weird thing is, whenever the idea gets brought up, a lot of people who according to you "aren't doing it" are suddenly and rabidly against any risk of losing the ability to do it. If I posted a suggested rule against throwaway characters, would you support it? Let's see you put your money where your mouth is.
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