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  1. With extremely specific ammunition, yes, but that's typically only in active combat environments (as in, rapidfire discharges, explosions, and military vehicles trundling around), otherwise you go back to the issue of it still being audible and identifiable as gunfire even through walls. Only way to achieve the audio report you're describing is to reduce the powder-load beyond even the ranges for subsonic reports. We're talking about a total bullet velocity that would translate in-game to a third of the damage of a normal bullet at best. So, yeah, I can see this happening if the damage per bullet is reduced to just a third. Anything more than that, and a suppressor should literally do nothing but change the gun to sound like an equally loud but different gun
  2. Experienced firearms and suppressor person chiming in, this is NOT the point of a suppressor. Believe it or not, but suppressors require extremely specific and rare (as in you usually have to make it yourself) ammunition in order to achieve a 'quiet' effect, and even then it's still loud enough to observe and detect through literal walls. Anyone that says a suppressor is intended to make a weapon quiet enough to use 'undetected' is grossly oversimplifying the function of a suppressor, which is typically utilized more to change the firearm report into something that, while identifiable as a gun, isn't identifiable as a weapon report you'd typically hear the enemy using. It'd be up there as the firearms equivalent of wearing a disguise - it doesn't make you invisible, it just changes how people perceive you when they see/hear you.
  3. Too many people were doing it, whenever possible, even when it didn't make sense. The criminal community was warned as a whole that a new rule would be implemented if they didn't self-regulate, and literally nothing changed for the better (it got worse actually), so staff shrugged and added the rule to curb the wildly unrealistic looting conditions. Now people are trying workarounds. Had a dude this week claim that it should've been okay to loot because he was worried the corpse might use a gun to fight back. A corpse, that the dude had literally shit to put into the state of being a corpse... So in his head the logic of grabbing the gun "for his safety" was to put the corpse of the guard into his trunk, drive to the middle of the desert, and wait for the timer to tick down. This is like a coke-head insisting they'll kick the habit if we just give them coke again.
  4. Last time this discussion came up, Nervous said it was never going to happen. Apparently that hasn't changed either, as staff have still somehow managed to continue catching people looting corpses after shootouts like this is Fortnite. If the goal is to get this turned around, you'll have one hell of a hill to climb.
  5. Liberty City was a harsh lesson - people will abuse every meta advantage possible even if it kills the community, which it did. It legit killed the Liberty City server, because staff couldn't keep up with the rampant abuse.
  6. I'm going to help debunk this further, by pointing out that blanket punishments wouldn't be an issue either. They wouldn't be great, but whoever's telling you that more severe punishments is going to 'kiLl tHe sErVer' is straight up off their rocker. Get this, I've been a member of this community for literal years, and I haven't been ajailed or banned once. After roleplaying even so much as a mugger, car thief, and firearms redistributor in such a way as to intentionally sabotage competitive criminal operations, and I don't have one single mention in the Concluded Reports section. Even by this ridiculous standard of 'even good roleplayers will get punished if we enforce the rules' is bunk because I'm still here. You've got a walking, typing, breathing example of proof that this whole notion is wrong. Offer an idea to reward learning with the opportunity to be allowed a return to the community, and it's treated like a joke. We're not a teaching server, we're retaining whoever we can because of a bad formula that's sending away the quality roleplayers.
  7. That's another thing, and I'm glad you brought it up... Lying. There should be a zero tolerance policy on that. If it happens once, it should be straight to a ban until appealed. If someone is willing to lie to staff, it shows they're not just breaking the rules, they're aware of it, and disinterested in actually learning. As it is now? ...people get warnings, admin jails, but I've yet to see anyone appropriately banned for showing such flagrant disregard by literally proving that they're going to be dishonest with the people that are trying to just keep things running.
  8. Alright, either automate it, or just ban them until they do a reentry quiz. The problem is that ajails as they are, don't work. Either they grow, or the community continues to see it as staff just giving criminals time to watch videos and repeat the same mistakes with greater caution to avoid detection. Ajails are no longer punishing enough to deter rulebreaking. ...and by your own admission, ajails don't educate. The ajail fails at the intended purpose in both the community we used to have and the community staff seems to want today.
  9. A while back, someone made the (then terrible) suggestion of requiring people be active during an ajail, to REALLY require some form of text input every five minutes or the ajail timer would stop ticking down. Seemed like overkill before, but now that we've got people legit insisting that beating a random person to death and THEN rummaging through their pockets is "not technically killing them" and also "a legit way to mug people"... ...I'm beginning to wonder if maybe that suggestion would help. Maybe Have the timer stop every five minutes with a text question asked, requiring text input. The questions could be "what is an example of breaking rule (insert number)? Answer in your own words." Then let staff review the answers after. If the rulebreaker isn't dissuaded by thirty minutes of trauma, the staff can likely catch it by reviewing the answers. Hell, make it something staff can opt into if they want, to ask questions at random intervals while the rulebreaker is in ajail. If they get a wrong or copy/pasted answer, extend the ajail. Ajail might actually be practical for teaching, with some additions.
  10. The only issue with this is that the discussions routinely boil down to the people in a position to change things instead saying "Maybe just don't go outside" or "Go play a different game" and then they flip the table when new rules are implemented to fix the plummeting server population.
  11. Found it - The Corpse Problem Funny enough, the supposed cause of the problem was that somehow, the massive piles of bodies, were a result of the cops "being too lazy to clean them all up". That's how backwards our situation is right now.
  12. That tends to happen when you've got enough bodies piling up to prompt a literal complaint from the criminal community about 'the corpse problem'. I'm not joking, by the way. That actually happened. We got complaints from criminals and legit discussed 'the corpse problem' because too many bodies were in the streets. Turned out body despawn was (intentionally) disabled in an update, and the streets were soon filled with bodies. Maybe stop killing people.
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