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Ban the usage of FaceApp IC

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FaceApp looks terrible. I'm not sure how it's survived for so long, or how anyone in their right mind thinks it looks good. It does not. FaceApp might look okay in real life pictures, I wouldn't know, but this isn't that. This is a game where making things look 1:1 with real life, as we can see here, looks bad.


I don't neccessarily think a ban on FaceApp is neccessary, however. I just don't think it should be allowed to be taken IC  as gospel. If someone uses FaceApp, and someone else calls them out on it, then that should be their problem. They've IC'ly used an application to try and enhance their photo IC'ly and should not be able to claim it's genuine and legitimate.

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I'm finding the use of FaceApp for IC photos extremely unrealistic, it's altering the lore of the game to make an image more realistic than it should be.   The usage of this app is very imme

highly disagree, my ic fap folder has exceeded in size. 

Just ridicule it in character? People IRL do way worse things on social media with their own imagery that FaceApp is the least concerning factor honestly.

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2 minutes ago, Fireworks said:

I've included some examples I've seen of how this is immersion breaking for the people posting that clearly don't have a clue what the original suggestion is even about, or what FaceApp even is.


  Reveal hidden contents






That's actually genuinely terrifying, I thought you meant that thing where people add subtle filters. This is something else.

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2 minutes ago, St3fan[NL] said:

I dislike it personally as well, but people IRL may make their photos cringe too.

Lets just stick to calling ppl out ICly lmao

Aren't you a Facebrowser moderator? You're on the list at least. As a moderator, wouldn't a picture like the one below violate the IRL photographs rule? The only thing pertaining to the game is an unrecognizable blurred background, which I'm not even sure is from GTA V. 





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Aaaaaah my immersion people using filters on social media so unrealistic.


I haven't touched facebrowser since I made an account, but I'd hardly say someone using faceapp is breaking anyone's immersion unless they want to try and make it far deeper than it is.

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People post ridiculous photos IRL and use apps to filter and adjust their faces/bodies. You've got people doing terrible photoshop edits and thinking they can get away with it and get exposed then it gets put all over the internet as a meme. I don't think we should be limiting the usage of "FaceApp".

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