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  1. Admittely, I too am curious as to what the administrators have noted about me...
  2. At first I was soon to be supportive of the concerns, but you bring up a good point - if the offender has been told to change their behavior, and they continue engaging in the behavior anyway, unmentioned notes would be a good means for the staff to track the behavior and communicate said issue. Alternatively, if the offenses are significant enough, such as ban evasion, then the quiet notes seem suitable to avoid alerting the evader. Time can be used to observe and understand how they are evading, and to ensure that it IS the person that is evading.
  3. It helps that experience in GTA translates well to such background. Liberty city is much easier to explore and learn the quirks and features of compared to the much larger real world New York. Still, I am a little sad that I chose Liberty city over a more optimal choice, like San Fierro, or Vice City.
  4. Am I the only one that read the part about the jewelry being worth two hundred thousand dollars? The jewelry is the obvious choice. Even if your fence is hella' cheap and gives you only half, that's two to three gats easy.
  5. While it is more than justified to have alarms revisited for balancing, the suggestions of creating "hard counters" against alarms is simply not going to happen, for much the same reason as anti-theft is left as it is - the moment a hard counter is added, that hard counter becomes the ONLY acceptable meta, possibly even with members of some criminal factions being punished for adopting roleplayed alternatives. Someone above pointed out several aspects that could be improved without drastic changes, the biggest being occupant awareness - alarms should be immediately observable.
  6. The irony of the criminal community breaking into enough buildings to assess that "every house in the city has an alarm" is demanding a seemingly impossible amount of endurance to avoid laughing. Yes, when you break into every house, eventually every house is going to have an alarm. Turns out people do not enjoy having their property broken into repeatedly. Who knew? As for the crack dens and illicit goods storage having alarms, that is absolutely ridiculous. Criminals shouldn't be bringing the attention of law enforcement to such caches of evidence.
  7. Certainly, though banning the symptom does not address the cause.
  8. Last I checked, someone can point a gun and force me to fully participate in events of their choosing regardless of whether I want to participate or not. The bolded is quite far from the truth. As someone else pointed out, addressing the toxicity is addressing only a symptom. Banning rape does nothing to address the circumstances that made it possible, and uninformed parties will still be at risk of rape roleplay regardless of the ban.
  9. Normally I'd agree, but again, the tax would only apply for each additional house owned beyond the first, meaning the only people who can really afford to participate, will be the people willing to have only one house. Applying the tax, more specifically a tax that only adjusts upward and only for people who have more than one house, means that they'll only be able to hold on to a second house for a little bit before their bank account empties, and they can't just park their alts in houses, because that means grinding eight to twelve hours of roleplay a week per character, which st
  10. Not necessarily. It is entirely possible to make the expense purely and exclusively detrimental to ONLY the people hoarding homes. If you have only one house on your account, that much is fine; the average activity of any player would sufficiently make the tax null, and no additional taxes would be levied against anyone responsible enough to own only a single house. This would in essence, literally target only people who are hoarding houses for script gains. For everyone else that is willing to prioritize roleplay, there would be no difference from how it is now. That's
  11. ...or just keep fine tuning the tax system until the people holding the housing market hostage ultimately succumb. Let's put it this way, you and others are trying to get the property sale value cap removed, by holding on to houses in order to keep them profitable. This trend has been going on for over a year. What are you getting? A new tax. Renting out is as easy as simply making houses no longer rentable properties, as that's better suited for apartments anyway, and a minimum activity time per character would be wildly easy to implement, further making owning multipl
  12. Per character, per account? Just a couple of extra hours on their main might be enough, but that couple of hours multiplies with each character, and moreso of they're using alt accounts to hold more. Spending a quarter of a day every day to pay for a house is a lot of work. That said, the taxes already seem to be coming, according to staff. With any luck, taxes will increase dramatically per house owned, to make hoarding houses difficult and extremely costly. This is a positive turn.
  13. Are people buying the best that the script allows? If the best the script allows is what most people are buying, then yes, it really is that common. Yes,recharged by the car battery, but not exclusively powered by the car battery alone. I need to ask at this point, how familiar are you with automotive engineering? Have you changed an oil filter before, or replaced a blinker lightbulb?
  14. No, there's two onboard batteries, the first and main source being the car battery, which charges when the motor is running during standard operation. Then there's the battery installed on the tracker, which is not as big and is charged by the car battery directly. No manual charging is needed, as just like your car battery, any anti-theft tracker you can get today automatically charges via the car battery. Problem is, the anti-theft tracker battery isn't physically near the battery, so you can't pop the hood and get the car battery and the anti-theft tracker battery in one go. The
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